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DT 27157

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27157

A full review by crypticsue

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A typical Cephas crossword  to get Saturday morning started.   Lots of his usual anagrams but this time with the addition of a few double definitions along the way.

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1a           Voguish point of view taken for example (8)
INSTANCE –  IN (fashionable, voguish)  plus STANCE (point of view)

5a           Thrash to attend in university (4,2)
BEAT UP   –  BE AT (attend) and UP (in university).

10a         Tramp, dubbed as this wandering king, to head forth (6,2,3,4)
KNIGHT OF THE ROAD –   A facetious term for a tramp is an anagram (wandering) of KING TO HEAD FORTH.

11a         Ingredient section of clientele mentioned (7)
ELEMENT  –    Hidden in a section of clientELE MENTioned.

12a         Beer overturned by one with a princely habit (7)
REGALIA –   A reversal of LAGER (beer) followed by I (one) and A (from the clue).

13a         Set out, cycle round base (8)
PEDESTAL –   An anagram (out) of SET inserted into PEDAL (what you do to propel a bicycle).

15a         Submit to    delay (5)
DEFER –  Double definition – to yield or to put off.

18a         Salvation Army, looking back, established something worth having (5)
ASSET –   A reversal of the abbreviation for the Salvation Army followed SET (established).

20a         Attachment or obsession, getting caught out (8)
ADDITION –   Remove  C (caught in cricket scoring) from an ADDICTION or obsession.

23a         Acrobat’s appliance of skill, flipping vegetables, we hear (7)
TRAPEZE –   A reversal (flipping) of ART (skill) followed by a homophone (we hear) of PEAS.

25a         Clergyman drops a vintage comic? (7)
CHAPLIN –  Simply remove the second A (drops a) from a CHAPLAIN.

26a         Beginning of a big build-up? (10-5)
FOUNDATION-STONE –   A cryptic definition of something laid at the start of a large building project.

27a         Communication one allows? (6)
LETTER –   Someone who allows something to happen has the same name as a form of written communication.

28a         Scan note before exercising the canines (3,5)
EYE-TEETH –   EYE (scan)  TE (musical note) and an anagram (exercising) of THE.


1d           On plane, transporting grand sort of printer (3-3)
INK-JET –   Insert K (the metric abbreviation  for a grand or thousand) into  IN JET (on plane).

2d           Invertebrate   chicken? (9)
SPINELESS –   Without a spine, literally or metaphorically.

3d           A permit held in the jumper perhaps (7)
ATHLETE –   A (from the clue)  followed by THE (from the clue) into which is inserted LET (permit).

4d           Influence   strike (5)
CLOUT –   Lots of double definitions today –    to influence or to hit with great force.

6d           Yours truly in the grip of uncontrollable greed, as became apparent (7)
EMERGED –   Insert ME (yours truly) into an anagram (uncontrollable) of GREED.

7d           Horrible being right in the grip of tax (5)
TROLL –   Insert R (right) into a TOLL (tax).

8d           A tidy pro’s sporting way to eliminate foot faults (8)
PODIATRY –  An anagram (sporting) of A TIDY PRO.

9d           Shocked the beginning came first! (8)
STARTLED … or START (beginning) LED (came first).

14d         Attempt to involve an undergarment — that’s distortion (8)
TRAVESTY –  Insert (involve) a VEST into a TRY.

16d         Fancy-free member and miss, embracing love (9)
FOOTLOOSE –   FOOT (member, part of the body) and LOSE (miss) with O (love) inserted.

17d         Loyal woman developed flu (8)
FAITHFUL –   FAITH (a woman’s name) followed by an anagram (developed) of FLU.

19d         Pedal with lad playing in bay, maybe (7)
TREADLE –  Bay here is an example of a TREE, into which should be inserted an anagram (playing) of LAD.

21d         Poles seen in property — items can’t be delivered while they’re in it (7)
TRANSIT –  Insert the N(orth) and S(outh) poles into a TRAIT (property or distinguishing feature).

22d         Ravel‘s given me shivers, in one section (6)
ENMESH –  A verb meaning to entangle is hidden in one section of  givEN MESHivers.

24d         One’s passed by majority (5)
ADULT –  Someone who has reached  adulthood or ‘passed by’ the age of majority.

25d         Companion harvested corn and last of hay (5)
CRONY –  An anagram (harvested) of CORN followed by the last letter of haY.

Hopefully Gnomey will return fully refreshed from his golfing holiday in Spain to  take back his place on the rota  ready to blog the Mysteron puzzle next week.   I, on the other hand, am going to have to look at the calendar to try and work out which crosswords I am actually supposed to be reviewing and when.

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  1. Certainly not the best Saturday puzzle but entertaining enough. Thanks to Cephas and to CS for the excellent review.

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