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DT 27029

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27029

Hints and tips by scchua

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

This went all right until the last two, which took some time, so I’ll give it a 2* for difficulty, and 3* for enjoyment. Thanks to Jay.

P.S. If you still find the mechanics of the hints a mystery, you should read the following, which should help in understanding.

Definitions are underlined in the clues (in blue).

Words in blue are lifted from the clues.

Italicised words are instructions for constructing the answer. Parentheses following these enclose the indicators from the clues. Eg. Reversal of(up, in a down clue).

[xxx;yyy] denotes that a synonym for xxx or yyy is required.

{ } are used to give the order of construction. Eg. Reversal of(up, in a down clue) AB + C is different from Reversal of(up, in a down clue) {AB + C}.

Please leave a comment telling us what you thought. You can also add your assessment by selecting from one to five stars at the bottom of the post.


1    The lowest point of seabed by Gibraltar … (4,6)

{ROCK BOTTOM} : [the seabed;the lowest point under the sea] placed after(by) nickname for Gibralter.

6    … put forward as low point, ultimately (4)

{MOOT} : [low, as cows do] + last letter of(ultimately) “point”.

10    Rejects, with no new projections (5)

{SPURS} : [rejects, say, amorous advances] minus(with no) abbrev. for “new”.

11    Standard finance should cover exercise book (9)

{PAPERBACK} : {[a standard;a normal level, eg. in golf] + [to provide financial support]} containing(should cover) [abbrev. for physical exercise].

Answer:  A kind of book.

12    A section of pack ice (8)

{DIAMONDS} : Cryptic defn. A section;part of a pack;deck of cards.

Answer: For which “ice” is slang.

13    Gave out late shifts by date (5)

{DEALT} : Anagram of(shifts) “late” placed after(by) abbrev. for “date”.

Answer: Distributed (cf. clue above).

15    Permit put on phone lock (7)

{RINGLET} : [to permit;to allow] placed after(put on, in an across clue) [to make a phone call].

Answer: Found on your head.

17    Person taken advantage of by troubled dominator not at home (7)

{DOORMAT} : Anagram of(troubled) “dominator” minus(not) [at home;not out].

Answer: A person on whom others figuratively wipe their feet on.

19    Shot the wife to share the cost (2,5)

{GO DUTCH} : [a shot;an attempt] + [wife, in Cockney slang].

21    Supporters, of course, eating rotten sweets (7)

{TOFFEES} : Supporters on the golf course of, ahem!, balls containing(eating) [rotten;gone bad, eg. food].

22    Distinguish oneself, getting 40 in spoken Latin (5)

{EXCEL} : Homophone of(spoken) the Roman numeral (in Latin) for 40, with its characters pronounced individually.

24    Underplay but note one’s energy (8)

{MINIMISE} : [in music, a half-note] + Roman numeral for “one” + ‘S + abbrev. for “energy” in physics.

27    Place surrounding unusually green island’s national park (9)

{SERENGETI} : [to place, eg. plates on the table] containing(surrounding) anagram of(unusually) GREEN } + abbrev. for “island”.

Answer: A national park in Africa.

28    Substantial part of molecular genetics? (5)

{LARGE} : Hidden in(part of) “molecular genetics”.

29    Prescribed food that is eaten by dentist with no filling (4)

{DIET} : Abbrev. for “that is” derived from Latin contained in(eaten by) 2 outermost letters of(… with no filling) “dentist”.

30    Scientist working more on arts? (10)

{ASTRONOMER} : Anagram of(working) MORE ON ARTS.


1    Knock top off ridge and relax (4)

{REST} : [ridge;uppermost part] minus its initial letter(knock top off).

2    Edged outside to support amusing person warned by police (9)

{CAUTIONED} : The outermost letters of(… outside) “edged” placed below(to support, in a down clue) [an amusing person, or even surprising, person].

3    Son in period of prosperity gets a welcoming place (5)

{BOSOM} : Abbrev. for “son” contained in(in) [a period of prosperity;a time of abundance].

