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ST 2664

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2664

A full review by crypticsue

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A slightly trickier offering from Virgilius this week, two clues causing me more trouble than the rest.   A nice mix of clues but no special favourites for me this time.

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1 Waved sword I discarded (10)
BRANDISHED –  Waved like a weapon such as a sword –  BRAND (a sword so called because of its glitter) plus I (from the clue) and DISHED (discarded or cast off).

6 A variable fashion feature that may be said to attract attention (4)
AHEM –   A (from the clue) plus HEM  (the length of which changes according to the current fashion).

9 Salvageable stuff fellow almost abandoned (7)
FLOTSAM – Goods lost by shipwreck and found floating on the sea (as opposed to jetsam, goods deliberately thrown overboard).   F(fellow) plus an anagram (abandoned) of ALMOST.

10 Actress initially is embraced by male with pride in affair (7)
LIAISON –   Insert into LION (male with pride) A (the initial letter of actress) and IS from the clue.

12 Somehow retain, perhaps, people sure to succeed (5,8)
HEIRS APPARENT –   An anagram (somehow) of RETAIN PERHAPS.

14 Hunt lasting very long time (6)
FORAGE –  Split  FOR AGE , this solution would mean lasting a very long time.

15 Some areas one reconnoitres as rational type (8)
REASONER –   Hidden in aREAS ONE Reconnoitres.

17 Contemplate large vessel for cosmetic (8)
EYELINER –   Split 3, 5, this cosmetic might refer to looking at a large ship.

19 So-called father that divides capital (6)
THAMES –   A cryptic definition of the river which passes through the middle of London, known as Old Father THAMES.

22 Showing effects of exposure, bananas are wet beneath (7-6)
WEATHER-BEATEN –   A bananas anagram of ARE WET BENEATH.

24 Group together  make a score of nineteen, for example (5,2)
ROUND UP –  To gather or group together, can also mean to raise a number to the nearest convenient figure, as would be done when turning 19 into a score or set of 20.

25 Weapon, for instance, used in inconclusive attack (7)
ASSEGAI – A slender , South African, spear of hard wood tipped with iron – insert EG (for instance) to nearly all (inconclusive)  of ASSAI[L] or attack.

26 Supreme deity put back in place in Egypt (4)
SUEZ  –  Reverse ZEUS the greatest of the ancient Greek gods.

27 No crudeness cut, when edited — like this (10)
UNCENSORED –    An anagram (edited) of NO CRUDENES[S] – cut is what tells you to remove the final letter of crudeness.



1 Polish fan (4)
BUFF  – Double definition – To polish or an enthusiast/fan

2 Someone else hiding ring in part of flower (7)
ANOTHER –   Insert O (hiding ring) into ANTHER, the part of the stamen that produces the pollen.

3 Set apart bizarre thing I’d issued (13)
DISTINGUISHED –  An anagram (bizarre) of THING ID ISSUED.

4 Asian food doctor found in another continent repeatedly (6)
SAMOSA –   Insert one of the abbreviations for doctor – MO- between two lots of the abbreviation for South America (repeatedly).

5 Surpassed speed in East End, oddly (8)
ECLIPSED – Insert CLIP (to go at a high speed, especially over a distance) into the odd letters of EaSt EnD

7 Star no longer consumes a little coffee, we hear (3-4)
HAS-BEEN –  A person no longer as popular as they were sounds like HAS BEAN or consumes a little coffee (which of course comes from beans).

8 Wanting to control cash flow, painter is absorbed in his work (10)
MONETARIST – A person who advocates an economic policy based chiefly on the control of a country’s money supply.   MONET (painter) plus ART (his work) into which has been inserted IS from the clue.

11 They work in theatres to prepare for cuts being made (13)
ANAESTHETISTS –  A cryptic definition of the doctors who put you to sleep before an operation so you don’t feel the cuts from the scalpel!

13 Redraft was altered later (10)
AFTERWARDS –  quite a lot of anagrams in this puzzle  – this time REDRAFT WAS is altered.

16 First part of plant consumed by land turtle (8)
TERRAPIN –   Insert P (the first part of Plant) into TERRAIN (land).

18 Woman originally holding a signal for person rescued (7)
EVACUEE –   Insert into EVE (the ‘original’ woman) A (from the clue) and CUE (signal).

20 A German guy rises to the top as executive (7)
MANAGER –     Take  the MAN (guy) from A GERMAN and replace him at the front of the word (rises to the top).

21 Give bad marks to, various grades one repeated (6)
DEFACE – To mar the external appearance of.    D E F A C are all marks that can be awarded for examinations.   The final E in the solution comes from the fact that one of the grades is repeated.

23 Singer having run in one club, say (4)
BIRD –   Insert R (run) into BID (one club is an example of a bid in a game of bridge).

I will be back in a week’s time with a review of the next Sunday puzzle.