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ST 2667

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2667

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Morning All!. Given that I haven’t known what day of the week it is in the last couple of weeks it was inevitable at some time that I would partially solve a puzzle online then complete on paper  which then got thrown away. The good news is that I got to re-solve 70% of this puzzle yesterday lunchtime!. This really grew on me the second time round (time for appreciation?) without being overly difficult.

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7a           Fascinating quality in the writer’s style, initially quite varied (8)
MYSTIQUE – MY (the writer’s) the initial letter of S(tyle) and then an anagram ( carried) of QUITE.

9a           Train a group of swimmers (6)
SCHOOL – A double definition that is very long in the tooth!.

10a         Monstrous female made us mad — or possibly amused (6)
MEDUSA – Two anagrams for the price of one!. MADE US (mad) and (possibly) AMUSED. 11a     A boy eclipsed by top player with much experience (8)
SEASONED –  A SON inside eclipsed by) SEED (a top tennis player perhaps). As in a seasoned veteran tennis player.

12a         Scientific analysis of the causes of consumption (6,8)
MARKET RESEARCH – Not tuberculosis – a cryptic definition of the research of buyers/consumers at a market (or elsewhere).

15a         Processed stuff on menu, perhaps, that computer user doesn’t want (4)
SPAM – A cryptic (Spiced hAM) and definition (unwanted email etc). I love SPAM me!. I’m having SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, & SPAM.

17a         Drinks for some toast (5)
ROUND – A ROUND of drinks or a ROUND of toast – I know my preference.

19a         Old-fashioned clothing, though an odd selection therefrom (4)
TOGA – Roman in fact. Take an odd selection of letters from ThOuGh An.

20a         Exploit a Conservative’s expression of praise about call for peace (14)
ACCOMPLISHMENT – Exploit as a noun meaning feat of derring-do. Start with A C(onservative – Big C abbreviation) then insert SH (call for quiet) inside a COMPIMENT or expression of praise.

23a         Attacked as directed at sea, a ship wasn’t in good shape (8)
ASSAILED – Another clue with one Literal and two cryptic definitions. AS + SAILED (directed at sea)and A SS (Ship abbreviation) + AILED (was not in good shape. This seems quite the fashion recently!.

25a         Get off or suddenly go out like this (6)
ALIGHT –  To disembark and to “Go out like a light” when one drops off to sleep immediately.

27a         Issue about name, by end of day creating antagonism (6)
ENMITY – EMIT or issue around N for name followed by the end letter of daY.

28a         Head in the direction of antelope (8)
FORELAND – A head or cape out to sea. Split as (3,5) and you get going FOR the ELAND (an antelope).


1d           Part-time doctor in philosophy department (4)
The evil personality of Dr Jekyll is hidden in the last two words.

2d           Small vehicle stopped working (6)
STRUCK – The abbreviation of S(mall) and then a TRUCK (vehicle). To have taken part in a strike.

3d           Information partners had about their opponents (4)
NEWS – Virgilius likes a clue with bridge partners (North and South, East and West). Put the latter in the former.

4d           Property in European country (6)
ESTATE – Simply E for European and STATE for country.

5d           Provide amendment to other act for minister in government? (8)
THEOCRAT – This will be a minister of the cloth who is part of a religious based governmental system.. Make a change (provide amendment to) OTHER ACT.

6d           Adjusted change around available capital (10)
COPENHAGEN – Available here is OPEN as opposed to the more common ‘on’. Place an anagram (adjusted) of CHANGE around OPEN.

8d           It’s a bit of change for Americans, showing mercy (7)
QUARTER – Quarter is mercy shown to foes or antagonists in battle as well as being a 25 cent bit.

13d         Informing about a judgmental activity (10)
APPRAISING – just put A (from the clue) into APPRISING (informing about) to get the act of judging or rating.

14d         Among those qualified, more or less? Not so (5)
A word meaning not more nor less is hidden (among) thosE QUALified.

16d         Male on time, none the less, producing leather shoe (8)
MOCCASIN – M for Male on top of (in a down clue) OCCASI(o)N – a time or event from which the O has been removed (nonetheless).

18d         False pride, as something one hopes to avoid (7)
DESPAIR – An false anagram of PRIDE AS.

21d         Part of Himalayas in this Asian country no longer (6)
MALAYA – A former Asian country, now….. is hidden in part of the hiMALAYAs.

22d         Like a brave chap protecting one, for the most part (6)
MANLY (like a brave chap) containing (protecting) I for One.

24d         Remove one section or another from command of field officer (4)
DOFF – Gentlemen DOFF their caps in recognition. It can be seen hidden twice (in one section or another) of ‘commanD OF FielD OFFicer’.

26d         Something with digital parts that a digital watch doesn’t have (4)
HAND – I’ll plump for a cryptic definition here although it could be a definition plus cryptic. Easily gettable from the checking letters.


We are on a changeover week on the weekend puzzle reviews so I will see you all tomorrow for the Saturday review from last weekend (now where did I leave that printout?)