For another (pictorial) hint click here

4    One sticks up for maximum rate at sea (7)

{TOPKNOT} : [maximum;the best] + a unit measure of sea speed.

Answer: It sticks up from the uppermost part of the head.

5    Resisted quiet model in Oxford, ignoring heart (7)

{OPPOSED} : {abbrev. for the musical direction to play softly;quietly + [to model, say, for an artist]} contained in(in) “Oxford” minus its inner letters(ignoring heart).

7    City initially offer millions — what a surprise! (5)

{OMAHA} : Initial letter(initially) “offer” + abbrev. for “millions” + an expression of surprise (also the name of a former group).

8    Give a lift to work, getting rebuke (4,2,4)

{TAKE TO TASK} : [give a lift to;transport or carry to] + [a piece of work;a chore].

9    Quid pro quo deal on holiday (5-3)

{TRADE-OFF} : [deal;to buy and sell] + [on holiday;away from work].

14    Advanced voting system goes red, perhaps around the fifth of August (10)

{PROGRESSED} : abbrev for a common type of system for electing the government + anagram of(perhaps) GOES RED containing(around) the fifth letter of “August”.

16    Much less rent by yourself (3,5)

{LET ALONE} : [to rent out] + [by yourself;without anyone else].

Answer: As in “solving the clues is hard enough, much less reading the hints”.

18    Circulating current Moslem art is tricky (9)

{MAELSTROM} : Anagram of(… is tricky) MOSLEM ART.

20    People in tents getting hot instead of cold cramps (7)

{HAMPERS} : [people in tents, on holiday] with the abbrev. for “hot”, in the word, replacing (getting … instead of) the abbrev. for “cold”.

Defn: As a verb.

21    Rebellion of Granite City (7)

{TANGIER} : Anagram of(rebellion of) GRANITE.

23    Swear sulphur is part of remedy (5)

{CURSE} : Chemical symbol for the element sulphur contained in(is part of) [remedy;something to make you well again].

25    Two days lost in Midland city (5)

{MILAN} : “Midland” minus(… lost in) abbrev. for “day” times two.

26    Accept point covered by lawyers (4)

{BEAR} : One of the compass points contained in(covered by) a term for the legal profession.

The Quick crossword pun: {Sioux} + {pert} + {axe} = {supertax}

76 comments on “DT 27029

  1. Agree with your rating Scchua. Had a bit of a hold-up with 21a where we tried to put in “rafters” (r=rotten with sweets=afters) Doesn’t quite fit the parsing and made a mess of 21d. All good fun.
    Thanks Jay and Scchua.

  2. Early start today and early finish but much more enjoyable than yesterday .Well crafted and a number of smiles .Did originally put snubs in 10a (God knows why !)
    2* and 3 .5* for me .
    Off to build an ark now !


  3. An enjoyably straightforward offering from Jay today so thank you to him and scchua.

    Good thing the inside the back pager didn’t take long as the Toughie is a proper level of toughness – give it a go – the theme will help!

    The boss has arrived and it is my official start time so I suppose I had better put down the crosswords and get on with the boring stuff :(

        1. Relatively speaking. Not as tough as this weekend’s numerical Listener which took a massive slog to complete and more hours than I’d care to admit

            1. I normally leave the numbers ones, but was determined to give one a try. Glad I did, but it is mentally exhausting. I want to try for an all-correct one year, maybe next year. But give me words any day.

  4. I have been an avid DT back pager (when it’s on the back page) fan for more years than I care to remember. Only recently stumbled across this blog and I must tip my hat to the regular contributors (especially those that supply visual clues) as sometimes the old grey matter needs a bit of assistance. Keep up the good work!. Enjoyed today so thanks to all involved **/***

  5. Morning scchua and thanks for blog, I admit to using you today as I wanted to finish this and get on with painting some furniture, so I gave in on two or three instead of perservating! fav clues today 12a and 22a, just as well gazza’s not blogging today, dread to think what he would have used for illustration to 3d ;-)

    1. Also never ever heard ‘caution’ for amusing person, that’s a strange one, yes I know it gives it in the BRB but where would you use it?

