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ST 2696

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2696

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Another fine Sunday outing for a Virgilius puzzle – my top favourites  were 17a, 23a and 13d,  but then there’s 26d and … but I don’t want to upset Kath so I had better stop now.

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7a           Excited outside court, producing incendiary material? (8)
FIREWOOD –  Insert WOO (court) into FIRED (excited, filled with enthusiasm).

9a           President Grenada upset (not Democrat) (6)
REAGAN –  One of the Republican Presidents of the USA is obtained from an anagram (upset) of GRENADA, once you have removed the D for Democrat.

10a         Girl making Indian drink with last of ice (6)
LASSIE –   LASSI (an Indian yogurt-based drink) and E (the last letter of ice).

11a         Fortune’s corruptly made within ineffective organisation (4,4)
LAME DUCK –  This can be an organisation as well as a helpless person –   Insert an anagram (corruptly) of MADE into LUCK (fortune).

12a         Materialising somehow around a political ideal (14)
EGALITARIANISM –  An anagram (somehow) of MATERIALISING plus A from the clue.

15a         Male friend, initially, is source of dates (4)
PALM  –   Initially  tells you that PAL (friend) goes before M (male).

17a         Penny apiece, unusually cheap for fruit (5)
PEACH –   A Virgilius special –  two for the price of one –   P (penny) EACH (apiece) and an anagram (unusually) of CHEAP –  lovely surface reading too.

19a         Approve of word today’s youngsters overuse? (4)
LIKE –  The day before this puzzle appeared, Son No 2 (at the ripe old age of 26) was having a rant about  young people using LIKE in almost every sentence so this clue took me no time at all to solve!!

20a         Edge in a politician with record showing bias (14)
DISCRIMINATORY –   DISC (record) RIM (edge) A TORY (a politician).

23a         Like instrument of one who takes a bow before performing (8)
STRINGED –  A very nice  cryptic definition of a violin, guitar, double bass etc.

25a         Propellers a lot of sailors installed in ship (6)
SCREWS –   CREW (a lot of sailors) installed in SS (steam ship).

27a         Depose from position in Security Council (6)
UNSEAT –   Split 2,4, it could be a seat at the United Nations Security Council.

28a         Person in boat in ocean — it’s turbulent (8)
CANOEIST –   An anagram (turbulent) of OCEAN ITS.


1d           An Indian, oddly, appearing in Verdi opera (4)
AIDA –  the odd letters of An InDiAn.

2d           Western supporter of board, treacherous type (6)
WEASEL –   W (western) and EASEL (supporter of board).

3d           Repeated undertaking in church over large object of worship (4)
IDOL –   I DO (a commitment as part of the wedding service repeated by both the bridge and the groom) and L (large).

4d           Area under assault, for example, in war zone (6)
CRIMEA –   CRIME (assault being an example of a crime) and A (area).

5d           Intelligent primate training another (8)
MANDRILL –   MAN (intelligent primate) and DRILL (training).

6d           Union negotiator who works in light manufacturing? (10)
MATCHMAKER –  A person who arranges marriages sounds like they might also make short sticks of wood used to light fires etc.

8d           What may be furiously blown in convenience store (3-4)
ONE-STOP –   Split 3’1, 3, this might sound like one was so angry that one could blow ….

13d         King as well as saint plus supporters are seated here (10)
GRANDSTAND –   GR (King George) AND (as well as) ST (saint) AND (plus).

14d         Non-fictional head of monarchy in kingdom (5)
REALM –  REAL (fact not fiction) and M (the ‘head’ of monarchy).

16d         Issues in stupid uprising, done at the wrong moment? (8)
MISTIMED –   Insert EMITS (issues) into DIM (stupid) and then reverse (uprising) the result.

18d         Requiring active participation from crewmen aboard (5-2)
HANDS-ON –   HANDS (crewmen) and ON (aboard [ship]).

21d         Entitlements, none of which is left (6)
RIGHTS –  One to smile at rather than need to explain!

22d         Artist,   one engaging in revolutionary movement (6)
TURNER –   The surname of the famous artist could also be someone or something that turns.

24d         Term of endearment, equivalent of ‘love’? (4)
DUCK –   An informal term of endearment or a 0 (love) on a cricket score sheet.

26d         Where red setter makes shepherd happy? (4)
WEST –   The sun sets in the West, and as everyone knows ‘red sky at night, shepherd’s delight’.

Not a single hidden word this week – I’m sure they’ll be back in my next Sunday Review :wink:


3 comments on “ST 2696

  1. Another quality puzzle. If you haven’t done yesterday’s Guardian by the same setter, I suggest you do so.

    Thanks to Crypticsue for the review.

    1. Thanks, tilsit, for recommending Guardian Cryptic 25,984 set by Brendan (aka Virgilius).

      Not so difficult, but so very, very clever! How does he do it? Amazing!

      ps. Thanks to CS for the review of the Sunday one!

  2. A criticism levelled at some setters is that their clues “read like crossword clues”. That’s not something that could be said of Virgilius – his clues are beautifully constructed and wonderfully smooth. Thanks to him for another superb puzzle and to CS for the excellent write-up.

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