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NTSPP – 130

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle – 130

A Puzzle by Radler

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NTSPP - 130

The puzzle is available by clicking on the above grid.

A review of this puzzle by Prolixic follows.

Who do you think you are kidding …? 

Radler returns to entertain us with a devious and delightful crossword which I found to be one of his tougher creations.  All the clues were perfectly fair but disguised the wordplay wonderfully.

On top of this, the first and last rows reveal a Nina which is relevant to the answer to 16a.  Add the fact that it is a pangram to boot and you have a cracking Saturday afternoon crossword.


9 Old Tory like Jeffrey Archer? (2-3)
{EX-CON} – An prefix meaning old followed by the abbreviation for Conservative gives a description of someone, like Jeffrey Archer, who has spent time in prison.

10 Do it hurriedly after I scream reminder (5,4)
{IDIOT CARD} – A phrase for a reminder used in TV and on stage comes from an anagram (hurriedly) of DO IT after the I in the clue than followed by a word meaning scream (as in a funny person).

11 Mania originally seen with first note of Goodies Funky Gibbon (7)
{SIAMANG} – An anagram (funky) of MANIA with the initial letters (originally and first note of) of Seen and Goodies gives the name of a gibbon.

12 Sprinkling and showing naughty bits, am taking a pee (7)
{BAPTISM} – An anagram (naughty) of BITS AM and P (pee) gives a word for sprinkling (as in a ceremony performed at a font).

13 Quits cooking with rice pans (9)
{CRITIQUES} – An anagram (cooking) of QUITS and RICE gives a word meaning pans (as in gives an adverse review).

14 You texted in to keep cool (5)
{SUAVE} – A word for cool comes from putting a U (you texted) inside a word meaning keep.

16 Order for mum and mischievous child to split up, revealing instruction from Captain (4,4,3,4)
{DON’T TELL HIM PIKE} – Look across the top and bottom rows of the crossword to find a Nina.  This question asked in Dad’s Army elicited the response from Captain Mainwaring that is the answer to this clue.  The wordplay is a phrase (4,4) indicating an order to be quiet or mum followed by putting a word for a mischievous child inside a word meaning up (as a verb).

19 Sir Robin’s pronounced dead at sea (5)
{DAZED} – A homophone (pronounced) of the surname of the late TV interviewer Sir Robin followed by the abbreviation for dead gives a word meaning at sea or confused.

21 Pork pie at noon stops girl’s liquid lunches? (9)
{JULIENNES} – Put a word meaning pork-pie (in rhyming slang) and an N for Noon inside a girl’s name (keeping the S from the ‘s in the clue) to give a type of clear soup that may be eaten for lunch.

22 Associate with Italian finesse (7)
{CONTACT} – A word meaning associate comes from the Italian word for with followed by a word meaning finesse or diplomacy.

24 Sin, pervertedly groping excited short randy organs (7)
{INNARDS} – An anagram (pervertedly) of SIN inside which (groping) you put another anagram (excited) of RAND[Y] removing the Y first (short) gives a generic word for organs.

26 Craft surface as a tribute to Garland(9)
{AFTERDECK} – This part of a boat (craft surface) if split 5,4 might describe a tribute to a garland or festoon (ignore the misleading capitalisation in the clue).

27 Dance and pirouette like a master (5)
{SAMBA} – This dance comes from reversing (pirouette) a word meaning like followed by a description of someone who has a master’s degree.


1 Those voting for drug bust perhaps taken aback (4)
{YEAS} – A word for those voting in favour of something comes from reversing a word meaning perhaps or for example inside which (bust) you include a one letter abbreviation for a drug.

2 Right said Simon, lacking heart for celebration (8)
{OCCASION} – A word for a celebration comes from a homophone of OK (right said) followed by the word SI[M]ON without the middle letter (lacking heart).

3 Global administration organised state aid, but still not satisfied (10)
{UNSATIATED} – A word meaning still not satisfied comes from the abbreviation for a global body followed by an anagram (organised) of STATE AID.

