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Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2678

A full review by gnomethang

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Morning All!.This was something of a record solve for me on a Virgilius puzzle being approximately half the time of my usual effort. Reviewing it revealed all the usual trademarks and some very nice charades.

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1a           My political ire disturbed MP (8,6)
MILITARY POLICE – An anagram (disturbed (of MY POLITICAL IRE. Nicely making us think of the Member of Parliament instead of the Redcap.

9a           Not offending part of class in lessons (7)
SINLESS – Hidden in (part of) the last three words.

10a         Worried as it might become less peaceful (7)
ROWDIER – An another anagram (indicated by ‘as it might become) of WORRIED.

11a         What are the odds of person being supportive? (3)
PRO – The odds of the word person are, of course, PeRsOn.

12a         Among email letters being exchanged, a chronic lack of modesty (11)
MEGALOMANIA – Exchange the letters of AMONG EMAIL.

14a         Give new title to some nobleman, erroneously sent back (6)
RENAME – A reversal (sent back) of SOME of the letters in ‘noblEMAN ERroneously.

15a         One who profits from keeping people up in arms (8)
GUNSMITH – A fairly straightforward cryptic definition as long as you spot the ‘up in arms’ meaning ‘with enough weapons’.

17a         Being hurtful about Bogart’s last picture (8)
PAINTING – PAINING (being hurtful) around (abut) the outside of the last letter in BogarT.

19a         Pound is, for some Europeans, good as capital elsewhere (6)
LISBON – Start with L for pound (Librum, as in L.S.D for pounds shillings and pence in Latin) then add IS from the clue and finally BON – meaning good for some other Europeans (the French). All elements of wordplay misleading nicely in financial terms.

22a         Fashionable business sign for hospitals (11)
INFIRMARIES – A nice charade if IN (fashionable) FIRM (business) and the astrological sign of ARIES.

23a         Conclusions reached by jury are dubious, I agree (3)
YES – The final letters (conclusions) of jurY arE dubiouS.

24a         Touching relationship between two sides (7)
TANGENT – Two definitions that Mr Greer kindly pointed out on the day. The first is Touching from the present participle of the Latin verb TANGERE – to touch. The second is the mathematical function that describes the Opposite and Adjacent sides of a right angled triangle (SOH CAH TOA – Sine Opposite/Hypotenuse, Cosine Adjacent/Hypotenuse and our man Tangent Opposite/Adjacent. Of course I got this from my maths studies (I am thinking of you, crypticsue!)

26a         Variety of apricot not right with a kind of pudding (7)
TAPIOCA – Make an anagram of AP(r)ICOT with out the R (not right) and add A at the end.

27a         Unusually lucid narrative that’s naturally good (8,6)
An anagram (unusually) of LUCID NARRATIVE).



1d           Following endless failure, apt to embezzle (14)
MISAPPROPRIATE – Remove the last letter (endless) from MIS(s) or failure and then add APPROPRIATE for apt.

2d           President from city near East Coast (7)
LINCOLN – This is LINCOLN the Cathedral City Near the east coast of England as opposed to Lincoln City, Lincoln County on the west coast of America. Confusing still, Abe was born in Hardin County (now LaRue County – renamed in honour of the famous drag pianist)

3d           Time that woman’s doctor encountered ruler as measuring device (11)
THERMOMETER – A lovely long charade as follows: T (abbreviation of Time in S.I. Units), HER (that woman’s), MO (the abbreviation of Medical Officer or doctor). MET (encountered) and finally E.R. the abbreviation of our reigning monarch Elizabeth Regina.

4d           Society restricted by rule that makes one quit (6)
RESIGN – The abbreviation S for Society inside (restricted by) REIGN or rule.

5d           Oil processed in southern country’s not safe (8)
PERILOUS – A processed anagram of OIL inside PERU’S (the apostrophe ‘s just being there to satisfy the surface and to instruct you merely to add an S to PERU – nicely done).

6d           Make noise as animal that’s faint (3)
LOW – A low of a cow and low meaning faint in volume.

7d           Note about an Italian leader? Red from Tuscany (7)
CHIANTI – Pay special attention to the order of the words – a CHIT (note) around (about) AN followed by I, the IVR of Italy

8d           Chance to relax, initially bothered about an object’s speed (9,5)
BREATHING SPACE – Another great charade – The initial letter of B(othered) then RE (an abbreviation of reference/about) then A THING’S (an object’s) PACE (speed).

13d         State of wife having little drink — half pint (11)
MISSISSIPPI – All the I, S and P’s!. A charade of MISSIS (Missus/wife), SIP (little drink) and half of PI(int).

16d         French article covering couple of points about diet (8)
UNFASTEN – UN, one of the the French indefinite articles, around the outside (covering) N and S (North and South, cardinal points of the compass) which are in turn around the outside of (about) FAST for diet.

18d         Home supporter upset at some issue raised in Spanish court (7)
INFANTA – IN (at home, not out) then FAN (supporter) followed by the reversal (upset of AT). A Spanish Princess.

20d         Refuse to deal with youth resting on bed with temperature (7)
BOYCOTT – A charade of BOY (a youth) on top of COT (bed) and finally Temperature. I admired both the line and length of this clue.

21d         Religious groups turned over weapon (6)
PISTOL – PI is one of the ubiquitous Crosswordland words for ‘religious’. Then reverse LOTS (groups).

25d         Either way, am in Amsterdam for a purpose (3)
END – A nice little observation to finish. AM is at the start and the finish of the word AMsterdAM and as such could be said to constitute each END.


I’ll be  back next Thursday for another treat from Virgilius.




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    Very enjoyable crossword from Virgilus and an excellent review from Gnomethang,

  2. Only fools
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    What a great review of my favourite setter .Thanks very much.