      1. I vaguely remember reading or hearing it in Dickens somewhere (or from a grandparent possibly?) – e.g. after a cheeky/rude/witty remark: “Ooh, he’s a caution, that boy!” implying he has overstepped the mark and needs to watched.
        Must be Dickens, on reflection . .

            1. Sorry to lower the literary tone but Enid Blyton used the expression in that context (I’ve got grand kids!)

      1. My mother-in-law always used to say that about my youngest daughter. She’s a caution – I think meaning clever and tricky and funny. Mostly a trickster though! She still is for that matter!
        Sadly even though I was very familiar with the expression I needed scchua’s help to figure out the wordplay! The only one I needed an explanation for.
        Very enjoyable puzzle. Still morning here and it’s cold and sunny.
        Many thanks to scchua and the setter

  6. Another enjoyable offering today. Took a while for me to understand the cluing in 22 across although I had the answer. Best clues for me are 12a and 22a. Thanx to Compiler and to Scchua for the review. **/**** rating. Also enjoyed the pun in the Quickie.

  7. I found this quite challenging (after yesterday’s gentle puzzle) with a number of clever and typically amusing clues from Jay. Thanks also to Scchua for the review.

  8. No real problems today (with the crossword that is, parts of my garden need bailing out). Nearly panicked when I realised that 27A ended in I but soon spotted the answer. Thought 22A was an absolute corker of a clue.

    Nice to see scchua resisted temptation for 2D.

  9. Zoomed through today then stuck on the last two. Got 6a wrong (as foot), and needed electronic help for 12a but excellent clue – thanks Jay and Scchua. **/****

  10. Supporters…Everton FC…21a.

    Very enjoyable puzzle with no major probs.

    Thanks for review and to the setter.

    1. Ice is a slang word for something and if you find that out you will see the link with a ‘pack’
      Try splitting the clue for 16d – the first two words mean much yes, and the other three might describe what you were doing if a property was rented to you alone.

    1. If you click on ‘reply’ in your original comment, it helps to keep all the comments on a particular thread together.

  11. Apologies Scchua just noticed your comment in the Answer:……16d…….brilliant !

    Ark now afloat !

  12. That was entertaining, and a nicely judged level I feel.

    Favourites 12A and 10A – COYS :-)

    Thanks to Jay and to scchua (although I do feel you missed a picture opportunity at 3D…)

        1. scchua – Aha – I didn’t spot that!

          skempie – the word “here” in the line “For another hint click here” is a link to a video :-)

  13. Have just written in 3D but not sure whether I’m right with my answer. Any chance of some pictorial guidance?

    1. WBG

      As I wrote to skempie after scchua mentioned a video – the word “here” in the line “For another hint click here” is a link to a video…

  14. I didn’t get started on this one until much later than usual – been out doing stuff, and getting completely drowned in the process – what a day!
    Very enjoyable crossword as Wednesdays always are. Probably 2* for difficulty and 4* for enjoyment from me.
    I was terribly dim with the Roman ‘numberals’ in 22a. I also couldn’t make sense of 7d – not surprising really – I had Osaka. Oh dear!!
    I liked 19, 22(eventually) 28 and 29a and 3, 9 and 25d.
    With thanks to Jay and scchua.
    Off now to take collie for swim!! :sad:

  15. I thought this was going to be a bit of a breeze, but couldn’t finish NE corner. Didn’t help getting the wrong city for 7d. Agh! could be an expression of surprise (just), but then, it’s not a city, is it?. Thanks to Scchua for the hints.

