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NTSPP – 126

Not the Saturday Prize Puzzle – 126

A Puzzle by Radler

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This week we have another puzzle from Radler – this one is unthemed!

An interactive AcrossLite download for this puzzle is now available. This will run on multiple platforms including iPads.
There is also a link to the site from which the software to run the puzzle can be downloaded.

NTSPP - 125

The puzzle is available by clicking on the above grid.

A review of this puzzle follows.


1/11 Elatedly getting end away, fornicating illicitly (2,9,7)
{IN FLAGRANTE DELICTO} – A brilliant all in one clue.  An anagram (illicitly) of ELATEDL (getting end away telling us to remove the final letter) FORNICATING gives a phrase for some illicit nookie.

9 Set of characters (except for Betty) describing Leader of the Pack (5)
{ALPHA} – A word for the leader of the pack (often followed by the word male) comes from the word used to describe the set of characters in a language from which you remove the diminutive form of the name Betty.

10 Poor toothless fellow, whose name I can’t remember (9)
{THINGUMMY} – A word for someone (fellow) whose name you cannot remember comes from a word sum of another word for poor (as in meagre) and a word that would describe someone who is toothless.

11 See 1 12 Gave consent to 1,11 (7)
{GRANTED} – A word for gave consent to is hidden inside the second two words of the answer to 1/11, the first word of that answer being the hidden word indicator.

13 Caught by Miss Marple’s first attempt to be economical (5)
{SKIMP} – A word meaning attempt to be economical comes from a word meaning miss (as is avoid) inside which (caught) you add the first letter of Marple.

15 Experiencing difficulties with thick fog? (2,3,4)
{IN THE SOUP} – A double definition.  A phrase meaning experiencing difficulties could also describe where you would be if surrounded by thick fog.

18 What’s going on? Woman warning, Dad’s outside (9)
{PHENOMENA} – Take an affectionate name for a women mostly used further North and a word for a warning.  Outside this add a two letter word for dad.  This should give you a word describing something that is going on.

19 Sleek with popular move for saint (5)
{SATIN} – A word meaning sleek (describing a type of material) comes from taking the word SAINT and moving the letters IN (popular move).

21 First person turned round to hug first lady (7)
{EMPRESS} – Reverse the word ME (first person) and follow this with a word meaning to hug to find the name of a female ruler (first lady).

24 Smart chap with no genitals (and no balls!) (7)
{CHICKEN} – A word to describe someone cowardly (having no balls) comes from a word meaning smart (as in fashionable) and the name of man (plastic doll and Barbie’s friend) who has no genitals – dolls are not that anatomically correct!

26 Orchestral leader’s mementos can initiate scrap (9)
{TOSCANINI} – The name of this orchestral leader is hidden inside (scrap) MEMENTOS CAN INITIATE

27 A brace of peacock (5)
{STRUT} – A double definition of a brace or support and peacock (as in act in a proud or arrogant manner).

28 Try to predict songs and seduce with flamboyant moves (6-5)
{SECOND GUESS} – A phrase meaning try to predict comes from an anagram (with flamboyant moves) of SONGS SEDUCE.


1 Lumps inflamed after one scratched skin off hives rash (9)
{IMPULSIVE} – A word for rash or headstrong comes from an anagram (inflamed) of LUMPS after an I (one) followed by the inner letters (skin off) of HIVES.

2 Former capital of non-European country (5)
{FRANC} – An old form of currency (capital) comes from the name of a country with the final E removed (non-European).

3 Writer’s note, OK (9)
{AUTHORISE} – A word mean OK (as a verb) comes from a word for a writer followed by IS (expanding the ‘s in the clue) and an E (note).

4 Having second thoughts about the U in BUZZ (5)
{RUING} – A word meaning having second thoughts comes from putting a U inside another word meaning buzz.

5 They’re off limits so near a building, shot inside (2,2,5)
{NO GO AREAS} – These places that are off limits come from an anagram (building) of SO NEAR A inside which you put another word for a shot or attempt.

6 Problem methodology exposes old worker (5)
{EMMET} – An archaic word for an ant (worker) is hidden inside (exposes) the phrase PROBLEM METHODOLOGY.

7 Arabs getting introductory letter from Shelias’ Wheels (6)
{SAUDIS} – A word describing Arabs comes from the first letter of Shelias’ followed by a make of car (in the plural) (wheels).

8 Looked suspiciously sure, sounded oversweet (4,2)
{EYED UP} – A phrase meaning looked suspiciously comes from a homophone (sounded) for a word meaning affirmative (sure) followed by a diminutive word for a sweet or pudding that is reversed (over).

14 Turn over new leaf, malice abandoned in relationship with astronomer (9)
{PTOLEMAIC} – A word describing the theories of a particular astronomer comes from the three letter abbreviation meaning turn over a new leaf or page followed by an anagram (abandoned) of MALICE.

16 Home cover plan limited by interminable suspicion (9)
{THATCHING} – A word describing a type of roofing (home cover) comes from a word meaning plan (as a verb) inside (limited by) a word meaning suspicion or hint with the final letter removed (interminable)

17 Unfashionable hemlines and fringes? (9)
{OUTSKIRTS} – A word meaning fringes (as in goes around) comes from a cryptic definition of unfashionable hemlines.

18 Fair game without shirts (6)
{PRETTY} – A word meaning fair comes from putting a description of some shirts (twice as the word in the plural) inside a word meaning game (as in something that it hunted).

20 Inverse of y(x) +1 +n = integer (6)
{NINETY} – An integer (number) comes from reversing (inverse) the N I in the clue, TEN (x) and Y

22 Model poses for money (5)
{PESOS} – This money comes from an anagram (model) of POSES

23 Bud’s son (5)
{SCION} – A double definition of a bud or offshoot and a son.

25 Supply problem (5)
{ISSUE} – A double definition of a problem and a word meaning to supply something.

6 comments on “NTSPP – 126

  1. It seems to be my day for recommending puzzles I have seen before. An excellent, not too tough Radler, with some nice d’oh moments. Favourite clues 1,11, 9a and 4d.

    Thanks to Radler for an entertaining puzzle – you have gone very quiet since ‘Christmas’, hope I hear from you soon.

  2. Thanks to Radler for a very entertaining puzzle, a bit less daunting than some of his previous offerings but none the worse for that. My favourites included 24a, 4d and 18d but best of all was the laugh-inducing superb all-in-one at 1/11a.

  3. Joy of a puzzle, lots of laughs and not a little thought

    Many thanks to Radler for the entertainment.

    Thanks for review.

  4. I loved this one – it all went a bit wrong in the bottom left corner so needed the hints to sort out the last few that defeated me. I also couldn’t do 7d and didn’t understand why 13a was what it had to be – the sneaky capital letter fooled me completely.
    Favourites – 1/11, 15 and 24a and 2 and 16d.
    Thanks to Radler and Prolixic.

  5. Sorry to disagree with the concensus but I thought this was a very tricky little rascal! Took me ages this morning and I nearly missed the start of the MotoGP because of it! Just not on Radler’s wavelength I guess but it was good fun all the same.

    Thanks Radler and to Proloxic for the hints I nearly resorted to.

  6. Many thanks for the comments and review. I do very much appreciate your feedback.

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