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Prize Puzzle – September 2012

Monthly Prize Puzzle No 4 (September 2012) by Gazza

In association with Hamlyn Books,
the publishers of Telegraph Crossword Books

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Why not have a go at our fourth Monthly Prize Puzzle? The winner will receive all four of The Telegraph All New Cryptic Crosswords Books and The Telegraph All New Toughie Crossword Books published by Hamlyn.

A review will follow after the closing date (15th September 2012).

MPP - 04

The puzzle is available by clicking on the above grid.

I’ve left this post open for comments, but if you don’t want your comment to be deleted then avoid asking for or giving help with the clues.

16 comments on “Prize Puzzle – September 2012

  1. I can’t enter the competition but I can highly recommend that everyone has a go at this great Gazza puzzle.

  2. What a fine puzzle – thanks very much Gazza, enjoyed it a lot. Some great clues and a few laughs along the way :grin:

    Only problem is that I can’t spot the answer to the question yet :sad:

  3. Really enjoyed this puzzle. :D Took a litle while to spot the link but hopefully got the right answer. Thanks Gazza.

  4. Done. Loved it. Submitted under real name though instead of 2Kiwis so hope it goes through OK. Thanks Gazza for giving us a fun Sunday morning.

  5. I hope i will be on the BUTTON with this one. Still have a few to go, Thanks to gazza for the puzzle ( and 11a )

    will perservere.

  6. Done it – loved it even if it’s given me brain ache. There are a couple of answers that I don’t understand and I spent a long time hunting for the linked characters – eventually realised that I was looking in the wrong places and then found them! Having never heard of them (obviously yet ANOTHER gap in my education!) I automatically assumed that they’d be *********. Wrong again! :roll: Anyway, have now found the answer – whether I actually get round to submitting it is another matter!
    Favourites 11 and 17a and 3 and 13d. (never heard of that word with that meaning)
    Thanks Gazza.

    1. Kath,
      I’ve edited your comment slightly so as not to give anything away. Do submit your answer – your odds of winning are much better than with the Telegraph Prize Puzzles. :D

      1. I’m really sorry – I thought that I was being pretty careful not to give anything away. :oops:
        I have just broken all the habits of a lifetime and put in my answer, thereby entering a competition. I don’t understand why I have to prove that I’m not a robot so all I did was type in the letters – seriously don’t understand but answer seems to have gone.

        1. Your answer was safely received.

          If you have a contact form on a website you are likely to get ten times as many spam entries as genuine ones, mostly from sites offering to increase the number of viewers – since I implemented that simple check the flow has been reduced to a trickle.

          1. Thanks – I still don’t really understand but I suppose if that’s all being offered you’re quite lucky!

            1. Hi Kath

              If you put a contact form on a website there are people out there with computers (robots) that trawl the web looking for just that and the form gives them an “in” to your site. Then you start getting all sorts of crap. The letters you have to type in are in an image, rather that plain type, so the robot can’t read it and therefore is kept out. No doubt one day the tossers will get around this and we’ll need something else – a cryptic clue perhaps?

  7. My perserverance has finally paid dividends. . Took me quite a while to spot the characters, Time will tell if i am correct. Once again thanks to Gazza for the challenge. Looking forward to the review.

  8. Thanks Gazza, great fun, my sheet of A4 is covered in notes and scribbles but got there in the end!

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