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Celebration Cracker by Anax

Celebration Cracker by Anax

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As Big Dave announced previously I got married last week and Anax made me a puzzle http://crossword.info/anaxcrosswords/flashling here’s my solution to it, thanks BD for letting me publish the solution here.

There’s quite a few allusions to fireworks of which my wife and I do profession displays and there’s a Nina of 5/18 in CATHRYN WALLACE which was her name. But this is an Anax, there’s a bit of unfair stuff due to personalisation, no one said it was going to be easy.


1 Lingerie model is nude (6) UNDIES [IS NUDE]*
5 See 21d  
9 One flying club magazine (8) WOODCHAT WOOD (golf club) & CHAT magazine
10 A green firework (6) ROCKET Double definition, the salad plant & a firework
11 You are mostly around for fireworks (6) UPROAR U (you) and AR(e) mostly around PRO (for) for a different type of   fireworks
12 Award given after a German gig (6) HANSOM HANS (German name) & OM (order of merit) for a carriage.
14 Breaking the law re Chinese fireworks (9,6) CATHERINE WHEELS [THE LAW RE CHINESE]* Very nice clue.
16 If whiter, evidently unsafe? (7,4,4) PLAYING WITH FIRE Playing “WITH FIRE” gives [IF WHITER]*
20 Firework primarily bought to create fireworks? (6) BANGER B(ought) primarily & ANGER (fireworks)
22 Smelly product smothering a Romeo’s organ (6) LARYNX LYNX (a range of deodorants) around A R(omeo)
24 In which you’ll find nothing cleaner (6) VACUUM Double definition
25 A security group’s trouble over Asia Minor (8) ANATOLIA A & NATO & AIL reversed
26 Softening of Caroline’s voice when drinking wine (7) DETENTE TENT (wine) in (Simon) DEE who was the voice of Radio Caroline
27 Michael Atherton’s secret anxiety (6) LATHER Hidden in clue
2 No closer to the other corner (4) NOOK NOOK(y) A bit of the other…
3 Clumsy about day, hour, minute? (2-5) IN DEPTH D(ay) in INEPT(clumsy) & H(our). Great misdirection.
4 There must be a term for such a regular journey (6,3) SCHOOL RUN Cryptic definition
5 Phil’s wife can try to get changed without husband (7) CATHRYN H(usband) in [CAN TRY]*
6 Rt Hon Dicky Dudley, economist (5) NORTH [RT HON]*
7 Breaks string that binds one in Italy (7) LACUNAE UNA (1 in Italian) in LACE
8 Actress has run American over – fat (3,7) SUE POLLARD LOPE & US all reversed & LARD
13 Delaware vagrant secures a good US civilian honour (5,5) EAGLE AWARD A & G(ood) in [DELAWARE]*
15 Party perhaps admitting a worry about firework (9) WATERFALL WALL (party wall) around A & FRET reversed
17 Gentile’s thrown up spoilt dairy product (7) YOGHURT GOY (Gentile) reversed & HURT
18 Inventor‘s wife, utterly brilliant (7) WALLACE As in Wallace & Gromit, W(ife) & ALL & ACE. Yes we had A Grand Day Out.
19 Twig‘s thin, suspect said (4,3) FIND OUT Sounds like FINE DOUBT
21/5a Fireworks chap can date between jobs (5,7) ROMAN CANDLES MAN CAN D(ate) in ROLES
23 Firework that belongs to me (4) MINE Double definition