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ST 2673

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2673

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Another superb Virgilius Sunday puzzle –  hidden words, clever definitions and lots to make you smile along the way.   Quite a few anagrams but even the anagram ‘haters’ would have to admit that  they appear in such clever convolutions.   My top favourites are marked in blue.

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1 Precious stone from a Queen, you said — a queen in Eastern state (10)
AQUAMARINE –  A (from the clue) Q (queen) U (you said out loud),  followed by another queen – this time an R for Regina,  inserted into the Eastern US State of MAINE.

6 Finish second best (4)
STOP –  S (second) plus TOP (best)

9 Under pressure, is prepared for journey over snow (7)
HASSLED –  part of a verb meaning bothered by a difficult problem  would, if split 3, 4, mean that someone had the right equipment to travel over snow.

10 Man mistreated in army badly, in country out East (7)
MYANMAR –  Anagrams of two words in the clue  – Insert  an anagram of MAN (mistreated)  into an anagram of  ARMY (badly)  to make the Eastern country most people think of as Burma.

12 Global organisation, it’s insinuated, not needing reform (6,7)
UNITED NATIONS –   Another anagram – this time INSINUATED NOT is needing reform.

14 I had brought in toll for old county division (6)
RIDING –  Insert the short way to say I had – ID – into RING (toll means to sound like a large bell) to get an old county division based apparently on an excise officer’s district.

15 Clear about regions in part of Asia (4,4)
NEAR EAST –   Insert AREAS (regions) into  NET (clear of all charges and deductions)

17 Alloy moulded into cars (4-4)
CAST IRON –  Before lighter metals were introduced, CAST IRON was indeed used to make cars.   An anagram (moulded) of INTO CARS.

19 French writer without penny getting university position (6)
CAMPUS –  I studied this French author as part of my A level French course, so had no problem inserting a P (penny) into CAMUS to get university or college grounds.

22 Study change in US helping effort to focus (13)
CONCENTRATION –  CON (study) CENT (small change in American currency) and RATION (helping).

24 Supervise parts of test European repeated (7)
OVERSEE –  OVERS (part of cricket test matches) followed by two lots of E for Europe (repeated).

25 Place is unusually unusual (7)
SPECIAL –   An anagram (unusually) of PLACE IS.

26 Small building     that woman had    abandoned (4) 
SHED –  Triple definition –  SHED can be a  small building, with an apostrophe (SHE’D) mean that woman had and finally it can also mean abandoned or left behind.

27 Bad way to tie relative to king? On the contrary (6,4)
GRANNY KNOT – GRANNY (relative) K (king) and NOT (on the contrary).


1 Pain repeatedly showing up in each extra check-up (4)
ACHE –   Virgilius quite often uses this device in clues  –  a pain or ACHE is hidden(showing up repeatedly) in e ACH ExtrA CHEck-up.

2 What comes from 12 that we hear is faulty (7)
UNSOUND –    Another way of saying faulty could be split 2, 5 to mean that it was a SOUND coming from the UN or United Nations, the solution to 12a.

3 Rich person is involved with oil and minerals (13)
MILLIONAIRESS – An anagram (involved) of IS, OIL and MINERALS.

4 Get back through payment that’s concerning judge (6)
REDEEM – To recover or free through payment.   RE (concerning) and DEEM (judge).

5 Spotted I am taking place — that’s totally upset candidates (8)
NOMINEES – So you write this in having got the definition and the required checking letters and then you stare and stare and then get the biggest d’oh moment of the week when you realise that the clue instructs  you to totally upset  or reverse SEEN (spotted) IM (I am) and ON (taking place).

7 Gambling activity raised plenty — infiltrated by Mob, unfortunately (7)
TOMBOLA –  A lottery where winning tickets are drawn from a revolving drum is obtained by inserting an anagram of MOB (infiltrated… unfortunately) into a reversal  (raised in a down clue) of  A LOT (plenty)

8 It’s consumed by airborne soldier, NCO, taking advantage of host (10)
PARASITISM –  The act or practice of being a parasite and living on a host animal/plant.   PARA (an airborne paratrooper) followed by the initials by which that non-commissioned officer, the Sergeant-Major is known, into which should be inserted IT IS (it’s consumed).

11 A very little changed about new area, otherwise (13)
ALTERNATIVELY –   An anagram (changed) of A VERY LITTLE plus N (new) and A (area).

13 Highly prized around company, showing early talent (10)
PRECOCIOUS – Referring to a strikingly advanced child in either development, speech or behaviour.  Insert the abbreviation for company – CO – into PRECIOUS (highly prized).

16 Wellington, for example, wrongly ordered to war with foe (8)
FOOTWEAR –   Here Wellington isn’t the soldier but the boot named after him, which is of course an example of FOOTWEAR, an anagram (wrongly ordered) of  TO WAR and FOE.

18 Because, for example, ultimately it’s genuine (7)
SINCERE – SINCE (because) followed by R and E, the final or ultimate letters of foR and examplE.

20 Writes home about old, old person’s financial support (7)
PENSION –   PENS (writes) and IN (home) with O (old) inserted.

21 Person travelling a lot around South lifted fruit (6)
DAMSON –  A reversal of a NOMAD (traveller) with S (south) inserted.

23 Story of Julius Caesar, say — power and destiny (4)
PLOT –  P (power) and LOT (destiny, fate) –  the story of Julius Caesar has been used by many authors, including Shakespeare, as the subject of a PLOT or story.

Thanks to Virgilius – Sundays wouldn’t be the same without one of your great puzzles to start the day.

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  1. I do not normally get round to doing the Sunday Crossword but for once I did and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks to Virgilius and to Crypticsue for the review. Glad you are back after your brief sojourn in hospital.

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