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Toughie 932

Toughie No 932 by Shamus

Hints and tips by Bufo

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

I thought this was a very straightforward puzzle. I’ve nothing else to say

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1a    Writer with record sales initially — sign of strength? (6)
{BICEPS} A make of ballpoint pen (writer) + an abbreviation for a 7″ record + S (first letter of sales) = a muscle

4a    Term for ex-President, Democrat, touring America given improper treatment (6)
{ABUSED} The usual crossword representation of President Lincoln + D (Democrat) round America

8a    For audience, convenient international contest (8)
{HANDICAP} A homophone of ‘convenient’ + a sportsman selected for an international team

10a    Body part seen by cat around a river (6)
{LARYNX} An animal of the cat family goes round A R (river)

11a    Trace source of humour, we hear (4)
{WHIT} A homophone of a humorous person

12a    Fashionable worker’s tips in view — creator of craft? (10)
{SHIPWRIGHT} ‘Fashionable’ and WR (first and last letters of worker) inside a view

13a    Request for mum: pick out stain in new ensemble (3,1,4,2,2)
{PUT A SOCK IN IT} A request fro silence (mum) is an anagram (in new ensemble) of PICK OUT STAIN

16a    Aggressive action in libel disturbed actor and name linked to church (12)
{BELLIGERENCE} An anagram (disturbed) of LIBEL + the surname of an actor called Richard + N (name) + CE (church)

20a    Create issue about post held back for two houses? (10)
{PARLIAMENT} ‘To create issue (a child)’ round a reversal of post (letters) gives two houses in Westminster

21a    Exhausted / marksman (4)
{SHOT} 2 meanings

22a    Judge leaving island with old seafarers for distant world (6)
{URANUS} Remove J (judge) from the start of the name of a Scottish island. Then add the abbreviation for a former trade union of merchant seafarers

23a    Field includes this measure round middle of contraflows — a motorway feature? (4,4)
{SLIP ROAD} A fielding position in cricket + an old measure of distance round A (middle letter of contraflows)

24a    Asian sites of hospitality reportedly for literary promotions (3-3)
{TIE-INS} A homophone of Asian (Siamese) places of hospitality (pubs)

25a    Attitude harboured by nearest ancestors (6)
{STANCE} Hidden in neareST ANCEstors


1d    Stand largely by back of pub entertained by friend, layabout in resort? (5,3)
{BEACH BUM} ‘To stand (endure)’ with the last letter removed + B (last letter of pub) in friend

2d    Trainee in college, skilled figure ignoring pressure (5)
{CADET} C (College) + a skilled person with the letter P (pressure) removed

3d    A cop is trained to keep first of specimens, one often exhibited (7)
{PICASSO} An anagram (trained) of A COP IS round S (first letter of specimens) gives an artist

5d    Former premier left in rotten land (7)
{BALDWIN} L (left) in ‘rotten’ + ‘to land’

6d    Struggle in street abroad to get dining accessory (9)
{SERVIETTE} ‘To struggle’ inside an anagram (abroad) of STREET

7d    Small boat hard to get moored in dark (6)
{DINGHY} H (hard) inside ‘dark’

9d    Pupil’s first mistake getting punishment in school — origin of student’s irritability? (11)
{PRICKLINESS} P (first letter of pupil) + a mistake + a form of punishment in school + S (first letter of student). The word for mistake is one I have never met before

14d    Transport offering expedition to the theatre? (9)
{AMBULANCE} A cryptic definition for a vehicle that expedites getting to the operating theatre

15d    Pass poster that’s garlanded with excellent praise (8)
{ACCOLADE} A mountain pass + a poster inside (garlanded with) ‘excellent’

17d    Affair in capital is briefly concealed by courageous type (7)
{LIAISON} Capital (first-class) and ‘S (is briefly) inside a courageous person

18d    Political manipulator is ousted in sinister revolutionary time (7)
{ENTRIST} An anagram (revolutionary) of SINTER (SINISTER minus IS) + T (time). Not a word that I am familiar with

19d    Repeat incentive offering power for clubs (6)
{PARROT} ‘To repeat by rote’ is an incentive with C (clubs) replaced by P (power)

21d    Source of alarm in mariner I shut up (5)
{SIREN} Hidden in reverse in mariNER I Shut

I’m back on duty again tomorrow when I hope for something more challenging

18 comments on “Toughie 932

  1. RICK meaning ‘mistake’ was new to me in 9d; other than that, an enjoyable and untaxing puzzle.
    Thanks to Shamus, and to Bufo.

  2. Enjoyable but more suitable for the back page methinks. RICK as a mistake was new to me too.

    Thanks to Shamus and Bufo.

        1. That is because you are not an ordinary mortal (or else that the back page took you longer than it should have).

          1. I am no superhero. Actually not a very good solver at all but I can usually tease out the wordplay so I can write a blog. All I said was 2 mins longer – that could mean an hour for one and 62 mins for the other, but we don’t discuss times.

  3. Biceps in this and triceps in back page. Will it be quadriceps next?
    Both very straightforward puzzles.

  4. Maybe not one for the toughie aficionado but enjoyable .Confess to spending more time on 22a than the rest but also to using the word rick in that context. (But not very often and usually related to sport)
    Thanks very much .

  5. I agree with the general consensus on this one, favourites 18d and 20a thanks to Shamus and to Bufo for the comments. Surely we must be due a Myops puzzle tomorrow, it seems ages since his last appearance.

  6. Probably the cold snap has slowed me up even more than normal. Never heard of rick as a mistake either, so wonder how that started/finished in use. Like OF took quite a time for 22a, as I thought salts or dogs were involved. But going to try not to be too discouraged by the ease the rest of you displayed with this :-) and send thanks to Bufo and setter.

  7. Trademark Shamus. Leftover letters floating all over the place and boring clues with poor surface readings. Has left me feeling thoroughly grumpy

  8. 18d was a new word for me also ‘rick’. Enjoyed this and only had 18d and 19d to fill in after a 90 min train ride with a 3 year old and 6 year old who were no help at all. Thanks to Bufo for helping me fill those in when I got home!

  9. Encountered several problems with this one. 9d, did not know “rick” but had right answer. 22a, got right but could not parse. 18d new word, had put in “entwist” as only possible fit but would not parse.
    Thanks Shamus and Bufo.

  10. Cheers Shamus and Bufo, Shamus for providing entertainment on a train in my part of the world , east anglia, where train travel is anything but entertaining this week, and Bufo for the confirmations

  11. A not too difficult Toughie but I did enjoy the solve and many of the clues. Thanks Shamus and Bufo.

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