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DT 27223 (Hints)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27223 (Hints)

Big Dave’s Crossword Club

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Another month, another Monthly Prize Puzzle.  Why not have a go at it?

As is usual for the weekend prize crosswords, an assortment of clues, including some of the more difficult ones, have been selected and hints provided for them.

Don’t forget that you can give your assessment of the puzzle. Five stars if you thought it was great, one if you hated it, four, three or two if it was somewhere in between.

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Most of the terms used in these hints are explained in the Glossary and examples are available by clicking on the entry under “See also”.

A full review of this puzzle will be published after the closing date for submissions.


1a           One of the Archers, leading person in craft? (6)
Two definitions – nothing to do with the long-running radio programme, unless you remember the spoof version by Tony Hancock, just another word for an archer; this word can also mean the rower nearest the front of a boat

ARVE Error: need id and provider

4a           Uneducated Italian gentleman getting extremely carried away with angry tirade (8)
Start with an Italian gentleman, drop his outer letters (getting extremely carried away) and then add an angry tirade

12a         Fast car to go off course taking a right in Formula One (7)
A verb meaning to go off course or do wrong followed by the A from the clue and R(ight) all inside the abbreviation for Formula One

Here’s a couple of pictures, especially for Pommers

13a         Dodging what’s charged, getting reprieve overturned first (7)
An electrically-charged particle preceded by (first) a reprieve that has been reversed (overturned)

17a         A troublesome situation requires courage — this may be comforting (3-5,6)
A troublesome situation followed by a word meaning courage

23a         Organised activity collecting flower returning in direct route (7)
An organised activity, typically for sewing or spelling, around (collecting) the reversal (returning) of an African river (flower)

26a         Tom perhaps collects funerary vessel in state of grief (8)
A colloquial word for a cat (tom, perhaps) around (collects) a funerary vessel and IN

27a         One keeps looking for celebrity — the Queen (6)
A celebrity followed by the Queen’s regnal cipher


1d           Heavy type that’s put on to show spirit in adversity (4,4)
As one word this is a type used in printing

2d           Aquatic sport‘s endless battle round river (5,4)
The site of a famous battle without its final letter (endless) around an Italian (not Chinese!) river

5d           Third party not welcome on ex-President’s birthplace supposedly (10,4)
An unwelcome third party followed by the surname of not one but two former US Presidents

8d           Distressing year in Herts town (6)
Y(ear) inside a town in Hertfordshire

9d           A Martini stirred finally? No it’s shaken as a rule (14)
An anagram (shaken) of A MARTINI, the final letter of stirreD, NO IT’S

15d         Dog — one going back up round island (9)
The reversal (up in a down clue) of someone who is going back around I(sland)

20d         Bomb China in scene of Asian conflict (6)
A mate (china plate in cockney rhyming slang) inside the abbreviated form of the scene of a major Asian conflict

22d         Ancient city woman picked up Indian statesman once (5)
Crosswordland’s favourite ancient city followed by a name for a woman, particularly one on a girls’ night out, all reversed (picked up in a down clue)

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The Quick crossword pun: (dank} + {whale} = {Dan Quayle}

59 comments on “DT 27223 (Hints)

  1. Great start Lions ! Oh and thank you setter for a very enjoyable puzzle ! and BD for your hints. Getting the long ones early helped.

  2. One to go 16d which has been bugging me since 8.30!
    Please take pity and help!

    1. The answer is a tradesman. It comes from a four letter word meaning to scoff around a four letter word for something that may be bored to get water or oil.

      1. Many Thx, I had that answer as one of several but could not make the wordplay work. Now I see it. Got hung up on eating!!

        1. A four letter word meaning scoff or mock into which is inserted a shaft bored to supply oil or water.

  3. I too enjoyed this puzzle and I’m pleased to say that everything fell into place quickly and enabled me to listen to the rugby commentary on talkSPORT [sic] knowing that I didn’t have to come back to it. Matilda isn’t waltzing now…

  4. I can recommend both the NTSPP and the MPP. If you want to know what I think about the inside backpager, you’ll have to read my review on Friday.

  5. Took much longer than I anticipated. Unlike Sweet William, I struggled with the long ones. South East corner caused me some problems, not helped by my schoolboy’s “I-before-e” error with the dog. Tipp-Ex has started to solidify with the heat here in Birmingham too which didn’t help either (I know… I know… use a pencil). Perhaps it was just me but I couldn’t find a lot of humour here? Still, good to have the old grey matter exercised. Last one in was 16d and favourite (doh! moment) was 26a.

    Many thanks to the setter and to BD for a couple of explanations and the blog.

  6. In two sittings, I managed all but three clues without looking at the hints with the left hand side of the grid completed first. Once again, managed most of this without too much angst and the final few clues took ages.

    Thanks as ever to BD for the hints and to the setter

    It appears to be another quiet one on the blog but I guess the weather has something to do with that :-)

      1. I was looking for a really good match but Lisicki seemed to have been eaten up with nerves. Good for Bartoli, shev played well

        1. That match yesterday between Djokovic and the other chap, whose name I’ve now forgotten, was probably one of the most exciting matches I’ve ever seen. Had the TV on and kept popping in and out to see what was happening in between doing other stuff.
          Wonder what will happen tomorrow.

          1. Yes, the Pole. He was really very good. I am told Djokovic has improved but I still think of him as unkind and ridiculing the other players. I think Murray has changed a bit and isn’t quite so anti-English, but I shall still root for him while holding my nose! I think it will be a good match.

