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Attention all mobile and tablet users!

Attention all mobile and tablet users!

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At the time that I transferred this site to self-hosting just over a year ago, the mobile support available from WordPress was unsatisfactory, so I purchased a Plugin called WPtouch Pro.  Now they wish to charge the same amount that I paid originally just to upgrade to the latest version.  In the meantime, the WordPress support has been substantially improved.  I intend to turn WPtouch Pro off for a trial period, and implement the support provided by WordPress.  Please let me know, by leaving a comment on this post, whether it works or, if not, what problems you have encountered.  Please don’t forget to add which device you are using and what operating system / version you have installed.

Part of this text is hidden in the {same way that we hide answers during} the week.

Unless something comes up in the future, I have decided to stay with the WordPress Mobile theme.  BD

56 comments on “Attention all mobile and tablet users!

  1. Working fine on my Blackberry Z 10.
    In fact it appears to be better as I now have a previous and next on the screen to view other posts and it is working very quickly albeit I am connected at the moment to a wireless broadband hub. :D.

    1. Just had a look round on my blackberry Z10 and I can access a lot more of the site on it than I could before I now have everything on the right hand side of the screen under the calender which I didn’t have before which I think is a lot better.

      Many thanks Dave. :D.

        1. once I have opened the page it appears as it does normally and if I want to look at the hidden text I bring the menu up and select “reader” this then opens a new page and shows the hidden text,, this it does in a matter of seceonds, especially quick on wi-fi. :D.

        2. Hello BD – I can’t seem to access the hidden text in this particular message – but that may well be me doing something wrong. I’m using an iPad Version 6.1.3.
          But so far, I have no problems uncovering the hidden text in the daily blog.
          Sending special appreciation to you for working so hard to make this site and sight so brilliant! Thank you.

  2. Works very well on my samsung galaxy s2 with its standard operating system. No problems encountered so far

  3. The hidden text doesn’t seem to work on the iPad.

    If this is how it’s to be, I might as well use the site directly from Safari and save the App space. I preferred the previous version.


  4. Haven’t noticed any difference on my iPad 2. I’m not very sure what you mean by ‘hidden’ text, but if you mean the answers, I’ve never been able to get them anyway, but manage by various means to complete the crosswords every day, so I’m a happy bunny.

  5. When the old mobile version first came out I hated it. Now, having got used to it, I came to like it.
    This new version seems very different, but actually I think it is better. I certainly have access to more of the site than I did before and I *think* this version handles the nesting of comments better too.

    I am writing this on an iPhone 5 using iOS 6.1.4.

    One minor thing…
    I can now see the list of recent comment (as on the full web version – which I like very much) but when I click on a comment, unlike the web version which takes me to the comment itself, this simply loads the general page (I have not yet checked to see if the comment is on the second page whether or not it goes to the correct page…)

    Generally happy…
    Well done!

    1. Hmmm…

      About the nesting of comments….

      I was just looking at yesterday’s toughie comments and I now find that, because of the indentation, when comment are nested several levels deep they get progressively squashed until (as was the case with one comment) it is reduced to 1 character wide. This means that you have to read the whole comment as a vertical stream of characters! (on my iPhone anyway).

  6. I’m a complete newbie but I have been using the site on iPad and iPhone over some months now and it worked for me but it looked very basic; i.e. looked like it was a text only site. This WordPress version looks much better and as others have commented I have acces to more of the site, things I never was aware of before. I didn’t even have the site header before as I said I had no colour, text only.

    This version is great but am I doing something wrong, when i try to read your hidden phrase I touch the blank area which highlights the hidden word and I am give the option to “define”. Select define it shows me that word plus dictionary definition. So touch the start of the phrase I get “the”. I have to highlight the whole phrase, copy and paste to be able to read, is this correct or am I missing something.

    1. Hi JimBob,

      What you are seeing is the iPhone built-in dictionary. You can select any word on any web-page (not just the “hidden” ones on BD’s) and get a “definition” of that word.

