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ST 2670

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2670

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

Afternoon All!. Apologies for the tardiness of the blog – I clean forgot about it and have been a tad unwell over the festive period so was soundly asleep this morning instead of reviewing this very entertaining Virgilius puzzle.

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1a           Punish in court in a way, way that’s most excellent (6)
FINEST – To FINE (punish in court) and then the abbreviation of ST(reet) for ‘way’ or thoroughfare

4a           Upset about ring getting damaged (6)
SPOILT – SPILT (upset) about O for Ring (being circular).

8a           Propeller sailors put on side (8)
AIRSCREW – The CREW of a ship placed on (after in an across clue) AIRS or side (airs and graces).

10a         These communication devices are, we hear, the last word in Spain? (6)
RADIOS – A homophone, we hear, of the letter R is ‘are’. Add ADIOS – the Spanish last word – goodbye not amen!.

11a         U, for example, extended over time (4)
STAY – SAY meaning ‘for example’ containing (extended over) T for Time

12a         Following deceptive act, cast is bewildered (10)
CONFOUNDED – A charade of a CON (deceptive act) and FOUNDED (cast as in a piece of ironwork)

13a         Labour group in dispute turned to top man about girl (7,5)
WORKING CLASS – A reversal of ROW (dispute) then the KING (top man) and finally C for about (can abbreviation of Circa) and LASS – a girl.

16a         Players’ part in theatre the prior cast revised (9,3)
ORCHESTRA PIT – An anagram (revised) of THE PRIOR CAST. The clue misleads nicely as we require the part of the theatre for the musical players not a role for the acting players.

20a         All Tories, after reshuffle, embracing good politician (10)
LEGISLATOR – A generic term for someone who sets the rules of law. An anagram (after reshuffle) of ALL TORIES containing (embracing) G for good.

21a         Communicate mathematician’s sin, from what we hear (4)
SIGN – A mathematician would pronounce ‘sin’ as SINE as it is a mathematical function. This is a homophone of SIGN – to communicate with ones hands to someone who is deaf for example.

22a         Minimal addition to score, part of rousing leitmotif (6)
SINGLE – A small score addition in cricket is hidden in the last two words.

23a         Contribution from pro under stress in ball-game (8)
ROUNDERS – Another hidden word that contributes to the phrase pRO UNDER Stress.

24a         Is liable to seek attention, creating disorder (6)
MAYHEM – A charade of MAY (is liable to) and HEM – to seek attention by clearing one’s throat.

25a         Timid about dreadful din or disturbance (6)
SHINDY – A lovely word for disturbance or brouhaha. SHY (timid) around a dreadful anagram of DIN.


1d           Untrue stories about monarch producing discord (8)
FRICTION – Discord as in needle or grudge. FICTION (lies/untrue stories) around R for Rex or Regina (a monarch, take your pick!)). This appeared a tad indirect for me – I wonder of the Times would allow it?.

2d           Response to simple question, then its opposite, turned up? That’s curious (5)
NOSEY – Two simple answers, one reversed . NO and SEY.

3d           Poles holding a sporting event for Arab (7)
SARACEN – The abbreviations for South and North holding A RACE.

5d           A piece of wood traveller put up as garden structure (7)
PERGOLA – A reversal of A LOG then REP (the usual abbreviation of a Representative or travelling salesman.

6d           Units invading Asian country, or another one (9)
INDONESIA – ONES (units) inside INDIA (and Asian country) gives another one.

7d           Overly influenced and impressed with design (6)
TOOLED – A charade of TOO LED (overly influenced).

9d           Turn cold — add something warming, a jacket (11)
WINDCHEATER – A lovely surface reading. WIND for turn, C for Cold then add a HEATER.

14d         Like monarch, accepting present with awareness (9)
KNOWINGLY – KINGLY like a monarch around (accepting) NOW for present – the Here and Now.

15d         With care, add spice to large curry, finally (8)
GINGERLY – GINGER is the spice. Add L for Large and the final letter of currY.

17d         Pass on education, primarily, in place such as this (7)
COLLEGE – Another nicely deceptive charade where you must consider that little word ON. COL (a mountain pass) LEG for ON in cricket and finally the primary letter in Education.

18d         Having completed most of the preliminary sketch (7)
THROUGH – To be over or THROUGH is to have completed something. We need most of the word TH(e) and then a ROUGH or preliminary sketch.

19d         Specification for cooking steak in oil, for example (6)
MEDIUM – The first definition is one way of cooking a steak, the cryptic definition is one MEDIUM of working in painting (others being watercolour etc)

21d         Wretched Danes in carriage two guys held up (5)
SEDAN – An anagram (wretched) of DANES  with the definition very cleverly extended.


Thanks to Virgilius for a very enjoyable puzzle. I am off to consult the almanac to find out when I am blogging next.