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NTSPP – 162

NTSPP – 162

A Puzzle by Wiglaf

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NTSPP - 162

The puzzle is available by clicking on the above grid.

A review of this puzzle by Prolixic follows

Many thanks to Wiglaf for a gentle crossword. Most of this went in easily possibly helped by 13 whole or partial anagrams!

Several people have commented on whether 19d should have been included. Personally, I would not have included this answer whilst we are so close in time to the appalling revelations involving him and did suck my teeth whilst solving. Whilst the surface reading is accurate and reflects all right people’s views about him, I did not like the wordplay in the context of the answer. For those who do not want any further reminder of him, I have put the whole clue in white-out.

Thanks to everyone for their concern about my mother-in-law. She has fractured her hip and is in hospital awaiting an operation.


1 Letter containing legal extracts (7)
{ELICITS} – The phonetic spelling of the letter S contains a word meaning legal.

5 Dunces doze off and stop working before end of class (7)
{NODDIES} – Add together a three letter word meaning to doze off, a three letter word meaning to stop working or expire and the final letter (end of) class.

9 Expel six appearing in European court (5)
{EVICT} – Include the Roman numerals for 6 inside (appearing in) the abbreviations for European and court.

10 Glass, for instance, has revived Soul Train (9)
{INSULATOR} – … as an example of something that does not conduced electricity. An anagram (revived) of SOUL TRAIN.

11 It’s like a minor planet a solar tide affected (10)
{ASTEROIDAL} – An anagram (affected) of A SOLAR TIDE.

12 Threesome in debauchery, tail foremost (4)
{TRIO} – Take a word for debauchery or civil unrest and move the last letter to the front (tail foremost).

14 How Roger Daltrey could make a comeback? (12)
{RETROGRADELY} – An anagram of ROGER DALTREY give a word describing how someone may make a comeback.

18 A ‘telly’ divine rubbished by providing proof (12)
{EVIDENTIALLY} – An anagram (rubbished) of A TELLY DIVINE

21 Wealth created by profit? Not half (4)
{EASE} – The final four letters of a word meaning profit or grow, the first four being INCR.

22 One with an academic degree, ace in translation of Lett and Iceni (10)
{LICENTIATE} – Put an A (for Ace) inside an anagram (translation) of LETT ICENI.

25 Sound quality people in a time for penance (9)
{ATONEMENT} – Put a four letter word for sound quality and a three letter word for people inside the A from the clue and the abbreviation for time.

26 Hatred shown by leaderless element (5)
{ODIUM} – Remove the first letter (leaderless) from the chemical element whose symbol is Na.

27 Neuroses developed after losing old guarantees (7)
{ENSURES} – An anagram (developed) of NEUROSES after first removing the O (losing old).

28 Richest woman gripped by a strong desire (7)
{LUSHEST} – Put is three letter pronoun for a woman inside (gripped by) a four letter word for a strong sexual desire.


1 European bird, archetypal woman with a beer (6)
{EVEJAR} – The first woman in the bible followed by a word meaning a beer (after the container is it served in).

2 One taking five hundred and ten Cypriot pounds ultimately in divvies (6)
{IDIOTS} – An I (one) is followed by the Roman numeral for five hundred and the letters that look like ten in figures. Finally add the last letters (ultimately) of Cypriot pounds.

3 Medler and ferreter in for treatment (10)
{INTERFERER} – An anagram (treatment) of FERRETER IN. I rather suspect that there is a typo in the clue and it should be meddler.

4 ‘Amazing Stories‘ stored in disc I finalised (3-2)
{SCI-FI} – The answer is hidden inside (stored in) DISC I FINISHED. Amazing Stories was the title of the first or one of the first magazines devoted to this genre of literature.

5 Stan, Olga and I suffering from homesickness (9)
{NOSTALGIA} – An anagram (suffering) of STAN OLGA I.

6 Lot drunk with daughter on top? Stupid fellow (4)
{DOLT} – An anagram (drunk) of LOT with a D for daughter on top.

7 American house officer associated with journalist is detained (8)
{INTERNED} – Add together a word for an American house officer (a resident medic in a US hospital) and the abbreviation for editor (journalist).

