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Toughie 831

Toughie No 831 by Busman

Sweet doing nothing

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

This pleasant Toughie came to life, and won an extra star, when I solved 1 down.

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1a    Beverley address? (4,3,2,5)
{DEAR SIR OR MADAM] – how you might address someone with the unisex name of Beverley

9a    Slumped after finding penny at back of sofa (7)
{LOUNGED} – the symbol for an old penny after (at back of) a type of sofa – I prefer to see old currency indicated as such

10a    It’s hell to conclude with refusal (7)
{INFERNO} – a verb meaning to conclude followed by a refusal

11a    Former partners and former opponents at bridge (4)
{EXES} – a word meaning former followed by two opponents at bridge

12a    Barber having drink first on board here? (3,7)
{TEA CLIPPER} – a word that could describe a barber preceded by a drink

14a    A 3 about double parking in Syrian city (6)
{ALEPPO} – The A from the clue is followed by a celestial example of 3 down around P(arking) and P(arking)

15a    Show ready in French church (8)
{PRETENCE} – the French for ready and in followed by the Church of England

17a    Seeing what the patissier isn’t doing (8)
{NOTICING} – split as (3,5) this could be what the patissier isn’t doing

18a    Has two nuts. Does it matter? (2,4)
{SO WHAT} – an anagram (nuts) of HAS TWO

20a    Rarely easy, manic time of life (5,5)
{EARLY YEARS} – an anagram (manic) of RARELY EASY

21a    It’s time I left alluring woman (4)
{HOUR} – drop the final I (I left) from an alluring woman

23a    Hits, not hard, and vandalises (7)
{TRASHES} – drop the first H (not Hard) from a verb meaning hits or flogs

24a    Mount needs exercise and fare that carries a charge (7)
{TORPEDO} – a charade of a mount or hill, some physical exercise and a verb meaning to fare or manage gives a weapon that carries a charge

25a    ‘Let me see,’ it’s asserted, ‘it’s cared for‘ (4-10)
{WELL-MAINTAINED} – a charade of a four-letter word meaning let me see and a verb meaning asserted or claimed


1d    Indolence after translation (5,3,6)
{DOLCE FAR NIENTE} – today’s stand-out clue is an anagram (translation) of INDOLENCE AFTER

2d    One of nine fellows rating rebel in pinball wizard’s playground (9,6)
{AMUSEMENT ARCADE) – one of nine goddesses of the liberal arts followed by some fellows, a naval rating and a fifteenth-century rebel

ARVE Error: need id and provider

3d    Noticeboard swinging regularly (4)
{SIGN} – the odd letters (regularly) of a word in the clue

4d    A Peckham lad out yonder (6)
{RODNEY} – Del Boy’s brother is an anagram (out) of YONDER

ARVE Error: need id and provider

5d    Bar eccentric travel document (8)
{RAILCARD} – a charade of a bar and an eccentric person

6d    A Fine Romance: left in distress (10)
{AFFLICTION} – the A from the clue followed by F(ine) and a romance or story into which L(eft) has been inserted

7d    Ditching a trifle? (1,4,2,3,5)
{A DROP IN THE OCEAN} – ditching from an aircraft into the sea?

8d    Like 3 or 11 – **** — or not! (4-6,4)
{FOUR-LETTER WORD} – one of these is often represented by asterisks – the “or not” refers to the fact that this characteristic is shared by 3 down and 11 across but not by three or eleven


13d    Letters from quiet royal chap may be spurious (10)
{APOCRYPHAL} – an anagram (letters from) of themusical symbol for quiet with ROYAL CHAP

16d    Vehicle protection left off submarine (8)
{UNDERSEA} – drop the final L(eft) from a protective layer applied to a vehicle

19d    Take in most of bars, getting bubbly on top (6)
{GRATIN} – most of a frame of bars gives a bubbly topping for food

22d    Song from the borders of Armenia (4)
{ARIA} – the outer four letters (borders) of ARmenIA

Not bad for a Tuesday Toughie.

15 comments on “Toughie 831

  1. I thought it was a very nice Tuesday toughie, thank you Busman. I liked 1a (I did spend a moment trying to work out how people in the East Riding of Yorkshire might address each other :) ) 1d, 4d, and 8d. Held up the most by 19d.

    Thanks to BD too. Nice to have the solving, blogging and commenting done early as Mr CS wants me to accompany him on a short (well it had better be short!) trip out.

  2. Thanks to Busman for a very entertaining puzzle! Definitely 4* enjoyment!

    Glad I wasn’t christened Beverley! Any famous Beverley Men? Thought they were all “sisters”!

    1a & 1d worth the price of today’s paper by themselves!

  3. Great fun from Busman if a trifle on the untaxing side for a toughie. Many thanks to Busman and to BD for a highly entertaining review. Loved 1a and 1d.

  4. Good stuff on offer today , Favourites for me were 1a 1d 2d and 12a thanks to Busman and to Big Dave for the comments.

  5. Always nice to see Busman on parade. 1d was a gem of a clue. The only problem is that I have spent the rest of the day humming tunes from the Gondoliers :)

      1. I suspect it may be in both. The lines it reminded me of were from the Gondoliers:

        “Till then, enjoy your dolce far niente,
        With pleasure, nobody contradicente”

        1. Actually, I think you’re right – I mistakenly attributed it to the 1st Act finale in Iolanthe when the peers and the fairies trade foreign phrases. The best 1st Act finale in all G&S IMHO.

        2. We were both right! In Iolanthe :

          This gentleman is seen
          With a maid of seventeen
          A-taking of his dolce far niente

          And the best bit is that I failed to get it!

  6. Not done many Busman puzzles. Know him better as GOZO in the FT but this was a bit of fun.

    1d favourite but a lot of good stuff and finished with a smile :smile:

    Thanks to Busman and Big Dave.

  7. Enjoyed this puzzle which we completed after a lot of hard work. Felt very clever when Mrs Kiwi knew 1d. Favourites were 1a and 8d which totally bamboozled us for some time. Thanks Busman and BD.

  8. Just started the toughies. Blimey Charlie!!!

    Any way 17a made me chuckle. Needed lots of help though.

  9. 19d last in, guessed the answer from the letters. 1a and 1d superb, thank you BD and Busman

  10. It’s just me then.
    I enjoyed this puzzle with the exception of 1d…… even with it written down I have no idea where on earth it comes from.

    And i consider myself reasonably well educated….. in fact I went to Beverley Grammar School, so I got a bit stuck on 1a as well.

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