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ST 2665

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2665

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

This one took me slightly longer to solve than recent Virgilius puzzles and I did have to spend extra time sorting out the wordplay for a couple of my solutions .  The usual great all-round entertainment we have come to expect on a Sunday morning, and for once solved in brilliant sunshine.

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1 Drugs expert parking at a grim school in turmoil (14)
PHARMACOLOGIST – Follow P for Parking with an anagram (in turmoil) of AT A GRIM SCHOOL.

9 Minute, it is found in damaged tree? (7)
TERMITE –  Insert M (minute) and IT into an anagram (damaged) of TREE to get small creatures which damage trees.

10 After silly row, stupid thug given a hammering (7)
WROUGHT –   Metal beaten into shape with a hammer rather than being cast.    Two anagrams (silly) ROW and (stupid) THUG.

11 Way of operating that’s not quite ideal (4)
MODE –  Almost all of an ideal MODE[L].

12 One of many shops with tea coming soon (5,5)
CHAIN STORE  or split 3, 2, 5  CHA (tea) IN STORE (coming soon).

14 Call about that woman’s fruit that’s not all picked (6)
CHERRY –   Insert HER (that woman’s)into CRY (call).  Cherry picking is a term meaning to select only the best of anything, not just fruit.

15 Collected waste from Detroit, US, with nothing discarded (8)
DETRITUS –  Detritus is one of those words that you sort of know what it means but it isn’t until you check Chambers to write a review that you find that one of its definitions is ‘accumulated debris’.   Simply remove the O (nothing discarded) from DETR[O]IT US.

17 Conflict that’s indicated by points put on either side of bar (8)
DIVISION –  Obvious solution but could I see why?!   The mathematical sign used to represent division is of course a bar with two dots or points either side of it

 18 Cut off conversation, finally, in which bore regularly appears (6)
SEVERN –   The tidal  bore which appears at certain times in the River SEVERN.  SEVER (cut off) followed by N, the final letter in conversation.

21 Dishonesty, altering prior count (10)
CORRUPTION – Another anagram, this time altering PRIOR COUNT.

22 Report sudden economic improvement (4)
BOOM  –  A double definition, report here meaning a bang or loud noise.

24 Original language I brought back I included (7)
INITIAL –  A reversal of LATIN I with another I included or inserted.

25 European can come out of hospital, I announced (7)
ITALIAN –  Hidden or coming out of hospITAL I ANnounced.

26 Mail Magna Carta revision with resorted letters (14)
ANAGRAMMATICAL –  An anagram (revision) of MAIL MAGNA CARTA.



1 One river or another going South in direction of another going North (7)
POTOMAC –  An American river is obtained from Gnomey’s favourite river, the PO, TO (in the direction of) and a reversal (going north) of another river, the  CAM.

2 A game and amusement, rejecting current shorter form (8,7)
ABRIDGED VERSION –   A (from the clue) BRIDGE (card game) and D[I]VERSION (amusement), the latter having the I (electrical current) removed or rejected.

3 Premier is impatient, dismissing odd constituents (4)
MAIN –   The even letters of iMpAtIeNt.

4 Citizens of a republic making threats to king audibly (6)
CZECHS –  Checks or threats to the king in a game of chess sound like the people of the Czech Republic.

5 In awfully evil war, good acts come from this person (8)
LAWGIVER – A person who enacts or imposes laws.    An anagram (awfully) of EVIL WAR G(ood).

6 Lots of explanations render plausible next answer? (10)
GLOSSARIES – A collection or list of explanations of words.   Render plausible is one of the definitions given in Chambers for GLOSS to which should be added ARIES, one of the 7d.

7 Cleopatra and Napoleon have one in common (4,2,3,6)
SIGN OF THE ZODIAC –   Look carefully at Cleopatra and Napoleon and you will see that the Zodiac sign of LEO is hidden within both.

8 Directions for writing as found in European city (6)
ATHENS –  You write AS by putting A THEN S!

13 Using force on journalistic clique outside university (10)
PRESSURING  –  PRESS RING (journalistic clique) ‘outside’ U for University.

16 Flat cake kept in refrigerator till autumn (8)
TORTILLA –  Another hidden word, this time in refrigeraTOR TILL Autumn.

17 Fraud even rising around church (6)
DECEIT-   TIED (level, even) reversed around the abbreviation for the Church of England.

19 Like small payment, the kind of change woman in union need not accept (7)
NOMINAL –  A woman may decided to keep her maiden name when she gets married but most do adopt the surname of their husband.

20 Support for speaker with power over hatred (6)
PODIUM –  P (power) ODIUM (hatred).

23 Took a class, we hear, without any slacking (4)
TAUT –  A homophone of a verb meaning took a class of students for a lesson.

I’ll be back tomorrow  with a review of last Saturday’s puzzle.

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  1. Well I liked this one!. Seriously, though this was another Best Puzzle of the Week for me. 26a was a favourite – thanks for the nod at 1d :P . Thanks to you both!

  2. This was Virgilius with tricky hat on! Started last night in bar and did about half before friend turned up and interrupted. Finished this evening but it put up a fair old fight!

    Favourite was 7d, very clever :grin:

    Enjoyed immensley so thanks to Virgilius and to CS for the review.

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