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ST 2649

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2649

A full review by Big Dave

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

I had time to solve this before setting out for Manchester on 22nd July, but not enough time to write the hints so many thanks to Crypticsue for helping out. The really great thing about reviewing the Sunday puzzle is that you get a chance to savour it all over again, and this one is no exception.

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1a For musical event, check warning light as soon as king enters court (7,7)
CHAMBER CONCERT – to get this musical event start with the chess notation for CH(eck) and a warning traffic light then put a word meaning as soon as and R, the abbreviation of the Latin Rex / King, inside (enters) the abbreviation of C(our)T used on road signs

9a A couple of pounds had an effect, taking everything into account (3,4)
ALL TOLD – the A from the clue is followed a couple of Ls (Libra / pound) then a verb meaning had an effect, as in it told on his nerves, to get a phrase meaning taking everything into account

10a Opportunist in section of church, ultimately changing side (7)
CHANCER – to get this opportunist start with CHANCEL, a section of a church, and change the final letter (ultimately) from L(eft) to R(ight) (changing side)

11a Odd parts of aviary in which birds fly around (3)
AIR – three-letter words are usually the hardest to clue as there is not much to play with and most of the ideas have been used exhaustively, but this is a new one for me – the odd letters of AvIaRy give where birds fly around

12a Obsequious and silly chap isn’t coy (11)
SYCOPHANTIC – this adjective meaning obsequious comes from an anagram (silly) of CHAP ISN’T COY

14a Front of tropical fish seen in seaweed (6)
TANGLE – the initial letter of Tropical is followed by a verb meaning to fish to get this coarse seaweed

15a Origin of many a clue recycled every year? It’s my fault (3,5)
MEA CULPA – the initial letter of Many is followed by an anagram (recycled) of A CLUE and the abbreviation for per annum (every year) to get a Latin phrase meaning it’s my fault or I am to blame

17a Attacked with missiles, alien inside was shaking (8)
ROCKETED – to get this verb meaning attacked with missiles put Steven Spielberg’s much-loved alien inside a verb meaning was shaking

19a Dance music has very little changed in last section (6)
MINUET – to get this dance music start with MINUTE (very little) and swap the final two letters around (changed in last section)

22a Way to take courses without anyone having to wait (4-7)
SELF-SERVICE – a cryptic definition of collecting food without the need for a waiter

23a Returned to trap outlaw (3)
BAN – reverse () a verb meaning to trap or catch to get a verb meaning to outlaw or prohibit

24a 70% of belongings destroyed in base (7)
IGNOBLE – an anagram (destroyed) of the first seven out of the ten letters (70%) of BELONGIngs gives an adjective meaning base

26a Agricultural worker finding insect on vegetables (7)
PEASANT – this agricultural worker is derived from an insect preceded by some vegetables

27a Holder of evidence about crash given fine, not heavy, by judge (6,8)
FLIGHT RECORDER – this machine, also known as a black box (although it is usually bright orange), which holds evidence about a plane crash comes from a charade of F(ine), an adjective meaning not heavy and a barrister or solicitor appointed as a part-time judge


1d Feature of architect’s car I adapted (14)
CHARACTERISTIC – this feature or attribute is an anagram (adapted) of ARCHITECT’S CAR I

2d Head off prison guard covering part of wing (7)
AILERON – start by taking the initial J from (head off) a prison guard and then add a preposition meaning covering or about to get part of an aircraft wing

3d Their wares are bound to be ready for shelves (11)
BOOKSELLERS – a cryptic definition of a store that sells books

4d Make amendments to left-wing legislation (6)
REDACT – this verb meaning to make amendments to, often by obscuring pertinent details, for legal or security purposes comes from an adjective meaning left-wing and some legislation

5d Busy with someone inside (8)
OCCUPIED – a double definition – an adjective meaning busy and a sign saying that there is already someone inside, perhaps in a toilet

6d Drink — it begins to get one down (3)
CHA – this drink comes from the first three letters of the answer to 1 down

7d Key Italian used in authentic musical performance (7)
RECITAL – put a musical key and IT, as in Gin & It (Gin & Italian vermouth), inside an adjective meaning authentic to get this musical performance

8d Artisan stupidly interrupting university official, off-putting type (14)
PROCRASTINATOR – put an anagram (stupidly) of ARTISAN inside (interrupting) a PROCTOR (university official) to get an off-putting type or someone who puts off doing things until tomorrow (cras in Latin)

13d I help with a cargo at sea, for Indonesia or Philippines, say (11)
ARCHIPELAGO – an anagram (at sea) of I HELP with A CARGO gives an extensive group of islands, like Indonesia or Philippines, say

16d Again run in behind others (8)
REARREST – a verb meaning to run in or arrest again comes from a charade of a words meaning behind and the others

18d Officer I stationed in Scottish island (7)
COLONEL – this army officer is derived by putting ONE (I) inside a Scottish island

20d Perform hair-raising act, resulting in reprimand (7)
UPBRAID – split as UP and BRAID this could mean to perform an act of raising hair but it’s actually a reprimand

21d A piece of cake is included in this — I’m pleased (6)
SIMPLE – this adjective meaning a piece of cake is hidden (included) in thiS I’M PLEased

25d Bride and groom first of all collected some luggage (3)
BAG – the initial letters (first of all) combined together (collected) of the first three words in the clue give some luggage

There are some pictures of the Manchester get-together at the Lass O’Gowrie on the blog’s facebook page.