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NTSPP – 137

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle – 137

Projected Glory II by Alchemi

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NTSPP - 136

The puzzle is available by clicking on the above grid.

A review of this puzzle by Prolixic follows.

After his last puzzle in July on the theme of leading men in movies, I wondered if Alchemi had a counterpart in waiting in the wings.  Here it is.


8 Make fun of setter, reportedly cut (3-3)
{RIB-EYE} – A cut of meat comes from a word meaning may fun of followed by a homophone of I (setter, reportedly).

9 1’s enigmatic “Only my art is timeless” (5,3)
{MYRNA LOY} – One of our movie heroines comes from an anagram (enigmatic) of ONLY MY ART after removing the T (timeless).

10 Record company finally keen to get female artist (4)
{EMIN} – The name of a record company followed by the final letter of keen gives the name of a modern female artist.

11 1 surprisingly saved Tibet (5,5)
{BETTE DAVIS } – Our next movie heroine comes from an anagram (surprisingly) of SAVED TIBET.

12 Mountain essential to Italian team’s comeback (4)
{ETNA} – Hidden (essential) and reversed (comeback) inside ITALIAN TEAM is the name of a volcanic mountain in Sicilly.

13 Hurls corgi around as some 1s start out (6,4)
{CHORUS GIRL} – An anagram (around) of HURLS CORGI gives the first job that many movie heroines had in the theatre or in films.

17 Millions miss ethical test (4)
{ORAL} – A type of test comes from a word meaning ethical with the M removed (millions miss).

18 Doctor roadside bomb as water evaporated (5)
{DRIED} – A word meaning that water has evaporated comes from an abbreviation for doctor followed by the abbreviation for an improvised explosive device (roadside bomb).

19 See “The Sixth Sense” – ghastly ending! (4)
{ESPY} – The alleged sixth sense followed by the final letter (ending) of ghastly gives a word meaning see.

21 Stones hit when wrong bus crashes near Central Park (5,5)
{BROWN SUGAR} – The title of a Rolling Stones record comes from an anagram (crashes) of WRONG BUS followed by (near) the central letters of the word park.

23 Missing the odd woolly after second wash (4)
{AWOL} – A word meaning missing comes from the odd letters of woolly after the second letter of wash.

24 1’s elegance essential to cover logistical limits (5,5)
{GRACE KELLY} – Our next movie heroine comes from a word meaning elegance followed by a word meaning essential around (to cover) the outer letters (limits) of the word logistical.

28 Plant seen on edges of arboretum (4)
{ARUM} – The outer two letters (edges of) in the word arboretum give the name of a plant.

29 1’s rowing boat confusingly said to be inside (5,3)
{DORIS DAY} – Our next movie heroine comes from a type of boat (especially suited for surf riding according to Chambers) inside which you put an anagram (confusingly) of SAID.

30 Heartless fixer of races is of a higher class (6)
{NOBLER} – A term for someone who fixes races with the middle letter removed gives a word that describes someone of a higher class.


1 Blended malts kept in tree for screen goddess (4,4)
{FILM STAR} – The key word for our movie heroines comes from an anagram (blended) of MALTS inside a type of tree.

2 Judge to learn how a foul-up made 1 (4,6)
{JEAN HARLOW} – Our next movie heroine comes from the abbreviation for a judge followed by an anagram (foul-up) of LEARN HOW A.

3 Detectives in the Love Bug start spraying weedkillers (10)
{HERBICIDES} – A word for weedkillers comes from putting the abbreviation for detectives inside the name of the VW car featured in many films followed by the first letter (start) of spraying.

4 Filth displayed by character in street (4)
{SMUT} – Put one of the letters of the Greek alphabet (character) inside the abbreviation for street to get a word meaning filth.

5 Time to regret being dependable (4)
{TRUE} – A word meaning dependable comes from the abbreviation for time followed by a word meaning regret.

6 Central American is allowed to ask first (4)
{MAYA} – The name of a people fromCentral America comes from a word meaning allowed followed by the first letter of ask.

7 Eccentric courtiers cut out to be more optimistic (6)
{ROSIER} – An anagram (eccentric) of COURTIERS after removing the letters in the word CUT gives a word meaning more optimistic.

14 Indebted for victory in climbing game (5)
{OWING} – A word meaning indebted comes from a word meaning victory inside the name of a Japanese game which is reversed (climbing).

15 Fundamental of which politicians are rarely accused? (10)
{UNDERLYING} – A double definition for a word meaning fundamental and a word suggesting that politician don’t tell enough fibs!

16 1 to make garbage rot! (5,5)
{GRETA GARBO} – Out final movie heroine comes from an anagram (to make) of GARBAGE ROT.

20 Moviemaker for Mussolini, right? (8)
{PRODUCER} – The generic name for a moviemaker comes from a word meaning for followed by a word used to describe Mussolini (usually preceded by the word Il) and the abbreviation for right.

22 Put on a new top as dressing-down loses its power (6)
{REROOF} – A word meaning to put on a new top comes from a word meaning a dressing down with the P (power) removed.

25 Country without a feature (4)
{CHIN} – The name of an Oriental country without the final A gives the name of a facial feature.

26 Pulls the legs of young goats (4)
{KIDS} – A double definition that should need no further explanation!

27 Old songs to do nothing to, it’s said (4)
{LAYS} – A homophone (it’s said) of a word meaning to do nothing gives an old word for songs.

11 comments on “NTSPP – 137

  1. A very nice themed puzzle from the scarily prolilfic Alchemi (one or two puzzles a week at least) . Lots of good d’oh moments in this one. Thanks to him for the lunchtime entertainment and to Prolixic in advance for his review.

  2. Very nice puzzle. Some quite tricky clues for the four-letter words. A good theme too. I didn’t know the answer at 9a but wasn’t too hard to work out and Google. 11a is a joy. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks to Alchemi – I enjoyed it. A much needed extra “fix” after breezing through today’s back-pager.

    I’m still missing the point with regard to “Projected Glory II”

    Ahh! I understand now! I must have missed version I.

    Thanks to Prolixic for the review.

    1. Prolixic – 16d – I know she always wanted to be alone, but her picture seems to have gone AWOL!

      (Just to prove that someone reads the review). Thanks again – very entertaining!

      1. I read the review too – always, even if I’ve managed to do it “all my own self” (a family expression that came from our younger daughter when she was a very independent three year old!)

  4. All was fine once I had realised my big mistake! :oops:
    I had a quick read through of all the clues, as I always do to begin with. Everything seemed to take me back to 1. So, as usual, leapt in with both feet (and well before connecting brain) and started looking at the first clue. Unfortunately this was, of course, NOT 1 but 8a which I couldn’t do to begin with. Please someone tell me that I’m not the only one to do stupid things like this!
    I really enjoyed it. I needed the hint to explain 3d and, although I knew that it was an anagram, I couldn’t do 9a.
    Favourites include 19 and 23a and 4, 15 and 26a.
    With thanks to Alchemi for another great puzzle and to Prolixic.

    1. Kath, you are not alone – I made the same mistake with regard to 1 and 8a. The puzzle became a lot easier after realising the error of my ways.

  5. What a belter! Although without the Chambers Crossword solver’s list book I would have struggled with some of the theme names with me being a mere sapling of a youth (56). Thanks to Alchemi & to Prolixic. Please sir may I have more?

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