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MPP – 006 (Review)

Monthly Prize Puzzle No 6 (November 2012) by Prolixic

In association with Hamlyn Books,

the publishers of Telegraph Crossword Books

A review by crypticsue

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Congratulations to eXternal who is the winner of our sixth Monthly Prize Puzzle. eXternal’s name was randomly selected, by Mrs BD, from the correct entries received and his very nice prize is the choice of two of The Telegraph All New Cryptic Crosswords Books or The Telegraph All New Toughie Crossword Books.

Another excellent puzzle from Prolixic has a Nina in the form of a question around its perimeter, which I actually noticed for once, as adding the missing letters helped me solve the last few stragglers.  I would be interested to learn who knew that the answer to “Who is the Director of Public Prosecutions?” is Keir Starmer QC without resorting as I did to investigoogling!

As always, thanks to our sponsors, Hamlyn Books.  Do take a moment to look at some of their publications below.


8 Lounge around after money’s cut (4)
LOLL – Remove the last letter (cut) from LOLLY, an informal way of referring to money.

9 Leaders of rustic Mediterranean island leave one hundred in language class? (4-6)
URAL-ALTAIC   Remove the initial letters (leaders….leave) from [R]URAL (rustic) and [M]ALTA (a Mediterranean island) and then follow with I (one) and  C (the Roman numeral for hundred).  I needed the BRB to confirm this one!

10 Stock market programme is initially upgraded (6)
BOURSE –   Upgrade, or move the first letter one up the alphabet from COURSE (programme) to get BOURSE, the French stock market.

11 Pa regularly uses Tofu chopped up in stew (3-2-3)
POT-AU-FEU   A type of stew or the dish it is cooked in –   A chopped up  anagram of PA (from the clue), the regular  letters of UsEs and TOFU.

12 Split over expert (2,2)
UP ON –   UPON (over) is split 2,2 to get an expression meaning expert.

13 Archdeacons train to cover awkwardness (10)
CONSTRAINT –  A synonym for awkwardness is hidden in archdea CONS TRAIN  To.

17 Run and hide (4)
PELT –   A double definition – hide here is a noun not a verb.

18 Distinguished volunteers leave celebrity (5)
NOBLE –  Remove  TA (the abbreviation for the volunteers of the Territorial Army) from a person worthy of notice or a  celebrity.

19 African bread‘s first to be auctioned! (4)
LOTI –  Not the bread you eat but a slang term for money, in this case that of the African country of Lesotho.    LOT I would be the first item to go under the hammer at an auction sale.

20 Like a bird embracing bishop’s baby (10)
FEATHERBED –   Insert B (the abbreviation for Bishop) into FEATHERED like a bird.


22 Musicians revolt after tenor is given the leading role (4)
TRIO –   A group of musicians is obtained by moving the final letter of a RIOT (revolt) to the front of the word (Tenor …given leading role).

23 Checks commander’s ideas about God (8)
OCCLUDES –  OC (Officer Commanding) and CLUES (ideas) with D (Dominus, Lord, God)inserted.

27 Pilot gets tip-off from impartial observer? (6)
AIRMAN –  Remove the first letter from a FAIR MAN or impartial observer.

28 Rock  I place in French river (10)
RHINESTONE  –  Insert I (from the clue) and NEST (place) in the French river RHONE.

29 Lie about including hard crossword here? (4)
THIS – A reversal  (about)  of SIT (lie) into which is inserted H (hard).



1 Highly reflective coating? (10)
IONOSPHERE – A cryptic definition of part of the upper atmosphere.

2 Almost certainly played a musical instrument (8)
CLARINET – An anagram (played) of almost all of the letters of CERTAINL[Y].

3 European in local fuss about college youth (10)
PUBESCENCE –    PUB (local), followed by E (European) and then insert C (college) into SCENE (fuss)

4 Not about to check rage (4)
RAMP –  Remove the C (circa, about) from CRAMP or check.

5  Bits of old agricultural stove taken to make an oven (4)
OAST –   The initial letters of Old Agricultural Stove Taken.

6 Run your fingers lightly over a tumour (6)
STRUMA –   Follow STRUM (run your fingers lightly over, eg, guitar strings) with A from the clue.

7 Italy enters before another European State (4)
EIRE –   Insert the IVR code for Italy into ERE (before).

14 Tycoon’s metal shilling (5)
NABOB –   A person of great wealth.   NA (the chemical symbol for sodium which, according to my handy source of reference, Mr CS, is a soft metal) and BOB (which is what we called a shilling in pre-decimal days).

15 Wait for rain after March? (5,5)
TREAD WATER –  The capital M is misleading as we just need another way of saying march or walk – TREAD , which should be followed by WATER (rain).

16 Critic and I supply something vitriolic (6,4)
NITRIC ACID   An anagram (supply) of CRITIC AND I.

19  The learned materialists dismiss mass movement (8)
LITERATI –    Remove the letters MASS (dismiss mass) from MATERIALISTS and rearrange the remaining letters (movement is the anagram indicator here).

21 Gift of storybooks? (6)
TALENT –    Prolixic is one of many people with a ‘gift’ for crossword setting.   Follow a TALE with the abbreviation for the New Testament (books).

24 Speak fondly about hot salmon (4)
COHO –   The salmon you only hear about in cryptic crosswords!    Insert H (hot) into COO (speak fondly).

25 Record rebate – not half! (4)
DISC-    You just need the first half  of DISCount (rebate).

26 Heard to dismiss old woman’s home! (4)
SHOE-    A homophone of a word meaning to dismiss or send away gives the abode of a nursery rhyme mum.


10 comments on “MPP – 006 (Review)

  1. Congratulations’ to eXternal.
    Thanks to crypticsue for the review, and Proloxic, not only for an excellent puzzle, but also for reminding me to fully understand a question before volunteering an answer.

  2. I am completely surprised at the lack of interest in this part of the blog pertaining to the Monthly Prize Puzzle.

    I must be missing something. Or am I?.

  3. I found the puzzle very enjoyable and a nice challenge. Thanks Prolixic for the puzzle, CS for the revies and delighted with Mrs BD for picking me. Just got back from a long weekend, will let Dave know my choice of books.

  4. Congratulation eXternal, well done.
    Axe, we assume from your comments above that you had done the same as we did. We solved the puzzle from the printed-out version where the question simply says “Who am I?”. On looking back at the original on-line version this morning we found that it does specifically ask for a name. Will write a memo to ourselves to remember Rule 2! In case you are wondering, Rule 2 is : Never forget Rule 1. Rule 1 of course is: ALWAYS READ THE BLOODY INSTRUCTIONS.
    Thanks for the puzzle Prolixic and CS for the review. Enjoy the books eXternal.

        1. I actually did one of those on 4th July 2009. Hole No10. Pin to left. Ball pitched off slope to left of green and rolled gently in. Cheers.

            1. Mr 2K. Only one golfer in the team. It was quite early in the morning so I got off quite lightly. Can’t remember how much now.

  5. Many thanks to Sue for the review and to all who left comments. Congratulations to eXternal on coming first out of the electronic hat.

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