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DT 27062

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27062

Hints and tips by Libellule

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ****

I enjoyed this themed puzzle from the maestro this morning, as it brightened up what is a dull cold day south of the Loire. I particularly enjoyed unravelling 17 and 24d. What did you think?


1. Occasion some face with resolution (3,5,3)
{NEW YEARS DAY} – Typically the first day when your resolutions come into force.

9. Want a little snow? (9)
{SHORTFALL} – Lack of an adequate quantity or number or perhaps a brief flurry of snow.

10. A party disgrace (5)
{ABASH} – Split (1,4) this could be another term for a party, but it’s actually another word for to make ashamed or uneasy.

11. Party drinks may get nasty glares (6)
{LAGERS} – An anagram (may get nasty) of GLARES

12. Mean to endure? (5,3)
{STAND FOR} – A phrase that means to represent or symbolise could also mean to put up with or tolerate.

13. Appear in the nude — not how skater is normally seen (6)
{STREAK} – An anagram (not how normally seen) of SKATER.

15. Time to celebrate a form of mahogany (8)
{HOGMANAY} – A topical yet obvious anagram (form of) of MAHOGANY.

18. Girl to check returned calendars (8)
{ALMANACS} – Take a girls name (Cogan?), then reverse (returned) a word that means to examine closely to get a word for a type of annual publications.

19. Horses shouldn’t be; hounds may be (6)
{UNSHOD} – An anagram (may be) of HOUNDS.

21. Roman water-carrier (8)
{AQUEDUCT} – In this case this happens to be a conduit used to convey water over a long distance usually by a bridge.

23. US author stirred Mavis in composition about love (6)
{ASIMOV} – An anagram of MAVIS around O (love) is an American Science Fiction author.

26. As they grow up they grow down (5)
{DUCKS} – Because they are birds that swim about on the water.

27. Save money for drinks dispenser at the party (9)
{BARTENDER} – Take a word that means to rule out or except and then follow it with another word for an official medium of payment to get someone who might be serving drinks.

28. Could be easy, yet errs in description of 2011 and, soon, 2012? (11)
{YESTERYEARS} – An anagram of (could be) EASY YET ERRS.


1. Settles for ten less in exchange (7)
{NESTLES} – An anagram (in exchange) of TEN LESS.

2. Grown like this, it’s an offence (5)
{WRONG} – An anagram (like this) of GROWN.

3. Please have a party! (9)
{ENTERTAIN} – Double definition, to hold the attention of with something amusing or diverting or to show hospitality to guests.

4. Parting party guests may take one for it (4)
{ROAD} – An alcoholic drink taken before starting a journey would be one of these.

5. Some weakening of the party spirit? (8)
{DILUTION} – The process of making something weaker or less concentrated.

6. Long for New Year ahead (5)
{YEARN} – Place YEAR in front of (ahead) of N (new).

7. Where the butts of a party congregate? (7)
{ASHTRAY} – Where the smokers discard their cigarettes etc.

8. Measure appropriate for some Londoners (4-4)
{HALF-INCH} – A measure of length approximately equivalent to 13 millimetres or a rhyming slang term that means to steal.

14. Party drink is unusual hit (3,5)
{RUM PUNCH} – A type of drink could be constructed from a word that means odd or strange, followed by another word that describes hitting something with your fist.

16. In which all men are brothers? (9)
{MONASTERY} – A dwelling place for monks.

17. Dies of cold? (3,5)
{ICE CUBES} – Frozen pieces of water usually added to drinks.

18. A row about boy appearing in pantomime (7)
{ALADDIN} – Place A DIN (row) around another word for a boy.

20. Entertains in low joints — right? (7)
{DIVERTS} – A word that means to entertain or amuse can be made up from a word that describes disreputable or run-down bars around RT (right).

22. Study may easily become so if neglected (5)
{DUSTY} – An anagram of STUDY.

24. Golden retriever’s mate? (5)
{MEDEA} – In Greek mythology, Jason’s consort who helped retrieve the Golden Fleece from her father.

25. A bird engaged in making her nest (4)
{ERNE} – This bird can be found hiding between the two words of “her” and “nest”.

