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Toughie 926

Toughie No 926 by Excalibur

Same old, same old

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment *

Precisely what you expect from a puzzle by this setter.

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1a    Run into trap that’s found in meadow (10)
{CORNFLOWER} – a verb meaning to run inside a verb meaning to trap

9a    Game could start off badly (4)
{LUDO} – an anagram (badly) of (C)OULD without the initial C (start off)

10a    Too old for love, or just not bothered? (4,6)
{PAST CARING} – a cryptic definition of how I felt by the time I’d finished this puzzle

11a    Add a very soft conclusion (6)
{APPEND} – the A from the clue followed by the musical notation for very soft and a conclusion

12a    Key change singer withdraws, being apprehensive (7)
{CRINGES} – a musical key followed by an anagram (change) of SINGER

15a    Northerner‘s rendering of ‘Ogre, meet thine end’ (7)
{GEORDIE} – an anagram (rendering) of OGRE followed by a verb meaning to meet thine end

16a    Mad to free hand caught (5)
{RABID} – a verb meaning to free around a hand or sailor

17a    Furthermore, there’s a capital orchestra (4)
{ALSO} – the A from the clue followed by an orchestra based in the capital of the UK

18a    Beautiful stone work on interior of wall (4)
{OPAL} – an abbreviated musical work followed by the inner (interior) letters of (W)AL(L)

19a    Hard to shorten or cut (5)
{SEVER} – truncate (to shorten) an adjective meaning hard

21a    Checks contributions unpaid going in (7)
{SUBDUES} – contributions containing (going in) an adjective meaning unpaid

22a    Second delivery? (7)
{REBIRTH} – born again!

24a    Wound up drunk after last of cognac (6)
{COILED} – an adjective meaning drunk after the final letter of cognaC

27a    Plus it got built by arranged date, as specified (10)
{STIPULATED} – an anagram (got built) of PLUS IT followed by an anagram (arranged) of DATE

28a    A lot to be said for — a lot (4)
{SITE} – sounds like a sight or a great many

29a    Calling for a declaration (10)
{PROFESSION} – two definitions


2d    Took fifty per cent cut, adding ‘Yes, that’s satisfactory’ (4)
{OKAY} – the second half (fifty per cent cut) of (to)OK followed by a word meaning yes

3d    Thought ‘Turn on’ and it’s turned on (6)
{NOTION} – ON reversed (turn) followed by IT reversed (turned) followed by ON

4d    Kid number three: a hybrid (7)
{LEATHER} – a Roman numeral followed by an anagram (hybrid) of THREE A

5d    Document penned a long time ago (4)
{WRIT} – an old-fashioned word for penned, as in penned a book

6d    Grass getting convict back in captivity is wined and dined (7)
{REGALED} – grass around (in captivity) the reversal (back) of a convict

7d    Wonderful definition of master criminal? (5-5)
{SUPER-DUPER} – a cryptic definition

8d    For which we eat an apple a day and toast (4,6)
{GOOD HEALTH} – two definitions

12d    Latin lover (10)
{CLASSICIST} – a lover of Latin

13d    So cheese is in tiny wrapping, Highness (10)
{INSOBRIETY} – SO and a French cheese inside an anagram (wrapping?) of TINY

14d    Rescues a number trapped by rising waters (5)
{SAVES} – a Roman numeral inside (trapped by) some waters reversed (rising)

15d    He hands over soldier. Clergyman accompanies back (5)
{GIVER} – a US soldier followed by the reversal (back) of a clergyman

19d    Launches  parodies (5,2)
{SENDS UP} – two definitions

20d    He doesn’t like people about, having clues to unravel (7)
{RECLUSE} – a word meaning about followed by an anagram (to unravel) of CLUES

23d    Is concealing myriad aspirations (6)
{IDEALS} – IS around a myriad or great amount

25d    He barks loud reply to ‘Do you take…?’ (4)
{FIDO} – the musical notation for loud followed by the reply given by a bride or groom (1,2)

26d    Seen on US map, it takes one right back (4)
{RENO} – ONE R(ight) reversed (back}

Not a lot of inspiration in the choice of reversal indicators.

24 comments on “Toughie 926

  1. Gentle start to the Toughie week, favourites 7d 13d and 24a thanks to Excalibur and to Big Dave for the comments.

  2. I thought I had already posted from my mobile. Ah well. Sorry if this becomes a repeat. I thought this was too easy for a Toughie but exactly what a Cryptic puzzle should be. However I am well aware that “One man’s meat” etc etc.

  3. Thanks to Excalibur forI an untaxing but quite enjoyable toughie and to BD for an excellent review.

  4. I enjoyed this – it’s not often that I manage (well, nearly) to do a Toughie that has more than 1* for difficulty.
    I was defeated by three of the four letter words. I was NEARLY defeated by 1a and 4d (thinking of wrong kind of kid) and 13d.
    I thought there were some clever clues – 1 and 24a and 3 and 25d. My favourite was 7d.
    With thanks to Excalibur and BD.

  5. Don’t often have time to Tackle a Toughie, but today was an exception.
    If they are all this untaxing, maybe I should try more.
    I didn’t get a lot of satisfaction in solving it – no real stand-out moments for me.
    As Miffypops suggested, it really belongs on (or near) the back page.
    Thanks to Excalibur and BD.

  6. Thanks to Excalibur & to Big Dave for the review & hints. I was seven answers short before resorting to the hints. Got 3 from the hints & had to look up 4. Didn’t particularly enjoy it. Favourite was 7d, but at least it was semi doable :-)

  7. We really enjoyed this puzzle and it makes us sad to see it slated by being given 1* for enjoyment. Surely it deserves better than that. We have given it ***. 13d had us scratching our heads for a bit. 1a and 4d were our last two in. All good fun and not too taxing.
    Thanks Excalibur and BD.

    1. I’m completely with you on this. I enjoyed it too and, while I hate to EVER say anything against BD (as I’m sure he knows – I sing the praises of this blog often enough for that not to be in any doubt!) I thought he was a bit harsh.

  8. Quite enjoyed this ,took perhaps longer than was required in SW corner again owing to a typo .Favs . 16a,7d,25a .
    Thanks very much .

  9. I enjoyed this one, especially so as it was only the second time I’ve ever managed to solve a toughie – Having read so many patronising comments from the so many ‘clever clogs’ who seem be so far up their own backsides that crosswords like this one appear to be beneath their contempt, but to thickos like me I have to say that I enjoyed it.

    1. You are entitled to your opinion, please respect my right to mine. Perhaps one day, with help from this site, you will progress beyond the point where you regard a puzzle as good just because you can solve it.

    2. I think that’s a bit rude and not very fair. I don’t think that anyone here is ever patronising – none of the ‘clever clogs’, as you call them, ever make us lesser mortals feel stupid. They are all endlessly helpful, patient and, above all, tolerant of all the different levels of ability and experience. I think that we should just thank them all for giving their time and experience so willingly.
      By the way, I enjoyed the Toughie too – it’s rare for me to almost finish one but I’m learning so much from here that, one day, it will be become a regular occurrence – I hope!!

  10. Gardenman – use this site for assistance going forward which as I see it is one of it’s main purposes (and it is always there for the receptive) it is also a great place for cyber friendship . Congrats on No 2 .
    Entertainment assessment is in the eye of the individual solver .

  11. One word – pedestrian. Setter can & must do better if he is to reach the potential he has shown so far this term. Sorry – I’m proof reading school;l reports for my son at the moment. What a joy!

  12. 7d made me smile and I do like being able to finish the Tuesday Toughie – it gives me hope for the rest of the week!

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