4 Group strain opening device (4,4)
{RING PULL} – Put together words meaning group and strain to find an opening device found on beer cans.

5 Glory over in less than 60 seconds (6)
{NIMBUS} – A word for glory as in a shining cloud comes from reversing (over) a phrase 3-3 that means under a minute.

6 Higher than the first 16? (4)
{ATOP} – Look at the position of the first 16 clues in this crossword.  Something higher than them would be this.

7 Fancy port? Maid hoisted end of flagon (6)
{MARINA} – A word for a posh port or harbour comes from taking the first name of a well known maid (of Robin Hood fame) and lifting (hoisted) the final N (end of flagon) by one place.

8 It’s formed round dairy product (4)
{EDAM} – This Dutch dairy product comes from a word meaning formed or created that has been reversed (round).

13 Expressed euphemistically, gave up love for a drug (5)
{CODED} – A word for expressed euphemistically comes from a word meaning gave up replacing the first E (drug) with an O (love).

14 Gravity in US state without alcohol grips millions (10)
{SOMBERNESS} – Put the abbreviation for millions inside (grips) an American word for being without alcohol to find a word meaning gravity or seriousness.

15 Makes the same odds (5)
{EVENS} – A double definition of a word meaning makes the same and odds (as would be seen on a race course).

17 Capital decline in unending spiral (8)
{HELSINKI} – The capital of Finland comes from a word meaning decline or sink inside a word for a spiral with the final X removed (unending).

18 Resign, or a minority will expose these fools (8)
{INGNORAMI} – These fools are hidden inside (will expose) RESIGN OR A MINORITY.

20 Religious school, one nearly the optimum (6)
{ZENITH} – A word for optimum comes from the name of a religious philosophy or school (often associated with motorbike maintenance), an I (one) and the first two letters (nearly) of TH[E].

21 Elite travellers and yours truly in Francegetting check-up (3,3)
{JET SET} – This phrase for elite travellers comes from the first person pronoun (your truly) inFrance followed by a reversal (up) of a word meaning check or examine.

22 Scrabble rule underpins use of Chambers at the outset (4)
{CLAW} – A word meaning scrabble comes from a word for a rule under (underpins) the first letter (at the outset) of Chambers.

23 Hearing or a feeling (4)
{AURA} – A homophone (hearing) of OR A gives a word meaning a feeling.

25 Hit squad (4)
{SWAT} – A final &lit double definition of words meaning Hit and Squad which together may also describe the function of this police unit.

6 comments on “NTSPP – 130

  1. Thank you to Radler for another nice crossword. It took me about the same time as an ‘easier’ toughie, and it is definitely a lot easier to solve than some of his puzzles! Some very nice d’oh moments, my favourite clue being 9a.

  2. I have found (am finding) this REALLY difficult. I haven’t, yet, resorted to any hints but just thought I’d have a quick look. I’ve read the introduction and now that I know it’s a pangram (cheating or what?) and that there is a nina I might have another look tomorrow, armed with that information! I’ve done just over half. I think it is FAR more difficult than the prize puzzle. Back tomorrow!

  3. Enjoyed this one so many thanks Radler. If you’d visited some of the 7d’s that I have you wouldn’t be defining them as ‘fancy’ ports :grin:

    Thanks also to Prolixic for an excellent review.

  4. I may be wrong here… but with regard to 13d:

    13 Expressed euphemistically, gave up love for a drug (5)

    Should noy the clue be:

    13 Expressed euphemistically, gave up drug for love?

    i.e. remove the letter for “a drug” and replace with a letter for “love”?

    Thank you Radler & Prolixic for a fantastically cunning (and very tricky!) crossword and splendid review.

    1. Welcome to the blog Adam

      I think that the clue is correct. “Gave up” gives us the word CEDED and “love for a drug” tells us to replace an E with an O. Gave up is not the instruction to remove the letter otherwise it would be doing double duty as defining CEDED and acting as a deletion indicator.

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