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Toughie 796

Toughie No 796 by Beam

Wot? No Anagrams?

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Usually when I finish a puzzle my sheet of A4 is covered with circles of crossed-out letters, but today it looks positively virginal. I have no ‘A’s written against individual clues and my anagram count in the top-left-hand corner is resolutely stuck on zero – I didn’t miss them at all! What we do have is a few of Beam’s trademark innuendoes and the usual references to Queen (as well as ‘Mercurial’ – were we meant to think of Freddie?). As well as having no anagrams the puzzle has no hidden word clues, usually a favourite of Beam.
Let us know how you got on and please remember to indicate your enjoyment factor by clicking on one of the stars below.

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DT 26903

Daily Telegraph Cryptic No 26903

Hints and tips by pommers

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Hola from the Vega Baja.   On the night shift again! Been out to dinner with some friends and got home at exactly 0100CEST so the puzzle had just come on line and it seemed rude to ignore it!  Glad I didn’t as I really enjoyed it as an after dinner treat (if  I’d gone to bed at that time I would have been very grumpy in the morning)!  Maybe it’s the post prandial brandy but I thought one or two of the clues were a bit tricky but overall not too hard, maybe only 2* for most of you but it was just into 3* time for me.  Nice spread of clue types today though so that added to the fun.

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