      It only works with single words however. If it is a phase (or, say, a two-word hidden answer) you have two choices; either click on each word in turn and get a definition for that word, or (as you are doing) select the whole phrase and copy and paste it into a “Notes” page to read it.


      1. Hi Thanks for the welcome, the site is great, it does seem like cheating when someone put a different slant on a clue that had me stumped. Should I register I would like to comment/blog from time to time, maybe that’s not necessary.

      2. Oh, thanks what I’m doing is ok, I thought it was a bit laborious but clues are mostly no more than two words so no problem.

  7. I’ve found it quicker to navigate and load.
    Using iSO 6.1.3

    Keep up the good work.

  8. Could someone (other than me) try looking at (say) yesterday’s toughie (989) on an iPhone and look at the comments. If you look at Halcyon’s comment from today is it displayed in a one-character wide vertical stream?

  9. Galaxy s running jelly bean. I have been using your mobile site for the last year. It works OK mostly, however I have never been able to reveal any answers hidden within the brackets { }. Makes me work a little harder at the clues, but I do have to resort to answer bank occasionally.
    Thank you
    Fred …….. Long time lurker.

    1. I still cannot open any answers between the brackets. When attempting to edit the above post the edit box does not allow text scrolling and could not be ‘zoomed’ as the text was very wee.

  10. Much easier site to navigate. Hints invaluable as always.
    I use iPhone ios 6.1.3
    Ta muchly

  11. I am running iOS 6.1.3 on an iPad 2 and, like others, I find this system better than the previous one. Previously when I posted a comment it always told me it had failed (it hadn’t) and I had to refresh the page manually to view my comment. Now the page refreshes automatically.
    Seeing hidden text also works for me, though doing a whole sentence word by word is rather laborious!
    My only (minor) gripe is that the text now comes up too small for my 49-year-old eyes, but it is no great hardship to make it bigger. Still resisting reading glasses…

  12. This version is better. I can now get the Reader version on my ipad as well as my phone. Before the ipad would only give clues not answers. Thanks

  13. Dave – I can’t see the ‘switch to iPad version’ button. Where is it?

    1. I think that the WordPress software does not adjust the site where you view it on an iPad so you see the full site as you would on a desktop, I don’t know if there is a setting that can be adjusted so that when viewing the site on an iPad you see the same view that you would see on other mobile devices.

  14. Hi BD. I can view the main pane on my BlackBerry Torch, reveal the answers in brackets, and enter comments, but I can’t see the narrower right hand pane at all. This is the same as it was before you made the change, but it’s fine for my purposes, thanks very much.

  15. Never managed to open up the hidden text on my Samsung Galaxy or my iphone.

  16. OK thanks.
    It looks the same as, or v similar to the PC version, so I wasn’t sure. The beauty of the prev iPad version is that it used the width of the screen without all the side bar options which I rarely used.
    Any idea how to “justify” the hints and messages “window”?

  17. Works fine on my iPhone 4s (IO6) but how do I get to reveal the hidden text when I need to . I’ve never been able to do it.

  18. I’m using an iPad2 with iOS 6.1.3 and it works fine. Looks just like the web version – I access your site via Safari. Have I missed out on an App? !!

    Can reveal the hidden answers by either using Reader or by holding down a finger in the space and waiting for ‘define’to show. (Can’t reveal the hidden text at the top of this page! But can manage to read it by zooming in).

    So all-in-all I would say that it’s fine for me. Now I just need an upgrade to my brain. Hmm.

  19. On HTC it doesn’t work at all. On iPad, I can see the words very faintly in the space. On laptop it’s business as usual.

  20. On my old HTC Desire, it works – after switching off and on again! On Ipad 3 with iOS 6.1.3 via Safari, it doesn’t work. I can see the words very faintly in the spaces as if the font colour has been changed, but no interaction. Tried again on todays clues, just in case it was me and it is fine. Still can’t do the heading you asked about though, so I would say ok.

  21. Cannot see the hidden text text in the brackets on my Kindle Fire. All ok up to last Friday.

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