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ST 2692

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2692

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty */**Enjoyment ****

Another great start to Sunday morning – thank you once again to Virgilius.

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1a           In bitter enmity, stupidly staged grand war (2,7,5)
AT DAGGERS DRAWN –   An anagram (stupidly) of STAGED GRAND WAR.  Lovely surface reading.

9a           One vehicle or another sent back in right direction (7)
TRACTOR  –  A reversal (sent back) of CART (another vehicle)  TO  R(right) (in the right direction).

10a         This African country has aluminium where another has nickel, primarily (7)
ALGERIA –   Replace the first two letters of Nigeria (NI being the chemical symbol for nickel)with AL (the chemical symbol for aluminium).

11a         Poet’s work pronounced outstanding (3)
ODE –  A homophone (pronounced) of OWED (outstanding).

12a         Cotton cape Ethel chose, in need of alteration (11)
CHEESECLOTH –    C (the abbreviation for Cape) followed by an anagram (in need of alternation) of ETHEL CHOSE.

14a         Contractor who’s paid money to butcher (6)
HITMAN –   a cryptic definition of a hired assassin.

15a         Regular traveller who reduces time, perhaps? (8)
COMMUTER – A person who travels some distance daily between home and work, could also be someone who exchanges a sentence (especially the death penalty) for a less severe punishment.

17a         Insulted Labour leader seen outside (8)
SLIGHTED –  Insert the first letter of Labour (leader) into SIGHTED (seen).

19a         Turned heads, being sweet (6)
BONBON –   Reverse (turned) NOB twice (heads)

22a         Unusually gifted person originally ordered into cavalry (11)
CLAIRVOYANT –   An anagram (originally ordered) of INTO CAVALRY.

23a         It’s initially legislated at Westminster (3)
LAW –   Lovely &Lit –  the initial letters of Legislated At Westminster.

24a         Claret’s possibly this shade of red (7)
SCARLET –   An anagram (possibly) of CLARETS.

26a         Part of cross-reference for ongoing loss of liquid assets (7)
SEEPAGE –  a noun meaning liquid that has seeped out could if split 3, 4 be part of a cross-reference.

27a         Reform never restricting trade union with excellent financial backing (7,7)
VENTURE CAPITAL –   An anagram (reform)  of NEVER  into which is inserted (restricting) TU (trade union).  The second word, CAPITAL,  is an adjective meaning excellent.


1d           Scientific type collecting a second prize thus, is content, finally (14)
ASTROPHYSICIST  –    A (from the clue) S (second) TROPHY  (prize)  SIC (thus, used in printed matter to show that the originally is being faithfully reproduced, even though incorrect or apparently so) IS (from the clue) and T (the final letter of contenT).

2d           Rebuilt citadel, in a manner of speaking (7)
DIALECT – An anagram (rebuilt) of CITADEL.

3d           Keep in Conservative with less sense who shouldn’t be in party? (11)
GATECRASHER –   GATE (keep in) C (Conservative) and RASHER (with less sense).

4d           Unqualified driver not getting start in lucrative job (6)
EARNER –  Virgilius doesn’t often present us with a chestnut but…..   simply remove the L from the start of [L]EARNER (unqualified driver).

5d           Instant record of game’s exciting (8)
SNAPSHOT  –   SNAP[‘]S (the card game’s)  and HOT (exciting).

6d           Doctor‘s trying, but oddly deficient (3)
RIG –  A verb meaning to doctor or manipulate unscrupulously or dishonestly is obtained by removing the odd letters (oddly deficient) from tRyInG.

7d           Calculate    to satisfactorily finish    exercise (4,3)
WORK OUT –   A triple definition.

8d           Container of explosive ignited for spectacular revolution (9,5)
CATHERINE WHEEL –  A cryptic definition of a  rotating firework.

13d         Stake he secured in company plan that’s put together to promote growth (7,4)
COMPOST HEAP –  CO (company) followed by MAP (map) into which is inserted POST (stake) and HE (from the clue).  If we illustrated weekend puzzle  reviews, I would add here a photo of Mr CS’s newly- finished  compost heap arrangements, a very grand triple bay  affair complete  with wattle fencing.

16d         Person who provides topical information about ale (8)
REPORTER –   RE (about) and PORTER (dark ale).

18d         The writer is succeeded by a friend in religious office (7)
IMAMATE –   I[‘]M (Virgilius, the writer, is) followed by A MATE (a friend).

20d         Don’t dilly-dally crossing line in city in UK (7)
BELFAST –   Insert (crossing) L (line) into an instruction not to hang about – BE FAST.

21d         White wine from area found in pubs and clubs (6)
BARSAC –    BARS (pubs) A (area) C (clubs).

25d         Conclusions reached in trial, so accept one’s fate (3)
LOT –  The ‘conclusions’ of triaL, sO and accepT.

My turn to blog Virgilius again next week.  :)