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MPP – 009 (Review)

Monthly Prize Puzzle No 9 (February 2013) by Radler

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A review by Prolixic

Welcome to the review of February’s Prize Puzzle set by Radler.  The person whose name was drawn from the electronic hat as this month’s winner was Franco (Franky Watts).  Congratulations to him.

10 of the solutions in the crossword encoded 8 numbers from a set of 90.  Solvers had to add the numbers together go get the correct solution.  The numbers in question were identified in the grid by reference to bingo numbers.  The relevant solutions are highlighted in blue below.

Many thanks to Radler for keeping us entertained.  The next MPP will be published on Saturday 2 March.


1 Shot supplier to go for one with cocaine (5)
OPTIC – … for serving shots of spirit.  A word meaning to go for or pick is followed by an I (one) and the abbreviation for cocaine.

4 Impressions on leaving partner’s child with another (5)
STEPS – Remove the ON from a word describing your partner’s child from a previous relationship.

8 Squeeze them, bra certainly does! (7)
EMBRACE – The answer is hidden in the words THEM BRA CERTAINLY

9 Indian doctor sent orders (7)
INDENTS – The abbreviation for Indian is followed by an anagram (doctor) of sent.

11 Advanced from O level initially, then degree (3)
OLD – The O from the clue followed by the first letter (initially) of level and the abbreviation for degree.

12 Here it’s disorientated, Judge said orientation doesn’t matter (6,3,2)
EITHER WAY UP – An anagram (disorientated) of HERE IT followed by a homophone (said) of WEIGH UP (judge).

13 Late afternoon expansion of TF&A? (4,3,3)
TIME FOR TEA – A tricky one this.  The T from the clue represents TIME.  This is followed by the word meaning loud which is usually abbreviated to F and then the A from the clue.

15 Bite lip (4)
EDGE – A double definition

18 Wise, but not the first bird (4)
ERNE – The first name of Mr Wise (the late comedian) without the I (the first – as in Elizabeth I means Elizabeth the first).

19 Mark and Kelly’s kid turned away, first to enter and exit from property (6,4)
GARDEN GATE – Reverse (turned away) three three letter words, the first being a word meaning mark or label, the second being the shortened name of the Australian anti-hero … Kelly and the third being a word meaning kid or tease.  Follow all of this with the first letter of enter.

21 Repeat request from anti-Semite. Rome not providing contrary view (3,4,4)
ONE MORE TIME – The answer is hidden and reversed (providing contrary view) in the words ANTI-SEMITE ROME NOT

24 At which one retired for example (3)
AGE – A semi-&lit clue.  An A (one) is followed by a reversal (retired) of the abbreviation of “for example”.

25 Did Carry On sketch, Sid’s last (7)
RESUMED – A word meaning sketch (as in a brief outline) is followed by the final letter (last) of SID.

26 Having no spine could be a benefit (7)
PENSION – … received on retirement.  An anagram (could be) of NO SPINE.  Eunuchs might have an alternative anagram for this clue!

27 Start circling Times Classified (5)
SEXED – … as in determined the gender of something.  A word meaning start goes around (circling) the mathematical notation for times.

28 Lady perhaps let out after having it off (5)
TITLE – A anagram (out) of LET after an anagram (off) of IT!


1 Referee given order by player’s drinking chums (9)
OMBUDSMAN – Put a word meaning chums inside (drinking) the abbreviation for Order of Merit (order) and a playing piece of a chessboard.

2 Ill-fated for give-and-take (5-3)
TRADE-OFF – An anagram (ill) of FATED FOR.

3 Trunk of body, below the neck (5)
CHEST – A double definition.

4 Driver in fields around Whernside (9)
SWINEHERD – An anagram (round) of WHERNSIDE.

5 Short private parts, runs out and leaves (6)
ENDOWS – … in a will perhaps.  A word meaning private with the final letter removed (short) goes inside (parts) a word meaning runs out.

