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Toughie 949

Toughie No 949 by Elkamere

The Scream!

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

While not as difficult as many of the puzzles that occupy the Friday slot, this one more than makes up for it with the entertainment level.

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1a    Sailor’s fingerprints causing anxiety (6)
{ABDABS} – one of the usual two-letter abbreviations for a sailor followed by a colloquial word for fingerprints

4a    Row about flipping paper hat (6)
{TITFER} – a row or line around the reversal (flipping) of a two-letter abbreviation for a newspaper

8a    A white American rebel in Montana (8)
{MUSCADET} – a white wine is derived by putting the two-letter abbreviation for American and the surname of the leader of a popular revolt inside the two-letter abbreviation for Montana

10a    Sat next to this space, being playful (6)
{FRISKY} – a charade of the day before Sat(urday) and space or the heavens

11a    Fine but primarily pointless game (1-3)
{I-SPY} – an adjective meaning fine or flimsy without its initial letter, which is a compass point

12a    Finding uranium, close call (10)
{UNEARTHING} – the chemical symbol for uranium followed by a close call (4,5)

13a    Actor‘s chance, in game, to get line wrong (5,7)
{BORIS KARLOFF} – a chance inside an animal formerly hunted as game and followed by L(ine) and an adjective meaning wrong or incorrect

16a    An evergreen — some trees don’t die altogether (5,3,4)
{FIRST AND LAST} – an evergreen tree followed by a word for a group of growing plants of a specified kind, especially trees, and a verb meaning don’t die/do remain

20a    Mushroom article by wasted priest (7,3)
{LIBERTY CAP} – an anagram (wasted) of ARTICLE BY followed by P(riest)

21a    Old parts just fit (4)
{BOUT} – O(ld) inside (parts) an adverb meaning just or only

22a    Private nursing home right for playwright (6)
{PINTER} – the abbreviation for a P(riva)TE soldier around (nursing) a word meaning home and followed by R(ight)

23a    Tote bags circle crying TV editor (3,5)
{LOU GRANT} – a verb meaning to tote around (bags) the circular letter and followed by some crying or shouting gives the newspaper editor from a US TV series

24a    Posh car without documents (2-2-2)
{LA-DI-DA} – a Russian car manufacturer around (without) some documents or credentials

25a    Boot that is put on properly (6)
{WELLIE} – the abbreviation of the Latin for “that is” preceded by an adverb meaning properly


1d    Sudden removal of land, but no visual changes? (8)
{AVULSION} – an anagram (changes) of NO VISUAL

2d    Centre of academia — modest attraction? (5)
{DECOY} – the middle two letters (centre) of acaDEmia followed by an adjective meaning modest

3d    Two young men swapping tips in the pits? (3,4)
{BAD LUCK} – swap the initial letters (tips) of two words meaning a young man

5d    Fire with lack of reason given in advance (7)
{INFERNO} – a two-letter word meaning a lack of preceded by (given in advance) a verb meaning to reason

6d    Frequency’s just terrible (9)
{FRIGHTFUL} – F(requency) followed by an adjective meaning just or legitimate

7d    Artillery — the best — firing along enemy line (6)
{RAKING} – the abbreviation for the Royal Artillery followed by a word meaning the best or a person regarded as the finest in their sphere – like Elvis!

9d    Reach toilet, having messed up armchair (11)
{THEORETICAL} – an anagram (having messed up) of REACH TOILET gives an adjective meaning armchair or on paper

14d    50 coming in with disease that’s different in the end? (9)
{INFLECTED} – the Roman numeral for fifty inside an adjective meaning with disease

15d    Independent census a suspect publication (8)
{ISSUANCE} – I(ndependent) followed by an anagram ()suspect of CENSUS A

17d    Soldiers sick in bed (7)
{RETIRED} – a two-letter abbreviation for some soldiers followed by an adjective meaning sick or fed up

18d    Planet makes you shut up about air (7)
{NEPTUNE} – a verb meaning to shut up in an enclosure reversed (about) and followed by an air or melody

19d    Dying to accept one’s decoration (6)
{FINIAL} – an adjective meaning dying or concluding around (to accept) I ( one)

21d    Stand on railway line to see stone (5)
{BERYL} – a verb meaning to stand or exist followed by the abbreviations for R(ailwa)Y and L(ine)

One of the best Elkamere Toughies ever!

9 comments on “Toughie 949

  1. Nothing abstruse in this one, although I had to confirm 1d was correct.
    A very nice puzzle to finish the week. Thanks to Elkamere, and to BD for the review.

  2. The SWest corner held me up (apart form posh) but got there in the end with a few LOLs on the way. Thanks to Elkamere and to BD

  3. Cracking puzzle to round off a good week of Toughies, many favourites of which I’ve selected 1a 3d 21d and 22a thanks to Elkamere and to Big Dave for the review.

  4. This enjoyable puzzle has fully occupied me on a freezing afternoon here. SW corner last in but the penny finally dropped with posh cars. Thanks Elkamere and BD.

  5. Stuck for ages on 20a until the obvious hit me,! No really obscure words again which suits me .Terrific and hasn’t it been an enjoyable week apart from this vile weather .
    Faves 1a,4a and 9d .
    Thanks very much .

  6. How lovely to see clues that all read like sense unlike yesterday’s Shamus. Nice, thanks,

  7. This puzzle kept us busy and highly entertained for quite a long time. Had to resort to electronic assistance for a couple of answers.
    Thanks Elkamere and BD.

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