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DT 26948

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26948

A full review by gnomethang

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BD Rating – Difficulty ** Enjoyment ***

Morning All!. I have decided to use the current vogue for underlining the definition. I think that this is a welcome addition for both bloggers and bloggees as it adds an immediate clarity to the hint. This was a perfectly enjoyable Saturday prize puzzle of easy/medium difficulty.

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1a           Bouncer frisking me in portal (10)
TRAMPOLINE – An anagram (frisking) of ME IN PORTAL

6a           Worry about being in bankers’ paper (4)
FRET – RE (about, reference) inside the FT – Financial Times

9a           The Spanish and French end being impish (5)
ELFIN – The Spanish article for the, EL, and the French word for end, FIN.

10a         Lacking will to remove first bit of rubble from main road in USA (9)
INTESTATE – Remove the first letter in R(ubble) from INTE(r)STATE.

12a         What could make the dear very upset (6-7)
BROKEN-HEARTED – A reversed sort of clue – a broken anagram of HEARTED makes ‘the dear’

14a         One tackling filth is inclined to enter Church, right? (8)
CLEANSER – LEANS (is inclined) inside CE, the Church of England, and R for Right.

15a         Wind tears round a lake (6)
SPIRAL – A reversal (around) of a verb for tears and then A L(ake).

17a         Gain score in game without cheer (6)
WINTRY – A charade of gain for WIN and score for TRY.

19a         Orbit — hip new bar (8)
PROHIBIT – A new anagram of ORBIT HIP.

21a         Non-stop game of darts (5-3-5)
ROUND-THE –CLOCK – A double definition. The darts game requires one to hit from one to twenty and then 25 and Bullseye. Extra go if you hit three targets on the spin.

24a         Legendary king returns in one location of biblical tribe (9)

25a         Antelope makes dash to the centre of Sudan (5)
ELAND – A synonym for dash or style with the central letter in suDan. A perennial crosswordland antelope.

26a         Call round (4)
RING – Another straightforward double definition. Ring the doorbell (call) and a circle (ring).

27a         This could disqualify athlete getting off faster — last (5,5)
FALSE START – An anagram of FASTER LAST indicated by ‘getting off’.



1d           Swarm to gather up (4)
TEEM – A reversal (up) of MEET (gather).

2d           A fine story that’s pleasant (7)
AFFABLE – A then F for fine (as an abbreviation) then FABLE for a story as of Aesop.

3d           This may link banks with two means of gambling (7,6)
PONTOON BRIDGE – Two card games played, possibly, for money.  That is the cryptic definition and the straight one was in use in the arm days.

4d           See one old troublemaker round about was lurking (8)
LOITERED – LO (see, behold) and I for one with a TED (Teddy Boy, an old troublemaker) all around the outside of RE for about.

5d           Score (piano) Tchaikovsky penned (5)
NOTCH – Hidden in piaNO TCHaikovsky (indicated by penned).

7d           Clergyman brings in a pile (7)
REACTOR – The insertion of A in RECTOR. A nuclear pile.

8d           Surveyor’s instrument finds diamonds in the grainy limestone (10)
THEODOLITE – I think that byu the end of the day we had all looked up THE OOLITE as a grainy limestone. Insert the abbreviation of the card suit Diamonds.

11d         More than one marksman cheats beaks (13)
SHARPSHOOTERS – SHARPS also means cheats (think card sharps). Then add HOOTERS as an informal word for noses or beaks

13d         Green activist’s contrived row with care about Earth Summit venue (3-7)
ECO WARRIOR – An anagram (contrived) of ROW and CARE placed around RIO – the location of the last Earth Summit on green issues.

16d         Mad people who worked at Bletchley Park? (8)
CRACKERS – Two definitions, the cryptic one being the code CRACKERS at Bletchley park during the Second World War

18d         Particle — turn one out (7)
NEUTRON – An anagram (out) of TUEN ONE.

20d         Dessert — sounds like champion grub! (7)
BAKLAVA – A homophone of BACK (champion) and LARVA (grub)

22d         Laugh provided by a Mediterranean port (5)
HAIFA – A charade of HA (Laugh), IF (provided) and A from the clue.

23d         Revise writing of Sitwell endlessly (4)
EDIT – All but the last letter of EDIT(h) Sitwell.

I’ll see you all next week (Thursday) where I am back on the Sunday review.


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