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Toughie 1006

Toughie No 1006 by Excalibur

Potato’s, Tomato’s and Apricot’s

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Good afternoon from South Staffs, on an overcast day, with rain forecast for later.

A gentle start to the Toughie week. I liked 14d.

In the hints below, the definitions are underlined.

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1a           Annoying to see the rooms let out and be on the fringes (10)
{ BOTHERSOME } Anagram (let out) of THE ROOMS inside BE (on the fringes)

6a           Silent call — a number’s engaged (4)
{ DUMB } A verb meaning call, or give a name to (as when a knight is created) with a Roman numeral inside.

9a           Leading by some games: unexpected result (5)
{ UPSET } A two-letter word describing your position if you are ahead in a game, followed by a group of games making up part of the score in a tennis match, leading to the way a journalist might describe Serena Williams’ defeat yesterday.

10a         Anti air force (9)
{ CONSTRAIN } An abbreviated word for anti or against, followed by an air or tune.

12a         On the other side silver satin, shimmering (7)
{ AGAINST } The chemical symbol for silver followed by an anagram (shimmering) of SATIN.

13a         One day by sea changed views (5)
{ IDEAS } The Roman numeral for one, an abbreviation for Day, and an anagram (changed) of SEA.

15a         Final note about contract to hire suits (7)
{ PLEASES } The definition is a verb. A legal document under which property is hired out, with the sort of note you might write at the end of a letter around it.

17a         A bit tipsy, I spent penny coming in (7)
{ SNIPPET } Anagram (tipsy) of I SPENT, with a Penny inside it.

19a         Is one fixing on staying? (7)
{ SETTLER } Mildly cryptic definition of someone who plans to stay put in a place he has reached.

21a         Tortured, I reveal woman’s name (7)
{ VALERIE } Anagram (tortured) of I REVEAL.

22a         High point of game from which Black withdrew (5)
{ RIDGE } A card game with the initial Black removed, producing a linear feature in the mountains.

24a         Use up ice cream, problem for storage (7)
{ CONSUME } A variety of ice cream, or the edible container in which it is sold, with an arithmetical problem inside it (for storage).

27a         Blasted  freezing! (9)
{ PERISHING }  Double definition : a mild expletive, like ‘blasted’; and an informal way to describe freezing weather.

28a         Ray hooks river creature (5)
{ BREAM } A ray of light (or Ray T’s alter ego) with River inside.

29a         Heavens! Has lost with flush! (4)
{ EVEN } Remove the letters of HAS from (H)E(A)VEN(S) to get a word meaning flush or level.

30a         Neat knots to keep cord from tightening (10)
{ ASTRINGENT } Anagram (knots) of NEAT with a word for cord inside it.


1d           ‘Contest’ with second letter missing (4)
{ BOUT } A boxing match made up of the second letter of the alphabet and a word meaning missing or away.

2d           Will try to get at people trapped within (9)
{ TESTAMENT } A verb meaning to try or to put to proof, followed by AT (from the clue) with a generic word for people inside it.

3d           Run a newspaper (5)
{ EXTRA } Double definition: a run not scored off the bat at cricket; and a supplementary edition of a newspaper.

4d           Supports losers? (7)
{ SECONDS } A verb for the act of supporting the proposer of a motion for debate. It also could be a description of the podium position of those athletes who finish ‘first of the losers’.

5d           Small point in transcript (7)
{ MINUTES } An adjective for very small, followed by a compass point.

7d           What we normally do when having time by ourselves (5)
{ USAGE } The pronoun for ourselves followed by a long period of time.

8d           Cured one’s inside, though no doctor? (10)
{ BONESETTER } An all-in-one clue. An adjective describing the state of health of someone who has been cured, with ONES (from the clue) inside it, producing an unqualified medic who may treat fractures.

11d         Not serious nuisance to contain ivy that needs docking (7)
{ TRIVIAL } Remove the final Y from IV(Y) (needs docking) and put the result inside a nuisance or troublesome thing.

14d         He’s had to have one because I wasn’t there (10)
{ APOSTROPHE } He’s in this instance stands for ‘he is’ rather than the ‘he has’ you might expect from the surface reading. Remove the I from HE IS (I wasn’t there) and replace it with the answer to this clue to get HE’S.

16d         Retailers will need large quantities of wine, getting quotation (7)
{ SELLERS } A noun describing what retailers do which sounds like (getting quotation) large quantities of wine, or the underground storage areas for wine.

18d         Hard getting through at first. Don’t give up (9)
{ PERSEVERE } A Latin preposition meaning through, followed by an adjective for hard, or stern.

20d         Gets wound up again and backs off (7)
{ RECOILS } A verb which could also describe what someone who winds up a length of rope might be doing.

21d         Mistakenly given another case of wine that’s gone off (7)
{ VINEGAR } Anagram (mistakenly) of GIVEN, followed by the first and last letters (case) of AnotheR.

23d         Lay about feeling unhappy? (5)
{ DIRGE } A lay, here, is a song, especially a funeral song.

ARVE Error: need id and provider

25d         Mixed bar in a French town (5)
{ URBAN } Anagram (mixed) of BAR inside the French word for ‘a’. Town is used adjectivally here.

26d         Discharge when spell in jail’s up (4)
{ EMIT } Reverse (up) another word for a jail sentence.

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8 comments on “Toughie 1006

  1. Pleasant start to the Toughie week, favourites were 6a 14d and 16d thanks to Excalibur and to Deep Threat for the comments.

  2. Have to agree re 14d ,I also liked 7d and 22d in a enjoyable puzzle .
    Thanks to Excalibur and DT .

  3. Gentle but enjoyable, thanks to Excalibur and to DT for the amusing review.

  4. A lovely crossword that was a joy to solve. I was intrigued by 14d and laughed when I got the solution. Other favourites were 29a and 1 and 2 down
    Many thanks to Excalibur and to DeepThreat

  5. OK puzzle I reckon, but really only at the top end of a back page puzzle. It is only Tuesday so perhaps someting harder to follow later in the week?
    Liked 14d.
    Thanks to Excalibur (I guess she must be the “Sword Lady” as opposed to the “Spider Lady” in today’s Guardian?) and to DT for the excellent blog

  6. Afraid that our comment is not very original as we also put a tick beside 14d as favourite. Last in was 6a where, although dumb was our initial thought, it took a while to match up call and dub. We found it a very enjoyable puzzle.
    Thanks Excalibur and DT.

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