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NTSPP – 141

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle – 141

A Puzzle by Gervase

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NTSPP - 141

The puzzle is available by clicking on the above grid.

A review of this puzzle follows (but as a number of us are at the meeting in Wapping it might be later than usual).

Gervase makes a speedy return to the NTSPP fold with an entertaining crossword. As have been in Wapping for the Cruciverbalists’ Convention, this is a brief summary of the crossword.


9 Condition for 6 thus (7)
{PROVISO} – Add together a three letter word meaning for, the Roman numerals for 6 and a word meaning thus to get a type of condition.

10 Displace, making one rush about (7)
{UNHORSE} – An anagram (about) of ONERUSH gives a word meaning displace.

11 Direct steering with 2 trumpets (7)
{CONCHES} – A three letter word meaning to direct steering followed by the abbreviation for Cheshire gives the name of some trumpets.

12 Odd ones provided from side row (7)
{WEIRDOS} – An anagram (provided from) of SIDEROW gives a description of odd people.

13 Lyricist of “Sherry Met Sally” (9)
{RHYMESTER} – An anagram (sally) of SHERRYMET gives a word for a lyricist.

15 Composer‘s link with Pretoria? (5)
{SATIE} – The name of this French composer if split 2,3 would suggest a link with the country wherePretoria is located.

16 Pace about to contain anger and shut up (7)
{GARAGED} – A word meaning shut up (as in confined) comes from a three letter word meaning to pace about inside which (to contain) you add a word for anger.

19 Put down under-boiled egg as a substitute (7)
{SCOLDED} – Take a word meaning to have heated just short of boiling and replace the A with an O (egg as A substitute) to find a word meaning to put down (in the sense of bereated).

20 Small bird’s cry of pain suffered (5)
{OWLET} – The name of a small bird comes from a two letter word for a cry of pain and a word mean suffered (in the sense of allowed).

21 Remove contents via secret transaction (9)
{VISCERATE} – An anagram (transaction) of VIA SECRET gives a word meaning remove contents.

25 Brooded about property right outstanding (7)
{SALIENT} – A word meaning brooded (as hens do with eggs) around a word for a type of property right gives a word meaning outstanding.

26 Leftover dough could be moulded into punnets (7)
{UNSPENT} – This leftover dough represents cash in your pocket. It comes from an anagram (moulded) of PUNNETS.

28 Dish to stir with love? (7)
{RISOTTO} – An anagram (represented by the ?) of TO STIR O (love) gives the name of a dish.

29 Essay with footnote in aid to digestion (7)
{TRYPSIN} – Add together a three letter for an essay or attempt followed by the indication of a footnote at the bottom of a letter and the IN from the clue gives the name of a chemical involved in the digestion of food.


1 It staggers and goes over backwards (6)
{SPACER} – The name of a brick used when building a wall to ensure that the next row overlaps (staggers) the previous one comes from the reversal (backwards) of a word meaning goes over or summarises.

2 Reckon Yankee is in a bit of a state (6)
{COUNTY} – The name of an area of aUS state comes from a word mean reckon on rely on followed by a Y (Yankee in the phonetic alphabet).

3 Nearly 80% dark (4)
{NIGH} – Take 4/5ths (80%) of a word meaning dark to get a word meaning nearly.

4 2, sorted, shuffled (6)
{DORSET} – An anagram (shuffled) of SORTED gives the name of an English 2d.

5 Fortifications built on 2 without parts of it (8)
{BULWARKS} – A word for fortifications comes from the word built without the I and T (without parts of it) followed by the abbreviation for Warwickshire (a 2d).

6 Boots perhaps ripped underneath fastenings (5,5)
{CHAIN STORE} – Boots is an example of this High Street retail establishment. It comes from a word meaning fastenings (6) followed by a word meaning ripped.

7 Came earlier, so ate (8)
{PREDATED} – A double definition for a word meaning ate or if split 3-5 meaning came earlier.

8 Base for 2 on hot date? (8)
{BEDSTEAD} – This base for a mattress comes from the abbreviation for Bedfordshire (a 2d) followed by an anagram (hot) of DATE.

14 Fourth after this? (10)
{EIGHTEENTH} – Count on four after the number of this clue and you will get the answer!

16 List explaining 2 rays refracted (8)
{GLOSSARY} – An explanatory list comes from the abbreviation for Gloucestershire (a 2d) followed by an anagram (refracted) of RAYS.

17 Disorderly without measure (8)
{RULELESS} – A word for disorderly might mean that you do not have the means of measuring something.

18 Faithful service – nothing to it up in 2 (8)
{DEVOTION} – Take the name of a SW 2d and add inside it an O and IT all reversed (up in).

22 Moves aside second 2 (6)
{SHUNTS} – A word meaning moves aside comes from the abbreviation for second followed by the abbreviation for Huntingdonshire (a 2d).

23 Disrespecting the old adage is madness, which shows (6)
{AGEISM} – A kind of bias or discrimination against the old is hidden inside (which shows) ADAGE IS MADNESS.

24 Old partner to look after offer (6)
{EXTEND} – A word meaning offer comes from the two letter word for an old partner followed by a word meaning to look after.

27 Edging of 2 round banks of tiny underground stream (4)
{STYX} – Take the outer letters (edging of) of SUSSEX (a 2d) and add the outer letters of (banks of) tiny to give the name of an underground stream or river in Greek mythology.

9 comments on “NTSPP – 141

  1. A very enjoyable puzzle today from Gervase. Nearly gave up early on – but luckily got 2d and so persevered!

    Only 19a remains unsolved – does it end in “T”? Looking forward to the review.

    1. B*ll*cks!

      8d – I had “bedsheet” – “Beds” – plus “heet” a homophone of “Hot” known only to myself and no homophone indicator! But, how is “hot” an anagram indicator?

      19a – One of those clues that I would never ever have solved without this Blog!

      Very clever puzzle! Thanks to all!

  2. had the pleasure of meeting Gervase today, but yet to tackle his crossword, I did the back page on the way to Kings Cross and Gnomey and I with a , well lot of nudging from Prolixix finished the Times and Guarniad over a few beers in what what was a very very pleasant afternoon. And the Lemon Drizzle cake… yummee

  3. Found it quite tough until we worked out the theme. Good fun puzzle. Liked 27d. Sadly, don’t think the Lemon Drizzle cake would survive the air travel to us. Thanks Gervase and reviewer.

  4. It was nice to meet you yesterday Gervase and I did enjoy your crossword over breakfast this morning. Thanks to you and Prolixic too.

  5. Thanks everyone – for the excellent review and the kind comments. By no means all my puzzles are themed, but I do enjoy trying to incorporate some sort of linkage between the clues.

    Good to meet some of you at Wapping; I’ll be at Derby next month, where I hope to see some of you again. And I usually bring a puzzle to the Midlands gatherings…..

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