8 Gemstone and diamonds acting to stop scattered x-rays (8)
{SARDONYX} – Put the abbreviation for diamonds and a two letter word meaning acting inside an anagram (scattered) of X-RAYS.

13 Vortices left some trams wrecked (10)
{MAELSTROMS} – An anagram (wrecked) of L (left) and SOME TRAMS.

15 Servants making advances (9)
{RETAINERS} – Double definition for an old word for servants and the sort of advance or fee paid to a barrister to keep them involved in a trial.

16 Advantage gained by always drinking beer endlessly? Just the opposite (8)
{LEVERAGE} – A four letter word meaning always goes inside a five letter word for beer with the final letter removed (endlessly).

17 Pope misbehaving with his bit of stuff in food emporia (3-5)
{PIE-SHOPS} – An anagram (misbehaving) of POPE HIS S (bit of – or first letter – of stuff).

19 {He got away with abuse and it’s morally despicable (6)
{SAVILE} – The abbreviation for sex appeal (it) followed by a word meaning morally despicable.}

20 French mathematician presents paper about a prime, oddly without using pi (6)
{FERMAT} – An anagram (oddly) of A PRIME after removing the PI (without using) goes inside the abbreviation for one of the daily papers. This person is best remembered for his “Last Theorem” where he had pencilled in a book that he had found an elegant proof for the theory that for any value of N greater than 2 there is no solution to the equation An = Bn + Cn.

23 Praise offered by Essex to Leicester (5)
{EXTOL} – The answer is hidden inside ESSEX TO LEICESTER.

24 This German when topless shows boob (4)
{HERR} – The title for a German man with the final letter removed gives word meaning boob or to make a mistake.

18 comments on “NTSPP – 162

  1. Many thanks to Wiglaf for the crossword. The review may be slightly delayed as mother-in-law has had a nasty fall and is on her way to hospital.

  2. Very enjoyable thank you Wiglaf. Didn’t know the dialect word in 1d but the wordplay was very clear. The only one I don’t understand is 21a – I do see the definition of the solution but …?

    Interesting coincidence with the discussion on the ‘other puzzle’ page and 2d. I did have to ‘channel’ my Scouse for that one.

      1. Thank you. I can go and get on with the domesticity without muttering to myself trying to work out the wordplay..

  3. Sorry,thought 19d out of place and taste in an otherwise reasonably enjoyable crossword .

  4. I enjoyed this.
    I didn’t understand 21a either so thanks to CS for bringing it up and to Alchemi for the explanation. I can’t do 2 or 19d so will wait for a while – CS says it’s Scouse dialect and I don’t have any. As for 19d I don’t have a clue – well, I do, it’s the answer that I haven’t got.
    A couple of new words for me but very clearly clued so manageable.
    With thanks to Wiglaf and best wishes to Prolixic and his family – I do hope that his mother-in-law’s fall is not too bad.

      1. PS Another coincidence – we have a ‘meddler’ in both puzzles – but different spellings.

  5. Quite an enjoyable puzzle, completed but then not sure of some of the word play,
    Some queries have been answered already, will wait for full review.

    I share the reservations on 19d.

    Thanks to wiglaf for the puzzle.

    Prolixic, hope all turns out well.

  6. RE 19d I find this choice very strange as the checking letters offer a plethora of options. Looking forward to see how it’s reviewed.

    That aside, I found this puzzle most enjoyable.

    Many thanks to Wiglaf.

  7. On reflection I understand why this was allowed,.

    It should remain in the public consciousness.

    Thanks to Prolixic for his review.

  8. Thanks Wiglaf, although a bit heavy on anagrams.

    Thanks also to Prolixic. I didn’t really have any issue with 19d. It’s certainly in the public domain.

    My favourite clue was 2d and I liked the ‘just the opposite’ construction in 16d.

  9. I’m sorry if 19d caused offence as that certainly was not my intention. I originally had a different clue which, although cluing the same name, was far less blatant. Unfortunately I changed it because it used another anagram and I was trying to reduce them.

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