6 Brilliant but noisy boy (5)
SUNNY – A homophone (noisy) of sonny (boy)

7 Means to secure gold, after leading repeatedly this man has to cheat (3,2,3,4)
KEY OF THE DOOR – Two three letter words meaning leading are followed by a word meaning that man, a word meaning cheat and one of the abbreviations for gold.  I think that there may be a better explanation for this but I cannot see it at present.

10 The Immortal Diana Ross? (7,5)
SUPREME BEING – A cryptic definition by reference to her backing group.

14 Wind up with talking horse after ass went in from behind (4-5)
REAR-ENDED – Another word for ass or bottom followed by a word meaning wind up or terminate and the name of the talking horse of American TV fame.

16 Be creative with media star? (9)
DRAMATISE – An anagram (be creative) of MEDIA STAR gives something that might you might do whilst doing so.

17 Network showing Apprentice before Eastenders (8)
INTERNET – Another word for an apprentice is followed by the first and last letters of EAST (east-enders).

20 Books written about 2009 film actor (3,3)
TOM MIX – Reverse (written about) the abbreviation for Old Testament (books) and follow this by 2009 written in Roman numerals.

22 Speeds up, slows down (5)
EASES – Double definition.

23 Right to sell underpins current data (5)
INPUT – A right to sell (usually followed by the word option) goes after (underpins) a word meaning current or trendy.

The 8 numbers are Bingo Calls:

Steps = 39

Old Age Pension = 65

Time for tea = 83

Either way up = 69

Garden Gate = 8

One more time = 79

Key of the door = 21

Tom Mix = 6

Adding these up gave 370.  As Crypticsue pointed out the key of the door these days could also be 18 so that 367 would also have been accepted as the correct answer.  In the event, all of the correct answers provided 370.

<h2 align=”center”>Monthly Prize Puzzle No 12 (May  2013) by Alchemi</h2>
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<h3 style=”text-align: center;”>A review by crypticsue</h3>
<p style=”text-align: justify;”>Congratulations to Dave Howell, the winner of the May Prize Puzzle competition.   This time we not  only had to solve the  crossword but also  read the Nina in rows 3, 13 and 11.   These instructed you to look at four down, reverse it and then split the solution 2, 4  thus leaving DE TROP to be submitted as the competition entry to win the choice of a Telegraph Puzzle Book from Hamlyn Books.</p>

8 comments on “MPP – 009 (Review)

  1. Congratulations Franco. We also twigged the possibility of either 21 or 18 for 7d and plumped for the more traditional answer too. It was a fun puzzle to solve.
    Thanks again Radler and Prolixic.

  2. Very good puzzle. Thanks to Radler and Prolixic and congratulations to Franco.
    7d is KEY OF THE DOOR rather than KEY TO THE DOOR, with OFT meaning repeatedly.

  3. Well done Franco. Thanks to Radler for a very nice puzzle which I managed to solve all in one session, which I think is a first for a Radler crossword! Thanks to Prolixic too.

    I only mentioned the two possibilities for the key of the door as this was the first MPP I could actually enter, having test solved the previous eight and I didn’t want to ruin my chances of being put in the electronic hat!!

    1. Was in earshot of Big Dave when he read your comments to Prolixic at the Bridge House do so I felt It would be a bit fraudulent for me to enter. Did enjoy It but took me more than one sitting for sure.

  4. Congratulations to franco. 7d was the themed clue I had trouble with, I was sure I had the correct answer, but failed to see why.

    Many thanks to Radler for the puzzle and Prolixic for his review. Stroll-on March.

  5. Well done to Franco and to all the others who solved the puzzle.

    I wasn’t aware that 18 could be Key of the Door as well as Coming of Age, but checking further, I see that some sites list both. Bonus points to Crypticsue for spotting the ambiguity.

    Thank you, as ever, to Prolixic for his review.

  6. I really couldn’t do this at all but congratulations to Franco – and to anyone else who managed it!

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