The Quick crossword pun: {thirst} + {footing} = {first-footing}

57 comments on “DT 27062

  1. A delightful puzzle with a couple of really good clues to get the grey matter working. We enjoyed 17d but the one that appealed most was the one about the golden retriever, written by the red setter, 24d.
    Thanks Rufus and Libellule.
    Happy New Year everyone. We have just over an hour to go here before the clocks turn over to 2013.

  2. A happy puzzle and I agree with libellule’s assessment.
    By the way I think 14 is ruM, not ruN.
    New year greetings to all and thanks as usual to Rufus, Libellule and BD

  3. Very enjoyable, thought I had broken my own record in solving it without hints, only to find I had a letter wrong in 24d, must brush up on my Greek mythology.

  4. Super puzzle, very enjoyable. Got a bit diverted by putting Aquarius for 21a but soon sorted. Thx to the setter and to Libellule for explaining the ‘please’ in 3d.
    Happy New Year to one and all. Don’t look for me early tomorrow, it’s the annual bash at the pub tonight. :-)

  5. Thank you Rufus – topical fun. Thank you Libellule for your review. Has anyone published a dictionary of rhyming slang to help uzz Norvenners with the occasional Cockney clue ? !
    Watching EastEnders doesn’t provide all the answers !

    Happy New Year to everyone.

      1. Thank you Senf – sure it will help as current knowledge hovering around zero ! Happy New Year !

  6. Very pleasant on a ghastly day .26a brought a smile and 24d took longest and was last in .Ratings spot on for me .
    Thanks once again .

  7. Good morning Libelulle and thanks for your last blog this year, were you also the first blogger of 2012? can’t quite work it out :-)
    A three star for me because I had to have your help for 25d and 23a, lots of clues I liked again today, especially 19a, 1a, 3d, 6d and others, thank you to Rufus for the last cryptic of the year and all his brilliant puzzles in 2012, (have I ever said Rufus is my favourite!
    setter :-) )
    Thank you also to Dave, Gazza, Pommers, Sue, Gnomey, Schuaa, Falcon, Digby, Prolixic,Tilsit and all theother bloggers who have done such a marvellous job to help us out this year :-)

    1. Mary,
      Jan 1 2012 fell on a Sunday…, but I guess I wrote the first full blog on the 2nd (Monday).

  8. A nice fairly easy one to finish the year. Showed my noviceness by putting Eve instead of Day. Still learning!! Happy New Year to all those who help me along. Great service!

  9. Finished early for once! – so after a few difficult ones recently, today’s made a nice change with an appropriate theme – thanks Rufus and Libellule for an enjoyable start to New Years Eve.
    And a very happy and healthy New Year to all.

  10. A lovely puzzle to end the year. It almost convinces me my solving is improving. Happy New Year to all the bloggers, hinters and setters and to Big Dave.

  11. Very enjoyable – I especially liked 8d and 24d. Thanks to Rufus and Libellule.

    Happy New Year to everyone from me too.

  12. I really enjoyed this and, for once, managed not to make too many difficulties for myself which is what I so often do with Rufus puzzles. I agree with the ratings.
    My only two minor problems were being unable to spell 18d (which, for a short time, made 21a a bit tricky) and staring at 24a for ages before a flash of inspiration made me look up Jason!
    I liked 19a and 8, 17 and 24d.
    With thanks to Rufus and Libellule.

    A very Happy New Year to all who make this such a great ‘place’, especially all the clever people who write the hints and give so much of their time to helping the rest of us and keeping everything running so smoothly. I do sometimes wonder how much time it all takes . . .

  13. A nice gentle one to finish the year. Very enjoyable though.
    Happy New Year to all of you.

  14. I agree, nice way to finish off the year. Completed without help from here, which is unusual. It went Ok once I had corrected 21a.

  15. This is the last crossword I’m doing this year :-)

    Thanks to Libellule for the comprehensive hints (always read to confirm why “it must be that”) and to Rufus for his wit and flow.

    All the best to all for the 2013

  16. Right that’s done & dusted so very many thanks to all of the bloggers, setters and contributors to this brilliant site.

