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DT 26918 (Hints)

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26918 (Hints)

Big Dave’s Crossword Club

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As is usual for the weekend prize crosswords, an assortment of clues, including some of the more difficult ones, have been selected and hints provided for them.

Don’t forget that you can give your assessment of the puzzle. Five stars if you thought it was great, one if you hated it, four, three or two if it was somewhere in between.

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Most of the terms used in these hints are explained in the Glossary and examples are available by clicking on the entry under “See also”.

A full review of this puzzle will be published after the closing date for submissions.

I was disappointed today as an opportunity for a puzzle with a French flavour has been missed.


1a           Riding with us (2,5)
A rather weak double definition – riding on a bus, train or ship and with us or having the same ideas

12a         Fine jet (4)
A double definition – fine or in good health and a jet or spring of water

14a         Concealed around new accommodation in rear (12)
Put a three-letter word meaning concealed around N(ew) and add some living accommodation to get the rear of an animal

25a         Epilogue in story reportedly by King? (9)
… king here is a definition by example, indicated by the question mark, of a man on a chessboard

27a         Ballerina — often misspelt, Darcey’s last name (7)
The name of this famous ballerina comes from an anagram (misspelt) of OFTEN followed by the final letter (last) of DarceY and N(ame)

28a         Actor’s assistant, a help in the theatre (7)
Someone who helps an actor get into his costume or someone who helps to bandage wounds after in the operating theatre


1d           Brief operation on model’s face (6)
A charade of the two-letter abbreviation of an OP(eration) and a verb meaning to model gives a verb meaning to face or confront

2d           Dog in front of building, something well worth having (6)
Mary should have no trouble with this one! – a breed of dog is derived from the initial letter (front) of Building followed by something well worth having

13d         Be taken round new training ship (10)
Put BE around (taken round) an anagram (new) of TRAINING to get this two-masted ship

15d         Dixon’s London manor shown in clip incompletely prepared (4,5)
“Evening all”: easy for those of us who remember Jack Warner as PC George Dixon – his “manor” comes from a charade of a verb meaning to clip and an adjective meaning incompletely prepared

19d         Engineers’ former tax break (6)
The abbreviation for the regiment of engineers is followed by a former local tax to get a break or interval

24d         Part of church making error dropping Latin (4)
To get this recess at the east end of a church drop the L(atin) from an error or slip

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The Quick crossword pun: {writers} + {reign} = {right as rain}

57 comments on “DT 26918 (Hints)

  1. Exceedingly straightforward even for a Saturday puzzle. A particularly old-fashioned quality about it, not least with those clues which are going to have some of our younger members going ‘who?’. Thanks to the Mysteron for leaving me plenty of time for the household chores and to BD for the hints.

  2. No problem really EXCEPT for 12a, no way is a jet a ****, I can see it as fine but not the second. Never heard of the former tax but the wordplay gives the answer. Didn’t like the king reference in 25a although the answer is obvious.
    Not the best Saturday crossword IMHO.
    Still raining!

    1. It is a rare day but I must record that I agree with Brian about something! And its not the problems with the clues or the still raining :D

      If you use jet and the solution as verbs then I think that works. Not a chess player then, Brian?

    2. I didn’t like this puzzle at all, but was convinced that you would be saying it was fantastic. Just for once we are in agreement!

      Chambers Thesaurus gives the synonym for jet, but I had to look it up to be sure.

        1. I agree with you, Sue, because, for the first time in ages and ages, the crossword was on the back page of the paper! Quite clearly, Dacia couldn’t afford anything larger than a quarter page advert. And I didn’t think much of this puzzle either…

          1. IT threw me the puzzle being in its rightful place. The weekend section is covered with an annoying four page advert thingy so perhaps they thought that was enough aggravation for one Saturday.

            I have to agree with Brian about something else now because its raining again. Let’s hope it gets it all out of the way today so that St Swithins will be dry.

    3. Agree also, , did like 27a, thanks BD and setter (Cephas?), too tired to try Virgilius, maybe tomorrow

  3. Nice quick solve for me, fairly straight forward after a few blind alleys and discovering a word I’d never heard of in that context. Haven’t we had 4d fairly recently?

    Thanks BD for the hints.
    Thanks to the setter for an enjoyable start to the day.

    St Swithin’s day tomorrow!!

    1. St Swithins day and its supposed to be a nice day, the rest of the summer will just serve to disprove the myth!

  4. At first I thought this was going to be difficult but it all fell into place with a little perservation and help from my friends, two clues I liked were 6d and 14a, I agree also about 12a, akthough they are given as synonyms in CCD, no clues I really disliked today, I didn’t put the dog in at 2d straight away as I’ve been caught out with this one before Dave:-) , thought it was possibly Buster at first until I looked at the clue properly! Thanks for hints, I’ll be back and fore today as we are off in campervan tomorrow, yes, despite the weather and other half having ‘man flu’ !! so lots to do to get ready for sunny Barmouth once again!! I really do like Barmouth, I can only do flat walking and the site is almost on the front, which means a lovely walk into the little town. Good luck all, definitely a workable one today :-)

  5. Not sure about 21a. What am I missing? Have everything else. There is a word that fits which seems obvious at first but…….

  6. This must be an easier one as I’m done and I didn’t need too much help from Hints and Tips. Liked some of it (reminiscing) but not one of my most enjoyed. My thanks to the usual culprits BD….

