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ST 2648

Sunday Telegraph Cryptic No 2648

A full review by crypticsue

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BD Rating – Difficulty **Enjoyment ****

Lots of grumpiness from the usual suspects when this one appeared on Sunday 15th July but I found it fairly straightforward and a splendid way to start a busy Sunday when for once it wasn’t raining.

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1a Study carefully for each application (6)
PERUSE – PER (for each) and USE (application) go together to make a verb meaning to study attentively or critically.

4a Learner’s reversing, making blunder (4-2)
SLIP-UP – A simply, very obvious, reversal of PUPIL[‘]S, split 4-3.

8a Pieces of cake for girls in organisation (8)
BROWNIES – A nice double definition – scrummy chocolate cake usually served in squares or members of the junior section of the Girl Guide movement.

10a Passionate about new and ostentatious clothes (6)
FINERY – Insert N (about New) into FIERY, an adjective meaning passionate, ardent or impetuous to make a word meaning showy adornments usually used to refer to clothes.

11a Bowled as well as some players (4)
BAND – A group of players – B (the cricket abbreviation for Bowled) plus AND (as well as).

12a What might produce page mostly similar? (10)
PLAGIARISM – The act of stealing ideas or writings from another person – An anagram of PAG[e] (page mostly) and SIMILAR.

13a Appropriate setting for ‘all the world’s a stage’ (5,7)
GLOBE THEATRE – A cryptic definition of the place where many of Shakespeare’s works were first staged, including the quotation at the end of the clue, the famous monologue from As You Like It.

16a Wasn’t a diligent pupil prepared to take part if necessary? (12)
UNDERSTUDIED – A cryptic definition of what you might have done if you weren’t a diligent scholar can also mean having studied a part of another actor in order to take over in an emergency.

20a Distances travelled with dukes on board, in historical period (6,4)
MIDDLE AGES – Inserting two D’s (Dukes on board) into MILEAGES (distances travelled) produces the historical period between the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the Renaissance – the 5th to 15th centuries.

21a Ursa Minor astronomer’s first seen in tropical island (4)
CUBA – Not a constellation but a junior bear, Ursa being the Latin for bear. Follow CUB with A (astronomer’s first) to get an island in the Caribbean.

22a Run unimpeded by a stitch (6)
STREAK – Not just a clue but a photo opportunity for Big Dave! A cryptic definition of an invasion of a match by someone not wearing a stitch of clothing!

23a Sailor holding edge with an Oceanic craft, originally (8)
TRIMARAN – A boat with three hulls which originated in the islands in that area of the SW Pacific Ocean known as Oceania. Insert RIM (edge) into a TAR (sailor) and follow with AN from the clue).

24a Rebellion is located in scene of fighting (6)
RISING – Insert IS (is located) into a RING (scene of fighting such as a boxing or wrestling match) to get another word for a rebellion or revolt.

25a A deadly sin done! (6)
AGREED – A (from the clue) and the third deadly sin – GREED – go together to make an interjection meaning done or all right.



1d Piano or piece of furniture easy to replace? (8)
PORTABLE – P (piano) OR (from the clue) and TABLE (piece of furniture) go together to form an adjective meaning easily moved from one place to another (re-place).

2d Moved boat along river, due south (5)
ROWED – Propelled a boat using oars – R (river) followed by (due south in a down clue) OWED (due).

3d Cut boxer, for example, a little bit (7)
SNIPPET – A little piece snipped off, a scrap – SNIP (cut) and PET (a boxer being an example of a pet dog).

5d Fellow traveller, perhaps, abandoned one on way (7)
LEFTIST – A fellow traveller , in addition to someone who might accompany you on a journey, can also mean a person who holds the same political views (especially communist or left wing) LEFT (abandoned) I (one) and ST (street or way).

6d Eminent Quaker, we hear, supported by another chummy writer (9)
PENFRIEND – What sounds like William Penn, the Quaker who was one of the founding fathers of the USA- PEN, is followed by FRIEND (the proper designation of the Quakers is the Society of Friends) to give us an otherwise unknown person with whom one corresponds by letter.

7d Piece of text from monarch in period of growth (6)
PHRASE – A group of words in a piece of text – simply insert R (Rex or Regina, monarch) into a PHASE or period or stage in development or growth.

9d Coach with fine side that makes players nervous (5,6)
STAGE FRIGHT – Nervousness before an audience, especially for the first time. STAGE (coach) F (fine) and RIGHT (the side which isn’t left).

14d Call for reduction to jumper that’s vast (9)
BOUNDLESS – A double definition (a) a request to ‘please don’t jump about so much’; or (b) vast, having no limit.

15d Piano piece it’s essential to get into (8)
KEYBOARD – The manually operated keys of a piano – KEY (essential) and BOARD (get into , enter).

17d Hide from female cheats connected to family (7)
DOESKIN – the hide or skin of a female fallow deer – DOES (cheats) plus KIN (family).

18d Assigning work in short time as ruler (7)
TASKING – Giving someone work or a task to do. T (abbreviation (short) for Time) AS (from the clue) and KING (ruler).

19d Something easy for person whose charges are small? (6)
SITTER – An easy shot or someone who looks after small children.

21d Ramshackle vehicle’s speed after cold start (5)
CRATE – An informal term for an decrepit, ramshackle car or plane – C (cold) and RATE (speed).

Thanks for another splendid puzzle Virgilius. My top favourite was the little bear in 21a but there were lots of runners up in the favourites list too.  Lucky Big Dave gets to review the next Sunday puzzle while I return to Saturday duties.

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  1. Afternoon Sue. Good review and thanks for reminding me of some excellent clues.

    Hope you’re feeling better now.

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