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ST 2655

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2655

A full review by Gnomethang

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Morning All! I solved this in pretty much record time and having reviewed it I thought that a lot of the clues followed a fairly similar form but the surface readings added a lot to the enjoyment.

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1a           Arrest idiot holding minute navigational aid (7)
COMPASS – COP (arrest) and ASS (idiot) containing M for Minute.

5a           Southern part of Europe or Northern part of Asia (7)
SIBERIA – S(outhern) followed by IBERIA (The peninsula including Spain and Portugal). A very simple but effective clue.

9a           Beat time, leading to odd childish outburst (7)
TANTRUM – A charade of TAN (beat) then T for Time and finally RUM (odd).

10a         Kiss in cinema perturbed foreign national (7)
MEXICAN – X, the abbreviation for a Kiss inside an anagram (perturbed) of CINEMA.

11a         For island, awfully alarming sight in sea (6,3)
DORSAL FIN – My last one in but I don’t know why except for the surface reading being smooth. An anagram (awfully) of FOR ISLAND gives you the shark tell-tale that might alarm one at sea.

12a         The equivalent of a mile? That’s not right (5)
AMISS – Split the answer as (1,4) and remember that A MISS is as good as (i.e. equivalent to) a mile. Nicely spotted.

13a         Was inclined to get support and advanced, we hear (5)
LEANT – A homophone of advanced as in money.

15a         State of one kind of calf? (3,6)
NEW JERSEY – A baby Jersey cow would be a NEW JERSEY would it not?

17a         Follow and arrest — that’s often in connection with lead (3,6)
DOG COLLAR – What sounds like a police operation is actually a charade of DOG (follow) and COLLAR (arrest) which snaps on to the lead of a dog.

19a         Like South America, home for many Indians (5)
ASSAM – The Indians being in India, not native American Indians. A charade of AS (like) S(outh) and AM (which is another abbreviation of America). They make nice tea leaves in Assam!.

22a         Part of thoroughfare one shouldn’t drive into (5)
ROUGH – As a keen but mixed talent golfer I got this quite quickly. The answer is hidden in (part of) thoROUGHfare. The rough on the golf course is, as its name suggests, much harder to get the ball out of than the fairway or first cut.

23a         British editor’s page perused — it gives blanket coverage (9)
BEDSPREAD – Another charade, this time of B(ritish), ED’S (for Editor’s) and finally READ (perused). Another very fine and consistent surface reading

25a         Current article about Conservative causing irritation (7)
ITCHING – I is the SI symbol for electrical current. Start with that and then place C for Conservative inside THING for article.

26a         One shuts up about energy in periods of global warming? Just the opposite (3,4)
ICE AGES – I for one and CAGES (shuts up) around E for Energy.

27a         Contribution to helping her kinsman in a bit of a pickle (7)
GHERKIN – Another hidden word, indicated by ‘contribution to’ i.e. ‘part of’.

28a         Law they manipulated, becoming rich (7)
WEALTHY – A manipulated anagram of LAW THEY.


1d           Strange dialect used in Kremlin, for example (7)
CITADEL – A bit of a chestnut this one. A strange anagram of DIALECT for a stronghold such as the Kremlin in Russia

2d           Pit worker against a goddess (7)
MINERVA – a MINER (pit worker) the V for Versus (against) and finally A.

3d           Vessel carrying vital stuff from Australia or Tasmania (5)
AORTA – The hidden word indicator is simple ‘from’. The vital stuff is blood and the AORTA carries it from heart.

4d           Inspiring work in groundbreaking encounter for half the remaining contestants (9)
SEMIFINAL – IF, the inspiring poem by Kipling inside SEMINAL (groundbreaking).

5d           Simple and penniless guy? What he says goes (5)
SIMON – I’ll give you Gazza’s clue on the day: “The name of a simple guy who can’t afford a pie in a Nursery Rhyme also appears in a party game (Where what he says is an order).”

6d           Equipment for making pictures artist found after fight occurred (3,6)
BOX CAMERA – RA (a Royal Academician) after BOX (fight) and CAME (occurred).

7d           For kicks, gets wound up again? (7)
RECOILS – Two definitions, the recoil of a gun and also to wind up a rope again.

8d           Pardon girl without comfortable residence (7)
AMNESTY – AMY (a girl) with a NEST, or comfortable residence, included, the former being outside (without) the latter.

14d         It removes bits of food, also most of the cream (9)
TOOTHPICK – TOO (also) then almost all of TH(e) and finally PICK for cream/best.

16d         Philosophy of life only astronauts have had? (5-4)
WORLD VIEW – A definition and a cryptic definition (assuming that we haven’t seen an astronauts video).

17d         Favourite line, in bold (7)
DARLING – L for Line inside DARING for bold.

18d         Leave university and long for artistic work (7)
GOAUCHE – GO (leave) and U(niversity) followed by ACHE for pine. The artistic style is defined as “A method of painting using opaque pigments ground in water and thickened with a gluelike substance.”

20d         Insult about European’s manual dexterity (7)
SLEIGHT – a SLIGHT or insult around E for European. Manual dexterity as in a prestidigitator such as the wonderful Roger Squires (as demonstrated last Saturday).

21d         Unpretentiousness of style with pen (7)
MODESTY – MODE for style and STY for pen

23d         Opened with key held by head (5)
BEGAN – The note G inside BEAN for head or noodle.

24d         Characters from Greece getting together for religious work (5)
PIETA – This is defined as a ‘representation of the Virgin Mary mourning over the body of Jesus’. Two Greek letters, PI and ETA.

Thanks to Virgilius for going easy on us all whilst providing an enjoyable puzzle. I’ll see you next week for the Saturday slot next Friday.


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