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ST 2650

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2650

A full review by gnomethang

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Morning All! Given that I am currently on holiday and have no idea what day it is I realised that I had forgotten to blog this – hence the alarm call at 6 this morning to get up and do it!. We have a very pleasant puzzle from Virgilius that most found quite straightforward.

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1a           Have influence on current parliamentarian decree (6)
IMPACT – To move or have force on. I for Current (the S.I> Symbol) then MP for Member of Parliament followed by ACT – a decree of parliament or law.

4a           Successive notes I had put outside and set apart (8)
ISOLATED – take the successive notes SO LA and TE from the tonic sol-fa scale and insert them into I’D (A contraction of I HAD). This leads to a word meaning set apart.

10a         Sudden fall of snow disturbing a mostly calm haven (9)
AVALANCHE – This dangerous sudden fall of snow from a mountainside is an anagram (disturbing) of A (from the clue), most of CAL(m) and HAVEN.

11a         Announced posts for about 50% of the population (5)
MALES – The 50% of the population that sounds like MAILS (posts)

12a         Wave from a friend in Paris on back street (7)
TSUNAMI – Place UN AMI (a friend as a Parisian would say) after the reversal of ST for street (back). The result is an extremely dangerous tidal wave.

13a         Intelligent ruler wrapping present (7)
KNOWING – Intelligent or arch. Wrap KING (ruler) around NOW (present)

14a         It is switched after very short call (5)
VISIT – make an anagram (switched) of IT IS after V (The abbreviation (short) of Very) to get a verb meaning call or pop round.

15a         Two men, and not a woman, in part of France (8)
NORMANDY – There are two cryptic definitions to this French Region: NORM & ANDY (two boys) or NOR (and not) MANDY (a girl).

18a         Pace trio varied — some of Mozart’s music is like that (8)
OPERATIC – A simple anagram (varied) of PACE TRIO gives a description of some of Mozart’s musical works.

20a         Police officer having a meal half-heartedly (5)
SUPER – Take one of the double letters from the middle of SUP(p)ER (A meal half-heartedly). This is an abbreviation or colloquial term for a Superintendent in the police force.

23a         In part, holds altitude, as experienced crewman (3,4)
OLD SALT – The salty old sea dog can be found in part of hOLDS ALTitude.

25a         Managed to continue providing capital earlier for some Asians (7)
RANGOON – The former capital of Myanmar (Burma) which has been superceded by Naypyidaw. Make a charade of RAN (managed) and GO ON (to continue).

26a         Immerse foreign coin in acid to clean thoroughly (5)
SCOUR – The abbreviation for Cent (foreign coin) inside SOUR for acid gives a verb meaning to clean thoroughly.

27a         Put too many into lift, say — more than three? (9)
OVERCROWD – Three is a CROWD (two is just company!), so more than three is OVER (a) CROWD.

28a         In the same way, enjoy having knowledge (8)
LIKEWISE – The definition is ‘in the same way’. Make a charade of LIKE (enjoy) and WISE (having knowledge).

29a         Repeatedly copied single in newer kind of record (6)
CLONED – Repeatedly copied from the same template. Place LONE (single) inside the abbreviation for Compact Disc (A newer kind of record than e.g. a 7” vinyl single from the good old days!).


1d           One caught in local, not at work (8)
INACTIVE – The definition is not at work or idling. Start with I for One then put C (caught in cricketing nomenclature) inside NATIVE (local)

2d           Very little paid for source of oil (7)
PEANUTS – A colloquial term for very little money and also one source of oil.

3d           Card one of the people dramatically played (9)
CHARACTER – A definition, card also being a joker or wag, and a cryptic definition of one of the dramatis personae created in a play.

5d           Location in West End anyone can use for their address (8,6)
SPEAKERS CORNER – A nice cryptic definition of the place in the West End of London by Hyde Park/Marble Arch where any person is allowed to stand and address the crowd.

6d           Branch office’s head in a state of uncertainty (5)
LIMBO – A state of uncertainty, particularly with reference to dying with the Original Sin still in ones soul accordion to some Christian speculative belief. Lake a LIMB of a tree (branch) then add O for the Head of Office.

7d           Matched, having the same score for each team included (7)
TALLIED – The definition is matched (as in two totals). Place TIED (having the same score) around ALL (as in how one might say 2-2, Two ALL).

8d           Be condescending about son’s intention (6)
DESIGN – DEIGN (be condescending) around S for Son gives an intention or plan.

9d           Positions before battle — start of drama in progress before Waterloo etc (6,8)
ACTION STATIONS – The position of readiness before a battle. Make a charade of ACT I (start of a drama) then ON (in progress) and finally STATIONS (Waterloo, Victoria, Fenchurch St are all London train stations).

16d         In charge in club, liable to prove poisonous (9)
ARSENICAL – Place IC (the abbreviation  of In Charge) inside the ARSENAL (the club that Big Dave describes as ‘The  Scum’) to get a clumsy sort of word for containing arsenic, therefore poisonous.

17d         Racket set up inside secret society in tropical island (8)
TRINIDAD – Reverse DIN (set up ‘racket’) inside TRIAD, the oriental secret business society, to get a tropical island

19d         Walk carefully on weed in field (7)
PADDOCK – A charade of PAD (walk carefully or softly) and DOCK (a common weed) leads to a field or grassy enclosure.

21d         Part of speech from prof, no dunce, without notes (7)
PRONOUN – This part of speech of found from removing all the notes (A to G) from PRO(f) NO (d)UN(ce).

22d         Endlessly seek advice from diplomat (6)
CONSUL – A diplomat overseas is all but the last letter of CONSUL(t) or seek advice from.

24d         Old weapon found in a river bank (5)
ARROW – The old weapon fired from a bow is a charade of (found im) A + R(iver) + ROW (bank or tier).

My thanks as always to Virgilius. I am back next week for a Sunday then a Saturday review so I’ll see you all then.