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DT 27008

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 27008

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment **

A fairly average crossword from the Saturday Mysteron this week.   Nothing to make me smile or grump too much when solving until preparing the review when,  having typed ‘A from the clue’ for the sixth time, I scrolled back up the page and reduced  the enjoyment factor to 2*.

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1 Drink a lot of Spanish wine and turn in (3,3,4)
HIT THE SACK – A slang expression meaning to turn in or go to bed sounds like you might also drink a lot of a dry white wine from Spain.

6 Cease control of organ (4)
STOP – A double definition.    Either a verb meaning cease  or part of a musical organ.

10 Sadder rock group without energy (5)
BLUER –  Insert (without) E for energy into the rock group BLUR.

11 Singer makes a buck perhaps after party (9)
BALLADEER –   Literally a person who sings ballads.  BALL (party) A (from the clue) and DEER (buck being a male deer).

12 Turning over when start of update’s imminent (8)
UPENDING –   The start of Update followed by PENDING (imminent).

13 Treat badly tropical fish (5)
TETRA –  An anagram (badly) of  TREAT.

15 Hurtful extract from newspaper (7)
CUTTING –   Another double definition – of a remark intended to be hurtful  or a piece cut from a newspaper.

17 One puts up with English vicar (7)
ERECTOR –  E (English) plus RECTOR (vicar).

19 Arbiter cooked snack (7)
RAREBIT –  An anagram (cooked) of ARBITER gives us the proper name for cheese on toast.

21 Takes snooker shot again, with second dropping in, gets out of trouble (7)
RESCUES –   RECUES  (take snooker shot again)  with S (second) inserted.

22 A flavouring, free from Spain, for savoury jelly (5)
ASPIC –   A (from the clue) followed by SPIC[E] (flavouring) which has the E removed (free from E,  the IVR code for Spain).

24 Smith came mostly unstuck in uneven contest (8)
MISMATCH –   An (unstuck)  anagram of nearly all of the letters (mostly) of SMITH CAM[E].

27 Fashionable thinner bust (9)
INSOLVENT –  A clue that has nothing to do with skinny ladies but more to do with bankrupt.   IN (fashionable) plus SOLVENT ([paint] thinner being a type of solvent).

28 One agreement that is perfect (5)
IDEAL –  I (one) plus DEAL (agreement).

29 Open a beer perhaps (4)
AJAR –   I bet I wasn’t the only one who said ‘when is a door not a door..’ when reading this clue.  A from the clue plus JAR (an informal way of referring to a pint of beer).

30 Send message to artist, an exciting read (4-6)
PAGE-TURNER –   PAGE (send a message to) and TURNER (the famous artist) with a hyphen inserted would then make another way of referring to a book you can’t put down.


1 Cooker has nothing for tramp (4)
HOBO –   HOB (top of a cooker) plus O (nothing).

2 Musician beginning to thrill odd chap (9)
TRUMPETER –  T (beginning of Thrill) RUM (odd) and PETER (chap).

3 Leading man gets new bird (5)
HERON –   HERO plus N for new.

4 Close relative is turning up with jewellery (7)
SIBLING – A reversal (turning up) of IS followed by BLING (flashy jewellery).

5 Something to divert traffic round block in German city (7)
COLOGNE –   Insert a LOG or block into a traffic CONE.

7 Source of information for bank robbery (5)
THEFT –   THE FT or Financial Times is a source of information for banks and other financial institutions.

8 Two big hairstyles on street feature up North (10)
PERMAFROST –   PERM plus AFRO plus ST (street).   The Afro is the crossword setters word of the month as it seems to have been in one or more crosswords every day in the last couple of weeks.

9 Keep Usain Bolt’s property? (8)
FASTNESS –   A type of stronghold or fortress like a keep would also describe the property or quality possessed by the sprinter Usain Bolt.

14 Infectious fever leaves mark on South American girl (10)
SCARLATINA  –   Not an infectious fever one hears much of these days.   SCAR (mark) and LATINA (South American girl).

16 I am having bad feeling about the City, being foolish (8)
IMBECILE  –  IM (I am) and BILE (irritability, bad temper) between which is inserted  EC (the abbreviation for the Eastern Central area of London which includes almost all of the City of London).

18 Stick with rune notch carved (9)
TRUNCHEON –   An anagram (carved) of RUNE NOTCH.

20 Soften a medium (7)
TEMPERA –  An artist’s medium –  TEMPER (soften) plus A (from the clue)

21 Favour being scheduled in routine (7)
ROSETTE –  Insert SET (scheduled) into ROTE (routine).

23 Crush on a Turkish official (5)
PASHA –  A slang term for an adolescent infatuation – PASH followed by A from the clue.

25 Make departure in a university — farewell (5)
ADIEU –   Insert DIE (make departure) between A (from the clue) and U (university).

26 Slight indistinctness of speech (4)
SLUR –  Another double definition to end –  A SLUR can mean either a slight/aspersion or it can mean a running together resulting in an indistinctness of speech.

Gnomey will be back next week to deal with the next lot of Saturday explanations.

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  1. Thank you for explaining 22A. I simply could not grasp the Spain reference.

    As discussed at length last Saturday I found the reference to Usain Bolt rather obscure and had never heard of fastness.

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