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ST 2662

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2662

A full review by gnomethang

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Morning All! Looking back at my solving time this was a tad harder than some recent Sunday puzzles but as I blogged it I recalled that it was only a few clues that caused the trouble.

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1a           Start of squabble or argument making us feel sad (6)
SORROW – The starting letter of S(quabble) then OR from the clue and finally a ROW for an argument.

4a           Arrangement of pro wrestling location (6)
FORMAT – FOR means pro (in favour of). Follow that with the location of a wrestling bout, the MAT.

8a           Create bad marriage contributing to pessimism at church (8)
MISMATCH – The potentially bad marriage is hidden in (contributing to the letters of) the last three words

10a         Like some natural medicines used in that woman’s ointment, mainly (6)
HERBAL – HER (that woman’s) and all but the last letter of BAL(m) for ointment.

11a         What sailors sometimes call a boat (4)
AHOY – A HOY is a large one-decked boat. It is also a word used on ‘International Talk Like A Pirate Day’ – Aaaaaarrh!

12a         Half-hearted rabble disorderly in protest in part of London (6,4)
MARBLE ARCH – Remove one of the two middle letters (half-hearted) of RAB(b)LE then make an anagram (disorderly) and place inside a MARCH (protest).

13a         A crank, note, disturbed us, being curmudgeonly (12)
CANTANKEROUS – An anagram (disturbed) of A CRANK NOTE followed by US from the clue.

16a         Hybrid kind of music not on tracks (5-7)
CROSS-COUNTRY – A race that is not on tracks, that is. A charade of CROSS (for a genetic hybrid) and COUNTRY – a type of (American) music.

20a         Money paid to landowner crushed and torn (6,4)
GROUND RENT – Another charade, this time of GROUND (crushed) and RENT (torn)

21a         Material for newspaper, shrinking outside page (4)
COPY – COY means shy, retiring or shrinking (as the proverbial violet). Insert P for Page.

22a         Some retaliate, as well as others (2,4)
ET ALIA – The Latin phrase for ‘as well as others’ is hidden in the second word.

23a         Pie chart showing this indicates how business is doing (8)
TURNOVER – An (apple) TURNOVER is a type of pie. A pie-chart may also indicate the company trade turnover.

24a         Top people and the issue they raise (6)
ROYALS – The royal family and their progeny (issues).

25a         Mass being performed by essential primate (6)
MONKEY – M for mass and ON (for ‘being performed’) followed by KEY for essential. The primate here is not the priest!



1d           Hide principal gang member (8)
SKINHEAD – A charade of SKIN (hide) and HEAD (principal)

2d           Spirit the writer’s shown in game (5)
RUMMY – RUM (an alcoholic spirit) and MY (the writer’s from the setter’s perspective)

3d           A family maxim put up on new seat (7)
OTTOMAN – A reversal (put up) of A MOTTO (a family maxim) followed by A N(ew).

5d           Tragedy that’s less hard in Verdi’s version (7)
OTHELLO – As BD said on the day, Verdi’s version was spelt Otello (less the H for Hard from the Shakespeare version).

6d           Moralist distraught over new form of wickedness (6,3)
MORTAL SIN – A good Catholic boy (lapsed) will get this!. An anagram (distraught) of MORALIST above (over in a down clue) N for New.

7d           Part of felt hat chosen as cover for head (6)
THATCH – The THATCH being slang for one’s hair. The answer is part of felT HAT CHosen.

9d           Truthful about adjusted rents — better not stir it up (7,4)
HORNETS NEST – HONEST (truthful) around an anagram (adjusted) of RENTS.

14d         Tragedy’s beginning, in fact, in a touching way (9)
TACTUALLY – T(ragedy) plus ACTUALLY for in fact.

15d         Quietly optimistic about start of peace he forecast (8)
PROPHESY – The answer here is a noun not a verb. Start with P for piano (quietly) and then add the starting letter of P(eace) and also HE inside ROSY (optimistic). P RO (P HE) SY.

17d         Eccentric left over part of one (7)
ODDBALL – A bit tricky to parse this. The definition is ‘eccentric’ and is built up from ODD (left but NOT ‘left over’) and then part of one over which is a BALL (in cricket!).

18d         Ration distributed to north or south of old province (7)
ONTARIO – A lovely spot!. Make an anagram (distributed) of RATION and then place it either above (north in a down clue) or below (south in a down clue) O for Old.

19d         Pope, for example, reportedly one redressing wrongs (6)
WRITER – The author is a homophone (indicated by reportedly of a RIGHTER of wrongs.

21d         Key piece that’s held up by bishop (5)
CROOK – The Key of C followed by ROOK (a piece on a chess board). Lovely misdirection here.


Thanks to Virgilius for the sparkle that we have come to expect. I will see you next week.