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Database Restore

Database Restore

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Update:  All the missing posts have now been restored.  Please let me know if I have missed anything.

There have been problems on the server which hosts this site, and the SQL database has been restored to Friday morning.  I can rebuild the posts for T 905 and DT 27067 from my own Word backups, and the two puzzles published yesterday.  I’ll be checking with Gazza, Gnomethang and Crypticsue as to how easy it will be to restore their reviews.  It will not be possible to recover comments.

Here is the full text of the email I received from the hosting company.


This message is regarding your hosting account with the main domain of ‘’, which is located on the ‘Sunstorm’ server.

I am emailing all customers who have an account on Sunstorm, although this issue may not necessarily have affected you.

We had an issue with MySQL on the Sunstorm server from about 9pm on Saturday 5th January 2013.

The issue was due to corruption within the InnoDB storage system.

We were unable to fix the InnoDB databases on the server so we had to clear all databases which make use of it (remove any trace of InnoDB) and restore them from a backup taken on Friday 4th January at approximately 3am.

Simply put, if your website uses Magento or Drupal (or another php application which uses InnoDB) it’s most likely that your website was down from 9pm – 2am and we’ve had to restore your database from that backup.  We ended up restoring the databases for only 15% of the websites on the server.

The other 85% of websites on this server would have simply experienced intermittent access to their MySQL databases for approximately 90 minutes and wouldn’t have needed to have their databases restored.

We have tested a large sample of the restored websites and they’re working fine.  If your site isn’t working please let us know by opening a ticket in the ‘Web Hosting Support’ department so we can look in to it.

There is no need to take any action unless your website is still experiencing problems.

I’m really sorry for the inconvenience caused — our monitoring system did notice the issue immediately so we started working on fixing it immediately. Unfortunately in this case we were left with no choice but to restore from backup, not something we’d want to do unless we really had to.

All the best,

Tim Mole
Managing Director
Evohosting Ltd

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  1. Big dave – thank you for all your hard work. Much appreciated by us lurkers and occasional visitors to the site too.

  2. cheers BD, I thought some of my posts went astray, or at least in the chaos that was then end of last week I’d forgotten to post comment! Thanks for your efforts

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