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ST 2658

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2658

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Morning All! We had a reasonably straightforward puzzle last Sunday week. There were a few clues that looked a bit daunting but the wordplay cleared them up OK with the checking letters. I peg this as a 1.4 standard Virgilius. As usual the definitions have been underlined.


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1a           Communication on warship that’s prepared to surrender (10)
SUBMISSIVE – The warship is the SUB(marine) and the communication is the general MISSIVE.

6a           One of two related presidents — elder, perhaps (4)
The first definition refers to George and George Dubya and the cryptic is the elder which is a BUSH or shrub.

9a           Doctor having look inside — that’s good to hear (7)
MELODIC – LO (an archaic exhortation to look) inside MEDIC for doctor.

10a         Uplifting act as artist and I perform musically (7)
RAISING – RA (Royal Academician for artist) plus I and then SING (perform musically).

12a         Medal winner and I, with this kind of clue (8,5)
VICTORIA CROSS – VICTOR (winner) and I with ACROSS – the type of clue that this represents).

14a         Small delay with multiple sources of overhead lighting (6)
STARRY – An adjective for starlit. S for Small and TARRY for delay.

15a         What’s in erratum is no mere verbal infelicity (8)
MISNOMER – Make an anagram (in erratum) of IS NO MERE.

17a         A short time ago getting everything out of rare chance? Not likely (8)
RECENTLY – I’ll borrow BD’s clue from the day as it is so succinct – “Drop the inner letters from (getting everything out of) the last four words in the clue”

19a         Complaint coming back, left with little energy, weak (6)
FEEBLE – A reversal of BEEF (a complaint or grumble) then L(eft) and the abbreviation of Energy.

22a         Person making money dishonestly from damaged fruit tree once (13)

24a         Perform as substitutes in Test and international (5,2)
STAND-IN – I think that there is an erroneous S at the end of ‘stands’, not really necessary as far as I can see. The answer is hidden in the last three words.

25a         British invading to pressurise part of Middle East (7)
LEBANON – B for British inside LEAN ON or pressurise.

26a         Owing to cut, one can’t perform this piece of music (4)
DUET – Shorten the phrase DUE TO (owing to). A person on their own cannot perform this.

27a         Regulations about sci-fi movie getting Oscars, for example (10)
STATUETTES – STATUTES (regulations) with ET (a sci-fi movie with a disgustingly cute alien).


1d           Problem with ring for kind of wrestling (4)
SUMO – A mathematical additional problem with O for ring.

2d           Bachelor joining woman in faraway country (7)
BOLIVIA – B for Bachelor with an exotic woman OLIVIA.

3d           Forced to accept beliefs, with change of direction, and about time (13)
INDOCTRINATED – An anagram of DIRECTION with AND around T for Time.

4d           Nonconformist group or division (6)
SECTOR – A simple charade of SECT (nonconformist group) and OR.

5d           After six, I ring devastated area in Eastern state (8)
VIRGINIA – Place an anagram (devastated) of I RING after VI (six in Roman Numerals) and then add A for Area.

7d           Cover for student body university provided within convention (7)
UNIFORM – A charade of U (University) and IF (provided) inside NORM for the convention or status quo.

8d           Under the influence, setter disorientated in shopping area (4,6)
HIGH-STREET – HIGH is under the influence. Add an anagram (disoriented) of SETTER. I would like to think that we don’t have drunken crossword setters shambling around Westfield!

11d         Popular kind of TV covering cricket side before big match? Sure (13)
INCONTESTABLE – Start with IN (popular) then inside CABLE (a type of TV feed) place ON (a cricket side) and TEST (big match). Bit of a stretch to parse but the checking letters helped!.

13d         Swimming across tide, separated from everyone else (10)
OSTRACISED – A swimmingly good anagram of ACROSS TIDE for a verb meaning to have been sent to Coventry.

16d         Something instrumental in dividing red wine (8)
CLARINET – Very simple to parse but the surface reading made it a lovely clue. IN inside CLARET (red wine).

18d         Bold quality about the times we live in (7)
COURAGE – C for Circa or about with OUR AGE (the times we live in).

20d         Start of book on sculpture, say, including a title (7)
BARONET – The original letter of B(ook) and ART (sculpture for example)  with ONE for A included. Note that the two are considered synonyms and appear occasionally.

21d         Wine found in Metro drunk chucked over line (6)
MERLOT – An anagram (drunk) of MERLOT around (chucked over) L for Line.

23d         Responsibility borne by setter and solver together (4)
ONUS – Slightly chestnutty for me  but the treatment is good. ON for by and US (the setter and solver together).

Glad to say that I managed to blog this one. A massive thank you to crypticsue for the extended coverage when I am caught at work. I will attempt to make amends this Thursday after Petitjean’s Crossword Workshop with a nice lunch in the country.