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Prize Puzzle – May 2013

Monthly Prize Puzzle No 12 (May 2013) by Alchemi

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Why not have a go at our twelfth Monthly Prize Puzzle?  The winner will receive their choice of any of the current Telegraph  Crossword Books.

Please note that, due to punitive postal charges,  while the competition is open to all, the prize is only available to UK solvers.

A review will follow after the closing date (18th May 2013).

MPP - 12

The puzzle is available by clicking on the above grid.

I’ve left this post open for comments, but if you don’t want your comment to be deleted then avoid asking for or giving help with the clues.

30 comments on “Prize Puzzle – May 2013

  1. Finished the Puzzle … but I still don’t have the answer!

    Thanks to Alchemi – Nice surface readings!

  2. Lovely puzzle. Had to finish off the puzzle before I could work out question that needs to be answered. Couple of tricky clues in NE corner. Much fun. Entry submitted.
    Thanks Alchemi

    1. Thanks for that. Certainly the whole idea was that you won’t know what the question is until you’ve completed the grid and scrutinised it closely.

  3. Enjoyed the puzzle very much , although challenging in parts ,last two in were also in the NE corner .
    Took quite a while to “scrutinise” also,good fun .
    Thanks very much

  4. It was all going really well and I was just thinking that this was a bit less tricky than the usual puzzle from Alchemi – then I ended up in the top right corner and ground to a complete halt – haven’t managed to move on from there and still have six gaps. Oh dear – will carry on tomorrow.
    Really enjoyed what I’ve done though . . .

  5. Mrs T said “Why bother, we can’t win anyway!”… when she read: Please note that, due to punitive postal charges, while the competition is open to all, the prize is only available to UK solvers.

    I assume that this means that the winner must have the prize shipped to a UK address (and that there is no xenophobic inference that only British citizens are eligible) ? This will make Mrs T very happy and we may well become regular MPP entrants.

    I humbly request that the instructions be amended to read:
    The competition is open to all but please note that the prize will only be shipped to a UK address due to postage costs.


    1. If you are really good and promise to behave yourselves, we will let you join the HAG club. We are the ones who play only for “Honour and Glory” and can feel superior to the materialistically motivated Brits.

      1. Presumably they want the HAG for themselves and the prize for some family member resident over here.

        I see what some people mean about the NE corner. It’s perhaps a little tough to have the three most devious clues interlocking in the same area of the grid,but a) it’s a prize puzzle, so there, and b) I didn’t mean it.

        I have to say 12a is my favourite clue, though.

      2. We would love to become members of HAG, and promise to be really good and behave ourselves. We are materialistically motivated Brits, it is just that we live in USA. Are we still eligible?

        1. If you would like the prize to be shipped to a UK address then that would be fine. Last time I enquired, postage to the USA was about £8.00.

          1. Thanks. We would be happy to PayPal the cash in the unlikely event we finish the MPP and remain married!

      3. I feel honoured to be in the HAG club! I actually won MPP #09.

        I declined the prize even though I have a UK postcode!

        I’ve always wondered if I was the only entrant?

        The Honour and the Glory!

        1. How arrogant of you. If only 10% of the viewers to this site entered the MPP and 10% of them were correct.
          the number would probably still have two zeros behind it.

          1. Oh! Dear!

            I can see now how it might be construed as arrogant … but I just meant to say that the only way I could possibly win a prize crossword is if I were the only one to enter.

            What’s the opposite of arrogant?

            1. Meek, modest, humble perhaps. None, I might suggest, are applicable to you.

              1. “You have reached the world’s biggest and best crossword blog”.

                Who said that?

                I consider myself – fairly modest.

                Anyway! It’s just a crossword!


                1. Franco , I do hope no one was offended unintentionally! Perhaps the self deprecating bragging was more referring to having a UK postcode?

                  Anyway, Mrs T and I are pleased to become HAGs (I have thought of her thus for some time now).

          2. I read Franco’s initial comment as poking a little self-deprecating fun at himself. I don’t think for one second it was his intention to offend.

            1. Could not agree more.
              When I first sent in a puzzle without winning a prize, I felt scarcely able to believe that at least three other people besides myself had solved it.
              This is meant to be fun let’s keep it that way !

      4. Me too! I qualify! Alhough this grey-haired granny is not sure about the hag part….

  6. I am just off to sample this along with all the guest ales. Many thanks for the

    warning about the NE corner, I will take plenty of paper ( as well as a tissue for Justin ).

  7. This is taking some time. Two left in the NE corner and unsure aout my answer for 18D. 5D and 13A are my standouts so far among many other ‘likes’.

  8. What a lovely crossword. Made even more enjoyable by the fact that like KiwiColin I needed to complete the grid
    before the question became apparent. I do not normally like to display preferences, but can fully
    understand why Alchemi likes 12a. It is diabolically simple (or) simply diabolical ?.

    Many thanks to Alchemi. Looking forward to the review

  9. Finished! Last two in the NE corner worked out and finally twigged why my answer to 18D was correct. Oh, happy day!

  10. We have had a board meeting of the executives of the HAG club and have decided that membership is open to everyone – even Franco!
    The board is also very pleased to note that there has been a flurry of comments which should tempt more people to try this excellent puzzle from Alchemi.

  11. I thought this was a brill puzzle, but didn’t even think of submiting an entry as I’m in Spain. I’ll be a HAG member in future!

    Anyway, thanks to Alchemi for the usual fun crossword.

  12. STILL got some (only three now – 15a and 5 and 7d) that I just can’t do – very frustrating to have got this far and then be defeated at the last minute.
    I don’t quite understand a few of my answers – will now leave crossword on kitchen table in the hope that subconscious inspiration strikes – I have a sneaky feeling that it might not.

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