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ST 2668

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2668

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

Virgilius was in enjoyably straightforward mode with this  puzzle.   No particular favourites, and as usual with one of his crosswords, no grumbles either, just a very nice start to a sunny, if extremely cold, Sunday.

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1 Flier, and advertisement with it (6)
PUFFIN –   PUFF (defined by Chambers as praise intended as…advertisement) and IN (with it, trendy).

4 Something soothing said in royal residence (8)
BALMORAL –  One of the residences used by the Royal Family in Scotland.    Balm (anything that heals or soothes pain) and ORAL (said).

10 Subject to peculiar treatment, one’s guilt being fabricated (6,3)
SINGLE OUT – Here, of course, peculiar means special or particular.   An anagram (being fabricated) of ONES GUILT, split 6,3.

11 Policy with new addition that often gets blanket coverage (5)
LINEN –   Before the days of duvets, we all slept under bed LINEN covered by a blanket.   Follow LINE (policy) with N (new).

12 Concede nothing young woman’s admitted as result of mistake by defence (3,4)
OWN GOAL –   OWN (concede, admit) followed by GAL (young woman) into which has been inserted O (nothing).

13 Excuse being cheated by swindle (7)
CONDONE  –  Excuse here is a verb.    Being cheated – DONE – preceded  by a CON or swindle.

14 Give seat to person standing in the lecture (5)
ELECT –  The first of today’s hidden words – inside thE LECT ure.

15 Gangster’s covering street, in top part of building (8)
CAPSTONE  – The top or finishing stone of a building or structure.   Nice to have the surname of Al the gangster for a change.   Insert ST (street) into CAPONE.

18 An actor, I changed into garment appropriate for ‘The Tempest’? (8)
RAINCOAT –  An anagram (changed into) of AN ACTOR I produces a very useful garment appropriate for a tempest or even a  minor shower.

20 One working with hard material, producing ‘Mother and Child’ (5)
MASON – a person who works with stone – MA (mother) and SON (child).

23 Beasts of burden carrying weight in tunnels (7)
BURROWS –  Spanish donkeys – BURROS – with W (weight) inserted produces either part of a verb meaning tunnels or the tunnels themselves when made by an animal such as a rabbit.

25 Callas transformed a famous operatic scene (2,5)
LA SCALA – The famous opera house where Maria Callas performed is an anagram (transformed) of CALLAS.

26 Piece of pottery, for example, obtained from small firm (5)
SHARD – A broken piece of pottery – S (small) and HARD (firm).

27 Islander in court as man I antagonised (9)
TASMANIAN – A person from the Australian island state is hidden in courT AS MAN I ANtagonised.

28 Strange old instruments — not wind section? (8)
DOLDRUMS  –  Sections of the ocean such as those near the Equator where calms and baffling winds prevail.   An anagram (strange) of OLD followed by DRUMS (instruments).

29 Hospital moved cautiously, so guarded against loss (6)
HEDGED –  H (hospital) and EDGED (moved cautiously)  – protected against financial loss.



1 Offensive on the subject of a piece of cake (8)
PUSHOVER – An easy thing or person easily overcome.   PUSH (a military offensive or advance) followed by OVER, a preposition meaning on the subject of.

2 Engaged partner securing new fund (7)
FINANCE –  Simply insert N (new) into an engaged young man or FIANCE.

3 Telling to put in new order, improperly acquired (3-6)
ILL-GOTTEN –  Could there be a clearer anagram indicator than ‘put in new order’?   Rearrange TELLING TO and split 3-6.

5 Like position of left wing — captain changed it on a roster (14)
ANTICAPITALIST  –  People on the left wing of politics are usually opposed to capitalism or its influences.   An anagram (changed) of CAPTAIN followed by IT (from the clue) A (from the clue) and LIST (roster).

6 Article in Italian penned by fellow in Italian city (5)
MILAN –   ‘Pen’ or insert the Italian definite article – IL into a MAN (fellow).

7 Summary‘s below par (3-4)
RUN-DOWN –   Double definition time – either a summary or an adjective meaning in weakened health.

8 Narrow window for publication of research (6)
LANCET –   The journal in which the results of medical research are published has the same name as a type of window.

9 Choice specimen from electric tools ordered by male (10,4)
COLLECTORS ITEM –   An anagram (ordered) of ELECTRIC TOOLS plus M (male).

16 Daily race for joint property (9)
TIMESHARE –   The daily newspaper the TIMES and HARE (race like a hare) go together to produce a property owned on the basis of time-sharing.

17 Without a crew, dispirited (8)
UNMANNED – another double definition, the first part being obvious, the second referring to having a lack of fortitude.

19 Male heir pronounced out of order for some post (7)
AIRMAIL –   Homophones  – MAIL  and AIR – pronounced or said in reverse order

21 Son in possession of one sign of maturity (7)
SHAVING –   The sign of a young man growing up –   S (son) and HAVING (in possession of) .

22 A daughter put on pedestal? On the contrary, belittled (6)
ABASED –   On the contrary is the instruction to put the BASE or pedestal between A (from the clue) and the abbreviation for Daughter.

24 Stranger from Communist Party turned up (5)
ODDER –   A reversal to finish – RED (communist) and DO (party).

See you next week with another Sunday review.

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  1. Thanks Sue,

    I didn’t manage to finish this one on the day – I had one left – 7d defeated me completely so I was curious to see what I had missed. A bit (!) of a doh! moment. Not because of the answer, but because I saw that I had drawn my line at 4,3 instead of 3,4. Aaaarghh… No wonder I couldn’t get it!

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