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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all our readers

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Big Dave and the team of bloggers would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

A special thank you to all the crossword setters, especially to those who have taken the time to leave comments on the blog, and to Phil McNeill and his team at Telegraph Puzzles.

If you are one of several thousand lurkers that visit the site every day – why not break cover and say hello!

Although the Daily Telegraph is not published today, online subscribers have been treated to not two but three web-only cryptic puzzles, a standard puzzle, a Toughie by Kcit which includes a game which is revealed by the answers and finally one of Elgar’s beastly Double Toughies.

17 comments on “Merry Christmas

  1. This is a great site and I use the hints daily, thanks to Big Dave and the rest of the team and not forgetting the setters, I do appreciate your efforts
    Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year to you all

  2. Thanks Big Dave, your star remains bright in this world of darkness. Have a great festive season, you and all the others setters.

  3. Dave many thanks for all your hard work, for all the bloggers hard work and the setters and for your kind seasonal greeting which I reiterate to all those involved in and using this wonderful site.
    Merry Christmas everyone

  4. A brilliant site, thanks to Big Dave and al the Team, also thanks to all the setters. Have a great day, Merry Xmas to all.

  5. Thanks and Merry Christmas to Big Dave and family, and to everyone else who helps make this such a formidable site.
    With best wishes to everyone from Jerry, Aicha, Joseph and Sophia.

  6. A brilliant site that I am certain takes lots of work from the team responsible.

    Best wishes to all for 2013.

  7. Hi and Merry Christmas to all! So many thanks for all the entertainment and instruction through the year. All best wishes and keep up the great work. PM and family.

  8. Happy Christmas from Chicago. I don’t often post because most of you have long finished by the time I sign on so I feel my comments are superfluous. Thank you to the DT Crossword team, the wonderful setters who challenge me every day and the wonderful people who write the hints from which I have learned so much to help me improve my solving abilities.

  9. Merry Christmas to all in Big Daves global family and to all the sloggers and better’s for all your help making me a better wordsmith. ;D

  10. I am really confused. I went to the trouble of signing up to telegraph puzzles and I attempted 26151 i think but that appearently isn’t the christmas one .Am I frustrated ! I’ll go and have another look, this is annoying .Not your fault ,of course.Just missing my daily fix, maybe I’ll have to go cold turkey.

      1. Thanks Big Dave , I found it eventually.I think I’m just too tired to think properly.I hope you enjoyed your day, and all the traditions.I am going to be in london in the new year, early part, are any gatherings planned?

  11. Merry Xmas Dave & co. I do these crosswords from our local paper in Wellington, NZ. It does mean I’m about a month behind you (and all the comments) but I’m so grateful for this website. The explanations help my education, and the comments often make me feel less stupid! Here’s to 2013 :o)

  12. Thanks Dave for all your help. We couldn’t (and wouldn’t) do the toughies without you. Certainly beats watching TV.

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