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Miss Word 2013

Prize Competition – Miss Word 2013

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Choose any word you like.  Pretend that you are the word and tell us all about yourself fairly concisely.  You do not need to be accurate, but may wish to mention your origins, your greatest achievements, personality, vital statistics, and how you would contribute to word peace.

A judging panel of three expert crossword setters will evaluate the anonymised entries.  They will be looking for a persuasive argument that you have much to offer in the crossword world.

There will be a choice of usual and unusual book prizes, the number being dependent on the quality of entries.  These include such gems as A Ring of Words by Ivor Brown (1967, collectible) – if you don’t want the cookery book.

Entry is by email to quiz.man@ntlworld.com before Monday 20 May 2013.

This competition is run by The Crossword Centre