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ST 2682

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2682

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Morning All!. A fine puzzle from Virgilius. A few to make me think and a very nice &Lit that the man himself had to point out. I got it myself – honest!

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7a           Rogue who sings, popular earlier (8)
INFORMER – IN for popular and FORMER for earlier. One who “Sings like a canary”.

9a           Sound condition of pound protected by PM once (6)
HEALTH – L for Librum (pounds in Latin) inserted in (protected by) Edward HEATH, a former Prime Minister.

10a         Letter on tap dance by popular composer (6)
CHOPIN – One of the letters on a Tap is C for Cold. Add HOP for a type of dance and finish with IN for popular (again!)

11a         Former Asian capital — and in Asian language (8)
MANDALAY – AND from the clue inserted into MALAY, an Asian language.

12a         Predicament I have with effect of pollution involving those near to me? (7,7)
PASSIVE SMOKING – It took me a while to work out this excellent &Lit (all in one) clue. I knew something was going on as I couldn’t see the definition clearly. A predicament is a PASS (as in ‘things have come to a pretty pass’) then IVE (a contraction of I have, then finally KIN (those near to me) inside SMOG (pollution). All the words in the sentence add to the wordplay and the clue as a whole provides the definition. Excellent stuff.

15a         Masters rare golfing feats (4)
ACES – An Ace is a more common term in the US for a Hole in One at golf.

17a         Orderly attached to hospital in lower position (5)
NEATH – A contraction of underneath. Place NEAT (orderly) in front of H for Hospital.

19a         Abridged book (cut from end) not having brilliant cover (4)
MATT – The Gospel of St MATT(hew) being abridged by removing HEW (cut) from the end.

20a         Continental types a Macintosh user upset (5,9)
SOUTH AMERICANS. Our first anagram (upset) of A MACINTOSH USER.

23a         Sportsmanlike or ethical, in a way, including second time (8)
ATHLETIC – Make an anagram (in a way) of ETHICAL but with the addition of a second T (including second time).

25a         How board meeting may end for prisoner, say (6)
INMATE – The board game is Chess then it may end IN MATE.

27a         Act without moderation in party on left (6)
OVERDO – DO for party is after (ON in an across clue) OVER (left/remaining).

28a         Escape from ordeal with maximum speed (8)
FLEETEST – A charade of FLEE (escape from) and TEST (ordeal)


1d           Nose or chin split and reconstructed (4)
INCH – An anagram of CHIN (indicated by split and reconstructed). The heroine /soon to be victim usually inches her way down a gloomy passage in horror films.

2d           Latin’s body found in library? (6)
CORPUS – The Latin for body and a body of literary works usually found in the library.

3d           One letter from MP set up classical concert (4)
PROM – Either letter from MP would be M OR P. Reverse this (set it up).

4d           Thus including clue for Eastern religion (6)
SHINTO – Place HINT (clue) inside SO (thus)

5d           Resignation letters in fast mail misdirected (8)
FATALISM – An anagram of the letters in FAST MAIL (misdirected). A great and coherent surface reading.

6d           Make what’s initially so disorganised right and neat? (10)
STRAIGHTEN – A semi all-in-one clue. The initial letter of S(o) with an anagram (disorganised) of RIGHT and NEAT.

8d           From motorway, to no avail, I moved vehicle (7)
MINIVAN – Start with the M for motorway then take IN VAIN and move the second I two places forward.

13d         Like prosecutor in case (10)
ACCUSATIVE – Two definitions or a Def + Cryptic. The case is what some might recall as B form from their Latin lessons.

14d         Founders of colony in South with moderately high temperature (5)
SWARM – Locusts or bees – your choice. S for South and WARM for a moderately high temperature.

16d         One who has rows with skivvy, finally, in kitchen (8)
SCULLERY – One who sculls (rows) is a SCULLER. Add the final letter of skivvY.

18d         Central character taking combination of drugs (7)
HEROINE – The drugs being HEROIN and the ubiquitous E for Ecstacy.

21d         American food inflamed canine (3,3)
HOT DOG – A nice simple one. HOT (inflamed) and DOG (canine).

22d         Total return to consciousness (4,2)
COME TO – Two definitions – “What did that last round come to?” and to wake after a sleep.

24d         Blow with hand or part of arm (4)
CUFF – Another two definitions that were reasonably straightforward.

26d         Piece of work from artist, a sketch (4)
TASK – Virgilius’ trademark hidden word, kept short and right  at the end.

I’ll see you all next Sunday for another Virgilius Sunday experience.


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  1. Top notch from start to finish. How does V maintain this level of quality week after week?
    Thanks Gnomey!

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