  16. About a **/***,enjoyable little romp. 19a reminded me of a friend who said that his ex wives were both good house keepers-they both kept the house!Thanks to Jay and Scchua-liked the ‘aha’interpretation for 7d,works better than ‘surprise’

  17. Enjoyed this one, especially 2 which took me back to my grandmother [You’re a caution, you are]. It was the last in as I have not heard it for some years now. and I was trying to fit in ‘wit’ or ‘wag’. Had a good laugh when the penny dropped. Also liked 1a 3 6 and 22. Wednesday has now disappeared from the back page – where will it all end? Nexus has a lot to answer for. Soon they will disappear forever in business section or similar, like Sundays. Bah!

  18. Thanks to Jay & to scchua for the review & hints. I found this quite tricky & needed 3 hints. I think it was just me being dim on a very dull day. Enjoyed it though, was 3*/3* for me. Dare I look at the Toughie?

  19. The usual delight from the Wednesday Wizard, and for once one where you don’t need to start on the downs :smile:

    No real favourites for me as it’s all good stuff. For some reason it took ages for the penny to drop on 10a (last in), D’oh!.

    Thanks to Jay and scchua.

  20. Finished without too much trouble but I am ashamed to say that I had Stubs instead of my team! Hang head in shame.
    Couple I didn’t like much, 22a, 6a ( surely a moot point is a relevant one not a low one?) and I agree with everyone else about caution although I have heard it used.
    Best clue or me was def 27a.
    Sorry Sccha, still find your clues baffling!

    1. Hi Brian

      You,ve got the wrong end of the stick on 6a.

      The answer means to put forward for debate and it’s made from MOO (= low, as in a cow’s noise) and a T (poinT ultimately).

      Def from Collins:

      Verb, tr to suggest or bring up for debate

      1. moot …from chambers thesaurus………to put forward , so the clue works for me.

        p.s. i find sshua’s hints baffling as well

    2. I concur on the presentation on a Wednesday. I frequently access the blog on my BlackBerry and this format is very ddifficult to follow.

  21. Most enjoyable puzzle for which thanks to Jay and I was grateful for your hints Schuua because I did get stuck a couple of times.
    I can see the logic behind your layouts, Schuua, but it does take some time to work them out although the underlining of the definition was an excellent idea

  22. Harder than yesterday, but not impossible ! Thank you Jay and Scchua for your review. Needed your hint for 6a.

  23. Loved this to-day ,some great clues that made me laugh. Thanks Jay & Scchua . I too have to confess to finding your hints confusing.

  24. I find sschua’s clues crystal clear and I needed some due my almost complete inability to contain my excitment.I got a new best friend, so I should have worked out 1a and 12a by myself.(I replaced lost engagement ring.)Brilliant sparkling sunshine here today!Thanks sschua! thanks Jay!

  25. I guessed 2d from the “warned by police” portion of the clue, but I’ve never heard an amusing person described as the first 7 letters of this word. But that’s the joy of crosswords – when you think you’ve pretty-much got the English language covered, along comes a word to prove that you haven’t. Thank you to the setter, the solver and this blog for expanding my knowledge a little bit further. Love it.

    1. According to Brewers (my source of information on most occasions when I wonder why something might mean something) A caution is someone odd in his ways, likely to do something unexpected, often with a quaint twist to it. The phrase is apparently originally American with a wider application than its use today.

  26. OK, once again I’m in a minority of one :sad:
    Pommette read out the clue for 2d and I gave her the answer immediately, without conscious thought! Can’t believe nobody seems to be familiar with “Caution” as a michievous person or a bit of a wit! It’s just an everyday term for me – but then I am from Manchester :grin:

    1. A minority of two then!! I had heard the word before, and I’m not from Manchester. Once I’d stopped trying to fit card, for the amusing person, into it somewhere it was OK.

      1. It wasn’t me but a friend of mine who was the “caution”! He’s now 61 years old and still exactly the same – laugh a minute :grin:

  27. I too had two clues hanging out – the football team and the card suit so I hang my head in shame as well. Some fine fare from Jay so thanks to him and to Scchua for the review. Personally I find the ‘quick glance’ resolution of your clues to be quite expedient…

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