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ST 2683

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2683

A full review by gnomethang

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Afternoon All! Apologies for the late delivery – my PC at home had problems so I couldn’t upload late last night and had to redraft the blog. A fine Virgilius puzzle as we have come to expect..

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1a           Who, for example, returned fish to river? (6)
DOCTOR – Always easy to miss when it comes around!. A reversal (returned) of COD and then simply TO and R for River from the clue.

4a           Citizen from elsewhere is in Paris, and excited (8)
SPANIARD – An anagram (excited) of PARIS AND – The elsewhere refers to the fact that the citizen is from a different EU country than France.

10a         At that point, it’s repeatedly said to provide comfort (5)
THERE – “There, there” being the words of comfort and the cryptic definition.

11a         Good person to copy English fashion in list (4,5)
ROLE MODEL – Place e(English) and MODE (fashion) in a ROLL or list.

12a         Part of body ready for fight (7)
FOREARM – A definition plus cryptic definition. Remember that ‘forewarned is forearmed’!

13a         Something worn by noble — gold one seen in court? (7)
CORONET – OR, the heraldic term for gold, and ONE are seen inside CT – the abbreviation for court.

14a         Blank paper, with current lesson being partly switched (14)
EXPRESSIONLESS – Start with the Daily EXPRESS newspaper then add I, the S.I. Unit for electrical current and then make an anagram of all but the last letter in LESSO(n) – partly switched.

17a         Card players and clubs undecided about note for meeting with press (4,10)
NEWS CONFERENCE – Take all the players in the game of Bridge – denoted by N(orth), E(ast), S(outh) and W(est) to get NEWS. Then add ON FENCE (undecided!) and insert RE – the second note in the tonic sol-fa scale.

21a         Heads away from din, can pity silly behaviour (7)
INANITY – Remove the heading letters of (d)IN (c)AN (p)ITY.

23a         Preserve a top performer, mainly for this game (7)
CANASTA – Another card game. CAN (preserve) then A STA(r) for mainly but not all of a top performer.

24a         Good rates arranged — for actors coming in, that is (5,4)
STAGE DOOR – An anagram (arranged) of GOOD RATES.

25a         Something that’s plucked or something that’s bowed (5)
VIOLA – Two definitions – the first is a flower (that can be plucked/picked) and second the instrument that is mainly played with a bow but can also be plucked in a pizzicato stylee.

26a         Complaints from female relative and other women (8)
MALADIES – Yer MA for your female relative and then A LADY (another woman)

27a         Person who bothers about spiritual teaching? (6)
PRIEST –   Insert RI (Religious Instruction, spiritual teaching) into a PEST or person who bothers.


1d           Cheap for traveller — as one is on holiday (4-4)
DUTY-FREE – The first a definition, the second cryptic refers to the fact that when on holiday you are free from work duties.

2d           Bright red peach, initially, that is put in fruit dish (6,3)
CHERRY PIE – CHERRY is bright red followed by the initial letter of P(each) and finally I.E. (an abbreviation of the Latin Id Est – ‘that is’)

3d           Exercise in discourse as work in theatre (7)
OPERATE – A surgeon’s theatre. PE (Physical Education/exercise) inside ORATE (discourse as a verb).

5d           Life force cop is somehow giving his colleagues (6,8)
POLICE OFFICERS – A well spotted anagram (somehow) of LIFE FORCE COP IS.

6d           I, for one, could be this (7)
NUMERAL – In Roman Numerals – I is indeed one.

7d           Poet in university in former British territory (5)
AUDEN – W.H.Auden the poet. Place U for University into ADEN – a former British territory.

8d           With concentration reduced, I had overturned instrument (6)
DILUTE – Reverse (overturn) I’D and add a LUTE (a musical instrument)

9d           In short, it’s central to anxiously signed agreement (10,4)
PROMISSORY NOTE – Nice! In the centre of anxIOUsly one finds an IOU!

15d         Building material carried by thousands to neighbourhood (9)
SANDSTONE – A hidden word in the last three words of the clue (indicated by ‘carried by’)

16d         A rock overturned with what, from the sound of it, is a lot of power (8)
MEGAWATT – Reverse A GEM (rock being a slang term for precious stones) and then add a homophone (from the sound of it) of what.

18d         Covering it up, dispose of regular income (7)
STIPEND – A regular income for a clergyman or University faculty member.. Reverse IT and cover it with SPEND (dispose of).

19d         Injure a Parisian male in old British car (3,4)
RUN OVER – A lovely consistent clue (with the definition also being the whole sentence come to think of it!). UN (the male definite article in French) inside a ROVER.

20d         Nebulous amount of money for choice Chinese food (3,3)
DIM SUM – A charade of DIM (nebulous) and SUM (amount of money)

22d         Benefit from what a sister has taken as read (5)
AVAIL – A homophone to finish of A VEIL. A nun takes the veil when she enters the convent and the homophone is indicated by ‘as read (aloud)’

I’ll see you all tomorrow morning.


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  1. As I commented on the day, the first answer I put in was wrong. Having seen ‘I’ and ‘He’ clued in a similar way before, I rushed into ELEMENT for 6d!
    Thanks for the review gnomethang.

    1. You weren’t alone! :) There have been several occasions recently when I missed a chemical symbol clue and was sure I had actually spotted one this time.

      1. That makes me feel a little better :) If i’d done what most normal people do and start with the across clues in some methodical order, rather than randomly picking a starting point, I might have had some checking letters and avoided that howler!

  2. Never thought of that, even though I have clued ELEMENT not so long ago by something like: He represents one, and I another — and you, we hear, yet anoher.

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