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Toughie 100004

Toughie No 100,004 by Kcit

 Christmas Party Game

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

This crossword appeared on Christmas Day 2012.  As the Daily Telegraph is not published on this day, the crossword was only available to on-line subscribers to the Telegraph Puzzles site.

Kcit has set us a gentle Christmas Day Toughie but with a little game to play when you have solved the crossword.  When solved, the first and last columns of the completed grid reveal the name of a party game.  The words in brackets in the clue to 6a give a strong hint that something is going on.

The words in brackets in the clue to 27a invite to play the game and find the final word of the game in the grid.  If you have not yet found the hidden word, look at the marvellous reveal that Big Dave produced at the end of this blog.  I think it took me longer to find the hidden word in the grid that it took to solve the crossword.

Happy Christmas to Kcit and all our Toughie tormenters over the past year.


6 Thwart type of car crashing into garden (NOTE: The game’s afoot…) (6)
{HOGTIE} – A kind of Volkswagen Golf inside a three letter word meaning to garden (from the tool you use to do so).

8 Ancient craftsman utterly rejected a deficient desire (8)
{DAEDALUS} – … an ancient Greek craftsman who was imprisoned with Icarus.   Reverse (rejected) a four letter word meaning utterly.  Add the A from the clue and a four letter word for desire with the final letter removed (deficient).

9 Rocky ravine dull? It’s without equal (10)
{UNRIVALLED} – An anagram (rocky) of RAVINE DULL.

10 Fail to keep on length in skating manoeuvre (4)
{AXEL} – Another word meaning “failing to keep on” or sack followed by the abbreviation for length.

11 Recent courses engaging Greek internet communities (10)
{NEWSGROUPS} – Another word for recent followed by the courses you might have at a meal around (engaging) the abbreviation for Greek.

13 Garment, when folded back, has traces of rayon inside (4)
{SARI} – … an Indian dress.  Reverse (folded back) a two letter word meaning when and follow this with the initial letters (traces of) Rayon Inside.

15 Diplomacy is limiting Conservative plans (7)
{TACTICS} – A four letter word for diplomacy followed by the IS from the clue around and abbreviation for Conservative.

16 Sequence of strokes — and not in bed — prompting divorce (5-2)
{BREAK} – A series of strokes in snooker that racks up your score followed by a two letter word meaning not in bed.

19 Thanks Queen for accommodating singular authority figure (4)
{TSAR} – A two letter word meaning thanks followed by the abbreviation for Regina (queen) around (accommodating) the abbreviation for singular.

21 Dog eating rubbish? I start to prepare snack food (6,4)
{POTATO CHIP} – A five letter affectionate word for a dog around (eating) a three letter word for rubbish followed by the I in the clue and the first letter (start to) prepare.

22 Stop working hard and cut toiling at last (4)
{HANG} – … as your computer may do just before you save your hard work!  The abbreviation for hard followed by the AND in the clue with final letter removed (cut) and the last letter of toilinG.

24 Cooking equipment – goes off carrying one incomplete set (10)
{ROTISSERIE} – A word meaning goes off or spoils around (carrying) an I (one) followed by another word for a set with the final letter removed (incomplete).

26 Weird Scots children, endlessly running wild round source of Tay (8)
{ELDRITCH} – An anagram (running wild) of CHILDREN with the final letter removed (endlessly) around the first letter (source of) Tay.

27 Observers barring one European in Germany in spring (NOTE: Now find the game and play it…) (6)
{GEYSER} – The observers in your head with one of the Es removed (barring one European) inside a three letter abbreviation for Germany.


1 Form of early sound — archaic songs (10)
{ROUNDELAYS} – An anagram (form of) EARLY SOUND.

2 Geographical feature that’s identical with top and bottom halves switched (4)
{MESA} – … another word for a flat topped mountain with steep sides.  Swap the top and bottom halves of the answer and you get a word meaning identical.

3 Stupid jeer converted to bon mot? (3,7)
{JEU D’ESPRIT} – An anagram (converted) of STUPID JEER.

4 Hound tailed deer and donkey (6)
{HARASS} – … as in pester or annoy.  A four letter word for a deed with the final T removed (tailed) followed by a three letter word for a donkey.

5 Junior employee, ultimately a figure with some power (4)
{CUBE} – A junior employee reporter followed by the last letter (ultimately) of employee.

7 Success in trial upset Top Gear? (7)
{TWINSET} – … as in clothes that you wear.  A three letter word for success or victory inside a word for a trial or examination that is reversed (upset).

8 Composer confused after abandoning S American city (6)
{DELIUS} – From a word meaning confused or fevered removing (abandoning) RIO (S American city).

12 Ailing pear-tree, injected with copper, is to pull through (10)
{RECUPERATE} – CU (chemical symbol of copper) inside (injected with) an anagram (ailing) of PEAR-TREE.

14 Redeployed, following going missing from various rifle duties (10)
{REUTILISED} – An anagram (various) of RIFLE DUTIES after removing the F (following going).

17 Pointed, targeted activity – cunning, very? Not very (7)
{ARCHERY} – … a sport or pastime.  Another word meaning cunning followed by VERY with the abbreviation for very removed (not very).

18 Difficulty in running school involves it following teachers’ leader (6)
{STITCH} – … from a muscle spasm or pain.   The first letter (leader) of Teachers followed by the IT from the clue inside (involves) the abbreviation for school.

20 Back Director to restrict Government concern (6)
{REGARD} – Another word for back or behind followed by the abbreviation for director around (to restrict) the abbreviation for Government.

23 Pivot – that’s 10, with some twisting (4)
{AXLE} – The answer to 10a with the final two letters swapped (with some twisting).

25 Mark good being swamped by evil (4)
{SIGN} – The abbreviation for good inside (being swamped by) another word for evil.

Click on the grid below to reveal the game and the answer:

Toughie 100004 by Kcit

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  1. Ii didn’t find this one quite as gentle as Prolixic but I did actually spot the Nina which helped me with a couple of solutions. Even finding the game, I still couldn’t see the article in question.

    Thanks to Kcit and Prolixic.

    1. Happpy christmas, C, I didn’t attempt this , but I didn’t want your comment to stand alone.I hope son no .1 enjoyed himself. And everyone else too, of course.

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