    Wishing you all a Very Happy , Healthy & Prosperous Twenty Thirteen!

  17. Thanks to Rufus for a very enjoyable end to the year which I finished before lights out last night (New Year’s Eve “Eve”). Last in were 24d and 25d – had to resort to electronic help for both having decided on the Jason connection for 24d and the embedded word for 25d, which I then recognised as an alomost oldie but goodie. Favourites were 17d, 18d, and 24d. HNY to all.

  18. A very enjoyable end to the year. Thanks to all setters and bloggers….a very Happy New Year.

    Favourite clues 9, 8, 17

  19. New year’s resolution to brush up on my Greek mythology to save spending forever on 24d and clues like it! Happy New Year to everyone, especially Pommers.

  20. Agreed. An excellent end to the year. **/**** for me. 24d was my favourite It’s good to see CS’s flowers back at last!

    Happy New Year to all, especially the setters as well as BD and the rest of the team who provide us with such great hints.

  21. Happy New Year fellow solvers. Last in 24d. An early finish from work for a quiet night in. See you all next year.

  22. Thanks to Rufus and to Libellule for the review and hints. A super puzzle, I needed the hints for 4 & 24d, I thought the latter had something to do with King Midas, must brush up on my Mythology. Was 3*/5* for me. Stand out favourite was 17d. Raining all day in Central London, off to the local later the see in the New Year with a glass of beer. I’m a poet although I don’t know it :-)

  23. Took ages to sort out 19a (doh!) but glad to finish without too much help. Many thanks to setter & Libellule as well as to all the merry band who keep us all on track through the year. Much appreciated. And best wishes to all for health and happiness for the coming year.

  24. I don’t often comment put do visit the site on an almost daily basis to see what you all thought of the day’s puzzle and, of course, help me to make sense of the odd particularly tricky clue! I started doing cryptics a few years ago now and the site has been a terrific help as well as very friendly and entertaining! So many thanks to BD and your merry band of helpers and very best wishes to all for 2013, especially Pommers and others who are less than 100% at the moment.

  25. Really enjoyed that, concur with17d and 24d being enjoyable. The latter took me a while as I own a golden retriever…so had to shift out of the canine mindset :D

  26. Lovely puzzle to end the year. Even got the rhyming slang today! Favorites were 9a (we have about 50 centimetres on the ground right now) and 17d.
    All the very best to everyone for 2013 and many thanks to all the setters and bloggers who make solving cryptics so enjoyable.
    Thanks to Rufus and Libellule for today.

  27. Very enjoyable puzzle for the end of the year, though had to google 8d to understand it! Funny, we use some cockney slang without realizing it, such as “porkies”!

  28. Very enjoyable crossword once again from Rufus and an equally enjoyable review from Libellule, my thanks to both. A Guid New Year tae Yin and a in BD Land.

  29. Thank you Rufus and Libellule, happy New Year to all who contribute to this excellent site. Thoughts with Mike aka Pommers.

  30. A delightful crossword on which to end the year.

    Happy New Year to all the setters, bloggers and just plain ordinary folk here :-)

  31. A lovely puzzle to end the year on and a great first one to come back to after a fortnight’s absence. Still a tad jetlagged but
    managed to complete it although got held up by putting aquarius in 21a to begin with. Thanks and Happy New Year to all the setters ,BD & his wonderful team and all the contributers who make this site such a joy. Get well soon Pommers.
    Bliadhna mhath ur!

  32. Late again, nice topical crossword to end the year. no hints needed which always add to the enjoyment.
    Rather liked 26A.

    Happy New Year to one and all, and a speedy recovery to Pommers.

  33. lovely birthday puzzle ( a small multiple of the 11 th. prime number).Happy new year to everyone, and sure hope recovers as soon as possible.

    1. Welcome to the blog Hazel

      Are you the same Hazel that last left a comment back in August 2009? If so, please don’t leave it as long for your next one!

  34. Enjoyed this one from Rufus but forgot to comment as I left it in my bag while at my daughter’s.

    Faves :18a & 17d.

    Happy New Year to everybody.

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