            1. Don’t quite know what to do about watching the final. Need to take Hopalong (younger daughter with leg in plaster) back to London. Too late to go after match – too early to go in time to be back for match. Could record it but I think that the chances of my getting back without having heard the result are absolutely nil, specially as driving without radio on is my idea of hell. Oh dear – decisions, decisions!

                1. Thanks for asking – she’s just beginning to get a bit pissed off with being so immobile. Warm weather isn’t helping – plaster is a bit hot and all her generally very helpful and supportive friends are out and having fun. I feel so sorry for her . . .

              1. It’s a no-brainer for me – watch Lewis Hamilton win the German Grand Prix or watch an anglophobic Scot just to see his face when he loses?

                1. Thanks for that BD – watch who win what? A foreign language to me! Anglophobic Scot I can understand!

                2. I’m going to root for the Brit to win, no difficult decision considering his opponent, and we need a win, way overdue. I hope BD isn’t going to put a guzoo on Murray.

  7. Could a kind soul help with 10a. I have all the checking letters but I just can’t see it

      1. Many thanks BD. So 3d is not spelt **a****. I think that I must have the same problem with 25a where the checking letters provide only one word and that is not a small bone according to the BRB. Can you help here and then I’m finished

          1. Yes, I’ve seen that, BD, but I can’t find the word in the BRB as meaning a small bone?

        1. By the way, not only is the answer to 3d not spelt in the way you gave, but the first three letters are clearly indicated in the clue – A V(ery) O(rdinary)

  8. Oh, I see it “the *********”. Crossword finished. Rugby won (easily). Now it’s off to the Tour de France

    [Too much information. BD]

    It doesn’t help anybody with the answer

  9. Enjoyed solving this puzzle.

    Faves : 1a, 23a, 1d, 20d and the four 14-letter jobs crossing in the middle of the grid.

    Are you all ready for the Djokovic/Murray battle tomorrow?

  10. All done fairly quickly this afternoon. Favourite was 5D. The Welsh sun’s shining, the Lions won, birthday meal to look forward to. All’s right with the world!

  11. I liked this one. I think it was probably a fairly straightforward crossword partly because it’s quiet here today so not many people are running for help and also because I managed to do it with one eye on the puzzle and the other on the women’s final at Wimbledon – that’s not as easy as it sounds because it involves swapping glasses ALL the time – drives me mad!
    For some reason my last answer was 24a – could see that it was an anagram – had the right letters but still didn’t see it until I had alternate letters in.
    Can’t spell 11a which didn’t help with 6 and 7d until I saw what I’d done – blame the tennis, or the specs!
    I liked 4, 12 and 14a and 2 (and I wasn’t even going to mention the river!) 3, 9 and 19d.
    With thanks to Mr Ron and BD.
    Going to have a go at NTSPP and MPP now. VERY hot here – not complaining in the slightest but too hot to do anything useful outside.

    1. You should get bifocals. Before I had cataract surgery I had trifocals, it’s a must if going from distance to reading often.

      I found this one entertaining as well. At last a puzzle I could complete, except for 12a and 16d when I needed hints. Know nothing about car racing. I should have been able to get 16d but got hung up with eating. All in all, a fun puzzle, thanks to all concerned.

    2. Or varifocals , better still. I enjoyed this one today. A nice one to come back to after three crossword free weeks. Thanks to Setter & BD.

    3. I don’t very often need to chop and change glasses – only need them to read (one pair) and for driving or TV (the other) so the rest of the time I don’t wear them. Don’t quite know what to do about it but, being me, probably nothing until I drive myself, or others, mad!

  12. Just printed out NTSPP and MPP. The first thing that struck me was the difference in numbers of black squares, so counted them. The NTSPP has 62 and the MPP has 97 – those numbers might not be exactly right as I might have lost count somewhere but they’re not far out. I know, at least I think I do, that a crossword is meant to be symmetrical but then I started to wonder about other rules of a grid.

      1. Yes – everyone is really friendly and helpful here – it’s a wonderful blog – I love it! Keep commenting. :smile:

  13. Finished! (Which is rare without hints). That must mean it was quite straight forward for most on here, or, for some reason, the sun is shining on me today. If so, I will try to redirect its influence to my beloved football club for the transfer window and upcoming season. Oh, and to England in the Ashes this week!

  14. Nice photos for 12a, but , to my shame, I must admit that pommette got the answer quicker than I did! :blush:

    Pleasant puzzle so thanks to the setter.

  15. Zipped through this one and found it a fair challenge last in 16d. What a gorgeous day; bit of gardening, tennis and then a swim. Come on Andy Murray. Oh and well done to The Lions. And The Ashes on Wednesday. Tickets for Lord’s so hope the weather lasts.

  16. Trying to learn how to do cryptic crosswords – thanks you for helping me feel as though I may be in with a chance one day :).

    1. Welcome from me, Maggie – I think that everyone else might have gone to bed, which is where I’m just heading.
      This is a really wonderful blog with lots of helpful people around. If you keep reading it you WILL learn how to do cryptic crosswords. If you don’t understand something just ask – someone will reply really quickly. Good luck. :smile:

  17. Thanks to the setter and to Big Dave for the hints. Enjoyed this one a lot, super puzzle. Favourites were 11 & 17a. Was 2*/3* for me. Late blogging due to being on holiday in Gazza country.

    1. We are heading down there tomorrow – you must have had great weather – please leave the yellow disc in place for us !

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