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ST 2674

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2674

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Morning All!. We had another excellent puzzle from Virgilius this week with the usual high standard of cluing and misleading surface readings.

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1a           Attack from air in fast RAF exercise — could be faster (6)
STRAFE – Two cryptic clues – the first is hidden in faST RAF Exercise, the second is an anagram (could be) of FASTER

4a           A salt dropped into sea in chains (8)
MANACLED – A lovely penny drop moment. The chemical symbol for Sodium Chloride, common salt, is NaCl. Place A and NACL inside MED (short for the Mediterranean Sea).

10a         Unrecorded run before game for football team (9)
LIVERPOOL – A charade of LIVE (an unrecorded transmission), R for Run from the cricketing abbreviation and then the game of POOL or 8-ball.

11a         Land in Africa, getting down finally in crucial area (5)
KENYA – The final letter of dowN inside KEY for crucial and A for Area.

12a         Ends concealed by minister repeatedly (7)
TERMINI – Another lovely clue. Repeat minisTER MINIster and check the hidden word in the middle.

13a         Present after present impossible to locate? (7)
NOWHERE – Take two synonyms for present, NOW (in time) and HERE (in space).

14a         Frenchman who sculpted river god (5)
RODIN – A charade of R for River and ODIN – the Norse God.

15a         Artists backed by a musical group for dance (8)
SARABAND – Reverse the RAS (short for Royal Academicians or artists) and then add A from the clue and finally BAND or group (of e.g. musicians).

18a         Creatures without a right sense of direction (8)
BEARINGS – BEINGS (any creatures) placed around (without can mean on the outside of as well as being a removal indicator) A and R(ight).

20a         Fair Conservative, for instance, rejected cold-blooded creature (5)
GECKO – A reversal (rejected) of OK (fair), the abbreviation C for Conservative and then E.G. for say (for example).

23a         Rabbit extracted from magic hat? Terrific! (7)
CHATTER – A lovely misleading surface! The yattering sort of Rabbit is hidden inside (extracted from) magiC HAT TERriffic.

25a         Foolishly valiant, like a young lady of Riga (7)
LATVIAN – An anagram (indicated by foolishly) of VALIANT

26a         Teacher starts off term under the old regime (5)
TUTOR – Take the start of every word  in the phrase ‘Term Under The Old Regime’

27a         Source of oil that’s seen in Van Gogh’s paintings (9)
SUNFLOWER – A nice easy starter clue, the sunflower being both a source of cooking oil and also the subject in a number of Van Gogh’s paintings.

28a         Allergy that could make you feel exhausted, initially, in hot state (3,5)
HAY FEVER – It took me a while to spot the wordplay. We need the initial letters from Y(ou) F(eel) E(xhausted) placed inside H for Hot and AVER for state.

29a         Hospital proceeded with caution, sat on fence (6)
HEDGED – H for Hospital followed by EDGED (proceeded cautiously).


1d           Only punishment partners in crime don’t share (8)
SOLITARY – …because you are on your own in there!. A nice cryptic definition to add to the one word definition.

2d           American hero Democrat greatly admired (7)
REVERED – The perennial favourite American hero Paul REVERE followed by D for Democrat.

3d           In favour of accepting rule — English, German or Italian, for instance (9)
FOREIGNER – FOR (in favour of) including (accepting) REIGN for Rule and E for English.

5d           We’ll instal ring specially arranged for this sport (3-2,9)
ALL-IN WRESTLING – An anagram (specially arranged) of WELL INSTAL RING

6d           Inappropriately inclined to seek directions (5)
ASKEW – ASK (to seek, look for) followed by two directions, East and West.

7d           Doctor learnt about, or with, new source of illumination (7)
LANTERN – Make a doctored anagram of LEARNT and then either include N for New (put the anagram about it) or place the N at the end. The result is the same.

8d           Merchant, one who’ll give you a hand (6)
DEALER – A trader or a dealer of hands of cards.

9d           Flier’s on wrong course — he got marooned (8,6)
ROBINSON CRUSOE – Start with ROBIN’S ON (a flier being a bird) and then make an anagram of COURSE (wrong).

16d         Game that may be played by musicians (9)
BAGATELLE – Two definitions here – A board game including balls and holes and also a light tune.

17d         Trapped like rooks at first, unable to move (8)
CORNERED – The Rooks on a chess board start in the corners and the second is a straight definition.

19d         Force to pay levy, heartlessly? Just so! (7)
EXACTLY – To EXACT is to force a payment from someone. Then add the outside letters (heartlessly) of L(ev)Y

21d         Watching broadcast, with no time to chat (7)
CHINWAG – Make an anagram (broadcast) of WA(t)CHING having first removed the T (with no time).

22d         Put end to place for rest of children in school (6)
SCOTCH – A child’s sleeping COT placed inside the abbreviation for School – SCH.

24d         Number in crowd you once found surrounding Queen (5)
THREE – Simply THEE around R for Regina, Queen. Don’t forget that Two’s company, Three’s a crowd.


I will see you all next week for another Sunday review. Crypticsue is in tomorrow for the review of last Saturday’s prize puzzle.