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ST 2672

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2672

A full review by crypticsue

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The last Virgilius of 2012 proved to be fairly straightforward – even the 14 letter solutions didn’t take that long to work out.

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1 Unfair actions about rental amended — that produces warm feeling all round (7,7)
CENTRAL HEATING –    Insert into CHEATING (unfair actions) an anagram (amended) of RENTAL and then split the result 7,7.

9 Young lad heartlessly mistreated? Outrageous! (7)
UNGODLY –  Remove the A from the middle of L[A]D (heartlessly) and then make an anagram (mistreated)  of the L, D and YOUNG.

10 Excelled, being blooming accomplished (7)
OUTDONE –   OUT (being in flower, blooming) and DONE (accomplished).   It took me longer to work out the ‘why’ of this solution than it did to solve the whole of the rest of the crossword!

11 Where one can drive famous US model, we hear (3)
TEE –  The place where one can drive a golf ball sounds like (we hear) the famous Model T Car, made by Ford between 1908 and 1927, said to be the first affordable car.

12 Put in mental effort to make solution stronger (11)
CONCENTRATE –  A double definition

14 Yield, or hit back (6)
RETURN –  And another.   This time to yield or RETURN a profit and secondly to RETURN a shot,  in a game of tennis, for example.

15 Titleholder provided with sword — that’s side-splitting (4,4)
LIFE PEER –    Split the two sides L(eft) and R(ight) with IF (provided) and EPEE (sword).

17 European runs on mountains carrying fifty letters (8)
EPISTLES – E (European) plus PISTES (ski trails on mountains) the latter having  L (the Roman ‘numberal’ for 50) inserted (carrying).

19 Something found in bed that one complacently rests on (6)
LAUREL –  A laurel or bay tree can be found in a garden bed .   Its leaves are used as a symbol of victory and so this is probably where the phrase to rest on one’s laurels comes from – to be complacently satisfied with the degree of success one has already achieved and to refrain from further effort.

22 Justification for violence that’s presented without legal support? (4-7)
SELF-DEFENCE –   Defending one’s own person, either by using one of the martial arts, or by representing one’s own interests in a court of law.

23 Face attack (3)
MUG – An informal term for the face or to attack suddenly with the intention of robbing.

24 Disorderly rioters noisily celebrate (7)
ROISTER –   To revel noisily – a disorderly anagram of RIOTERS.

26 Sleigh driver recently moving North — endless ice is diabolical (7)
SATANIC –  Move the N to the end of  SANTA (the most recent sleigh driver) and follow with IC (endless ICE).

27 Misused clerical time on one form of communication (10,4)
ELECTRONIC MAIL –   An anagram (misused) of CLERICAL TIME ON.


1 Noble monarch supported by me over a certain retaliatory action (14)
COUNTERMEASURE –   A charade of COUNT (noble) ER (the current Queen’s cipher) followed (supported by) ME (from the clue) and SURE (certain).

2 Pay no attention to part of education, e.g. lectures (7)
NEGLECT –  well there had to be one hidden word and here it is – hidden in part of educatioN EG LECTures.

3 Left-wing Italian author, judged, changed paper, perhaps (11)
REDECORATED –   The paper here being wallpaper.    RED (left-wing) ECO (the Italian writer Umberto ECO) and RATED (judged).

4 Letting out the clutch? (6)
LAYING –   as BD said in his hint… ‘of eggs’!!

5 Recite so badly it’s understood by few (8)
ESOTERIC –  Mysterious, taught to a select few –  an anagram (badly) of RECITE SO.

6 Old ruler, informally, said to show disapproval (3)
TUT –  The same word meaning  an exclamation of mild rebuke can also be used as an abbreviation for the Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen, probably by people like me who had to check how to spell his name before typing it here!!

7 Recently delivered gas consumed (7)
NEONATE –  A recently delivered or newly born child –  NEON (gas) plus ATE (consumed).

8 Strangely remote old soldier seen in pub — it’s to do with the weather (14)
METEOROLOGICAL –    An anagram (strangely) of REMOTE followed by O (old) and then a GI (American soldier) seen or inserted into  a LOCAL (pub).

13 Article on apt cure I adapted for healing (11)
THERAPEUTIC –   THE (the definite article) followed by an anagram (adapted) of APT CURE I.

16 Sailor from a distant place taken in by prophet (8)
SEAFARER –   Insert AFAR (from a distant place) into a SEER or prophet.

18 Animosity first person is going to leave to someone else (3-4)
ILL-WILL   –   remove the hyphen and insert an apostrophe to get I’LL WILL which would then mean that I would be leaving something in my will to someone else.

20 Rising gold craze in this country (7)
ROMANIA  –   Reverse the heraldic term for gold, OR,  and follow with a MANIA or craze.

21 Workers organised around Socialist leader in harmony (6)
UNISON –    Insert S (the leader of Socialist) into a UNION or group of organised workers.

25 What makes one twitch oddly? (3)
TIC –   The odd letters of TwItCh describe the thing that makes us twitch convulsively or nervously.
I will be back next week with the review of the first Virgilius of 2013.