  7. Unfortunately I’m in the “who” bracket! Struggling today. I usually live the Saturday puzzle :( Right, time to stop procrastinating and go fit the ensuite

  8. I sort of enjoyed today’s offering. No really fab clues but one or two well disguised (please don’t put me in the naughtie corner).
    Rainless here for a change!

  9. Perhaps not as well-constructed or satisfying as recent Saturday challenges.
    Spent a while trying to make SECOND fit in 20d, which was the last to go.
    Agree that 12a is a tad tenuous, but just about clears the bar.
    Now for a spot of tennis, should it stop showering.
    Cheers BD & Mr X.

  10. Thanks to the setter & to Big Dave for the hints. Enjoyed this one quite tricky in places. Started with 5a, finished with 20d. Favourite was 8d. Bit overcast near Glasgow. Enjoyed the misdirection in 23d

  11. If you can’t find your thigh waders or even your ark, and can’t, like me, persuade your husband that it would be a good day to finally get around to redecorating the kitchen, I can highly recommend today’s NTSPP . My post-testing comment to Hieroglyph was that it would be a great puzzle for the NTSPP slot, especially for those who usually find them too difficult. (And yes, Dave, I have looked!!)

  12. This left me a bit flat. And could someone give me a clue for 6. I have everything else but just can’t think what this is.



  13. Of course – many thanks. Its most often the hidden words I don’t get. I should have looked for that first.

    Much appreciated.


  14. Struggling with this to-day – not usual for a Saturday! Thanks for hints BD which have helped enormously but I’m completely blank about 4d?? Any help would be appreciated.

    1. 4d Round after silent film (5)

      Put a round letter after a word meaning quiet or unable to speak to get an old cartoon film

      1. Thanks! Well, I should have got that, shouldn’t I? Because that’s what I was being!!!

  15. Thanks for the tips. Boston 90 and overcast. Wish we had some rain!. Almost time for a 16d for me and Mrs T.

  16. Finished this fairly quickly, as ever thanks to BD for the hints. Last in was 20d but don’t understand the wordplay.

    1. 20d Sportsman in corner close to boxer (6)

      This sportsman is derived from a corner followed by the final letter of (close to) boxeR

  17. No problems today at all, although 6d was unfamiliar to me, the clue clearly indicated the answer was hidden; put it in but had to look it up.
    Lovely day in W. Cumbria, bit breezy but mostly sunny. I’m off for a snooze now, Mrs B gave me a haircut this morning and it’s sapped my strength.

  18. New York here!
    Have just completed today’s puzzle – or so I believe – but I can’t for the life of me figure out in 20d – the relevance of the “…close to boxer” element of the clue.
    I’m assuming that the prior “…corner” element equates to a five letter word/a synonym (like a viewpoint) – but the boxer???
    Any/all hints will be gratefully received.

      1. Thank you kind Sir!
        Obviously not awake yet/not sure how I missed thread #17 – but thanks again for the prompt response – much appreciated.
        Will use “KDinny” in future – sorry if I broke a convention?

          1. Whoever said that Americans were too loud?!?!?!
            Will lower the tone henceforth;-)

    1. I really admire an American doing this crossword, if indeed KDinny is American.
      American spellings are all horribly corrupted English spellings..
      I blame George III.

  19. Afternoon fellow solvers. I have to concur with the views about 12a – I actually struggled a tad today last in being 19d. Oh……the rain has stopped in east Hertfordshire. Am now waiting for instructions to leave the taps on to drain the reservoirs! Enjoy the weekend one and all.

  20. As already mentioned, this puzzle had an old fashioned feel about it,
    eg 15d
    But , nevertheless, an enjoyable aid to sharpening one’s wits.
    Thanks Mysteron and BD.

  21. Very late – busy day. My sister’s here for the weekend and it’s our Mum’s 90th birthday. Have done the crossword a few clues at a time whenever the opportunity has presented itself. I quite enjoyed it – at least I didn’t struggle as I have for the last couple of days.
    I had never heard of the old tax in 19d and wasn’t too sure about the second word of 22a, obvious though it was – why outfit? I was stupidly slow to get 20d – don’t know why.
    I liked 3, 4, and 23d.
    With thanks to the setter and BD.
    Raining …

  22. Finished apart from 25a – apparently it is obvious ! – not to me though. Help please – otherwise as a relative novice – I enjoyed this one. Thank you. Weather looking fair here in Northants! Fingers crossed.!

    1. 25a Epilogue in story reportedly by King? (9)
      It’s another word for epilogue. What sounds like (reportedly) a story (4) is followed by what a king is an example of on a chessboard.

    1. I don’t think you are commenting on the right puzzle page but a boxer in the clue in the Sunday crossword is a type of dog not a pugilist.

  23. Greetings…to all the regular subscribers, I am (was) another quiet sentinel….but sorry I have to speak out about 12 across this week. I can only afford to do the Saturday Telegragh and have only , failed to complete a couple this year. I am lucky enough to have won a Dupont Pen!! years ago, and I am sorry for the good chap who mentioned a few months back that he had submitted without success over the years….i just put in 5! I dont do it now! The Dupont is ok, but I like a finer nib!, and you have to keep polishing it!…Love the family atmosphere here. Ade. Question for Dave….how many people send in the Saturday prize crossword, bearing in mind the circulation etc, and what are the odds of winning a prize??? I was very very lucky (1994 -5 I think) I calculated about 10k-1. Friend of Babbage!.

    1. Welcome to the blog Ade

      There is a good chance that someone who submits a correct entry to each puzzle could win at least once every 3 years – many times better than the chances of winning a Telegraph pen!

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