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Toughie 836

Toughie No 836 by Beam

Cuddling Large Models in Flimsy Blouses

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BD Rating – Difficulty ***Enjoyment ****

We have an entertaining puzzle from Beam with several of his usual double-entendres and the obligatory reference to Queen (piece of useless trivia – Freddie Mercury was born on this day in 1946). The mix of clue types is quite odd; there are no anagrams at all but lots and lots of containment-type clues and hidden words.
Let us know what you thought and please click on one of the stars below to record your enjoyment factor.

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DT 26963

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26963

Hints and tips by scchua

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ***

I rate this about 1.5 for difficulty, and a 2.5 for enjoyment.  The clues were not that difficult, and there were some nice surfaces too, eg. 17d and 25a.  Thanks to setter.

At the request of our sponsor, I’m changing my spots, well half of them today, for a start.  So it’s RIP to the style in the Across clues below (apparently some perceived it as near rocket science and/or written in a foreign language and/or outside their comfort zones and/or not chatty and/or too detailed and/or whatever).  And hello to a more conformist style a la the Down clues below.  Please comment, but, in order that I may respond intelligently, please be as specific as you can.

As usual, definitions are underlined in the clues, and clicking between the curly brackets brings up the answers (bold font) or bits of the answers (regular font).

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