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Sloggers & Betters (Manchester)

Sloggers & Betters (Manchester)

Saturday 8th September 2012.

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Actually this is what you might call Sloggers & Betters Plus, as it coincides with the 50th birthday celebrations of Anax/Loroso/Elkamere and will consist of two events.

Basic details

The daytime venue, from 12 noon, is the Stamford Arms in Bowdon, near Altrincham in Cheshire. It was recently discovered that this pub is no longer serving food; however there is a Chef & Brewer pub (The Griffin) right next door. It has been decided to keep the Stamford Arms as the main ‘gathering’ venue – it’s an independent pub, run by nice people, which has suffered somewhat with the chain (probably subsidised) nature of its neighbour, so it would be nice to support them.

In the evening, from around 7pm, Anax’s 50th birthday celebration will be in the form of his band playing at the nearby – about 50 yards away – Cinnamon Club. The band performance, of classic soul, funk and disco material, will last around 90 minutes and will be followed by a disco for those who want to dance the night away. It is appreciated that some will need to travel home after the S&B event, but the hope is that many/most will make a night of it at the Cinnamon Club, not least because it has cost a fair old wedge to hire the place!

 Most people on Anax’s email list have been contacted (at the time of writing there are around 40 confirmed or very likely attendees) but all crossword fans are invited. There is an urgent need, however, to get a fairly accurate idea of numbers, for two reasons – The Griffin won’t be able to cope with a huge number of diners suddenly turning up, and the Cinnamon Club can accommodate a maximum of 110 in the upstairs room which has been booked. So please contact Anax directly using the contact form below – and for more information about the event and its venues please visit his blog.

 Hope you can be there!

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9 comments on “Sloggers & Betters (Manchester)

  1. The Stamford Arms and the Griffin? Wow, that brings back some wonderful memories! Not been there for about 30 years but used to go regurlarly on Fridays from age 16 to about 19 – OK, I was underage but what the hell? Used to meet up with schoolfriends from the Hale/Altincham area once I’d got myself my first motorbike – start of being a ‘petrol head’ :grin: Very good pints of Boddingtons (Stamford) and Wilsons (Griffin) if memory serves!

    Unfortunately can’t make it on the 8th but have a great day Anax :grin:

  2. My train tickets are booked with the overnight hotel.
    Thank goodness I did not have to prove that I am not a robot..robot…

    1. Hi Andy – the Stamford used to be one of my favourite pubs so have a great time there!

      1. thinking going to check out accomadation, guessing from your comment you and Pommette won’t be there, shame

        1. Pommette’s flying to the UK to help with her mum’s house move on the 12th! I have to stay here because we have clients in the apartment and I have to look after her cats!

        2. The Griffin used to do B&B but if it’s now a ‘Chef & Brewer’ then probably not. Maybe worth a check.

  3. Blumin’ ‘eck. Not been in the Stamford or the Griffin for probably 30 years. I will try to get there if at all possible if just to see what they’ve done to the place. :grin:
    Might be able to pop in for a pint (well a rum & coke more likely) but I will be moving my mums junk (sorry possessions) to her new flat over this weekend and I might be a bit stressed! But would love to see you all again.

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