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DT 26942

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26942

A full review by crypticsue

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I didn’t take long to solve this one but being a fan of Cephas puzzles I certainly enjoyed the process, people may mutter at the number of anagrams per crossword, but his original anagram indicators are the best!   Thank you to Cephas once again for a lovely start to Saturday morning.

 Apologies in advance for any errors in this blog but I was on my way to bed when I decided to read my emails and found a plea from young Gnomey – apparently my promised microbrewery is being upgraded to Shepherd Neame! (if you don’t live in Kent, you need to know that this is the name of Britain’s oldest brewer).

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1a Talk about deerstalker perhaps (4)
CHAT –   An informal term for a talk –  C (circa, about) plus HAT (of which a deerstalker is an example).

3a Become gradually less light (5)
TAPER  – Double definition –   to lessen in width or a type of thin waxed candle.

6a Commander’s rejected story (4)
SAGA – a long heroic story is a reversal (rejected) of AGA[‘]S, an aga being a Turkish commander.

8a Bats flutter maybe, flapping about in opera (6,9)
MADAME BUTTERFLY –  MAD (bats) followed by an anagram (flapping about) of FLUTTER MAYBE makes the name of a famous opera

9a Read an adaptation for this lady! (6)
ANDREA – Another anagram (adaptation) – rearrange READ AN to get a girl’s name.

10a Spy translated clue for atomic group (8)
MOLECULE –  A spy who infiltrates another organization a MOLE followed by an anagram (translated) of CLUE gives us the smallest particle of any substance.

11a Characters in order of appearance (8)
ALPHABET –  Once you realize that characters are letters, the clue is self-explanatory.

13a Crooked trefoil I left produces small bloomer (6)
FLORET – And another anagram (crooked), this time TREFOIL without the I (I left) makes a small flower.

15a Mend a shirt for this lady! (6)
TRISHA –  Another girl’s name from an anagram (mend) this time of A SHIRT.

17a Four repeatedly redesigned fussy decoration (4-4)
FROU-FROU –  a word from the French meaning a fussy frilly decoration is an anagram of FOUR repeated (repeatedly redesigned).

19a Conferences required when centre of Syria is occupied by politicians accepting nothing (8)
SYMPOSIA –    Insert an O into MPS (politicians, Members of Parliament accepting nothing) and having removed the middle letter (centre) of SY[R]IA, replace it with the MPOS to get another word for conferences.

21a Military policeman cut down while arresting District Commissioner (6)
REDCAP – The informal way of referring to a military policeman –  Insert DC (the abbreviation for District Commissioner) into REAP (cut down, harvest).

22a Just beaten by top path, I stepped a different way (6,2,3,4)
PIPPED AT THE POST – An expression used when someone is just beaten in  a race is an anagram (different way) of TOP PATH I STEPPED.

23a Unfair, making regular visits to Burghley (4)
UGLY – Unfair or decidedly not beautiful – the alternate letters (regular) of BUrGhLeY.

24a Many a bird call from this bird! (5)
MACAW  –  A hurried check of Chambers doesn’t show M meaning many but it does mean millions which I suppose is almost  the same thing.     A type of colourful parrot is M (many) A (from the clue) and CAW (bird call).

25a Dreadful sound made by colourful worker (4)
DYER –   Someone who dyes material etc for a living sounds like DIRE (dreadful).



1d Doctor seen in outdoor clothing meeting worker and fighter (9)
COMBATANT – A person who takes part in military action –   Insert MB (Bachelor of Medicine, doctor) into a COAT (outdoor clothing) and follow with ANT (worker).

2d Found the total made sense (5,2)
ADDED UP –  A double definition.

3d African republic twinned with Bath — image that’s surreal (3,6)
THE GAMBIA –  The name of an African republic is a (surreal) anagram of BATH IMAGE.

4d Victoria paid for headlong plunge (7)
PLUMMET –  Sadly not a single Victoria PLUM in our garden this year.   Add PLUM to MET (paid for) to get a headlong plunge.

5d Animal with another animal on American railroad (5)
RATEL –  Adding RAT (animal) to the EL (the crossword setter’s favourite railway) makes an animal of a badger-like genius related to the wolverine.

6d Hit no longer available, being deleted (6,3)
STRUCK OFF –   STRUCK (hit) plus OFF (no longer available, off the menu) – deleted from a register or list.

7d Sea where girl and I may find shelter (7)
GALILEE –  GAL (girl) I (from the clue) and LEE (shelter) give this well-known  sea.

12d Silence young dog with savoury doughnut (4,5)
HUSH PUPPY –  An instruction to a young dog to be quiet is apparently an American savoury doughnut.  Sounds horrible!

13d Entertainment for clubbers’ night on the tiles? (5,4)
FLOOR SHOW –  A cryptic definition of a show on the floor of a nightclub, rather than a stage.

14d One of a band of elephants? (9)
TRUMPETER –   Someone who plays in a band or an elephant making a noise through its trunk.

16d Coming to a similar conclusion, we hear (7)
RHYMING –   Rhymings words definitely sound similar or alike when sounded out loud.

17d Agitated by improper fraction, nothing less (7)
FRANTIC –  Another anagram (improper) of FRACTION without the O (nothing less) describes how I am feeling trying to get this blog done so that I can go to bed before midnight!

18d Residence of minister seized from director? Yes (7)
RECTORY –  Ignore the question mark and you should see the home of a rector  hidden in diRECTOR Yes

20d Therefore friar may be cut off in old city (5)
SODOM –  A city in the Old Testament –   SO (therefore) and DOM[inican) (friar cut off).

I am a little too tired to think straight but I believe and hope that Gnomey will be able to do next Saturdays blog as I am scheduled to do Sunday’s.    You will, however, have two more lots of my (less rushed) words of explanation this  weekend.

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  1. I, too, am a great fan of Cephas so I am looking forward to doing this puzzle. I wish we had a micro brewery here

      1. I am tempted to say lots of things here…. but will stick with saying ‘why not do the Giovanni?

  2. I think your 8a explanation is slightly incorrect – BATS FLUTTER MAYBE is not an anagram of “Madame Butterfly” – it has two B’s in it. I think it’s a combination of BATS being the “Mad” and then the remainder of the answer being an anagram of “flutter maybe”.

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